Found 35 blog posts for the year: 2007


Sam has been bugging us to play pool, so, finally, after music practice yesterday, I took him to Breakers on Lincoln Road and we had three games. He was winning the whole way through for all three games, but when it came to crunch time, he just couldn't sink the black ball and I ended up sinking all mine and the black ball for the win. He managed to win the last game though...haha..yes..I mean I let him win . In case you are interested, there were several hax shots, including one where a cue ball hit the white ball twice and went into a pocket \o/

Anyway, there were like 7 youth at church today. Brendon disappeared soon after the service, and Philly had to go somewhere too, so the remainder of us went to Subway (Eat Fresh) for lunch. Following that...we went to play pool! :d The first game lasted a whole three shots as Weng Hao pocketed the black ball accidentally (Me: "Oh you're bound to hit something in if you hit it in that direction!" WH: "Okay!" *hit* *black ball goes in*). The second game was going well until I pocketed the black ball . (FAIL) By that time some other dudes wanted to play, so we left and went home.

Wow it's New Year's Eve tomorrow. 2007 has gone by pretty quickly.

Post Christmas Activities

The period between Christmas and New Years always seems so blah. It's like something's meant to be happening, but nothing does. \(_o)/

Anyway, we had an awesome feed on Christmas day. We had cheese platters (with some pickled onions, yum!), chicken nibbles, roast pork, glazed ham, potato salad, hot salad, green salad...and then for dessert we had these custard things in pastry cup...things. That were really really nice, so it's all good. And we also had a 5-layer rainbow jelly that took 5 days to make.

Since Christmas, I've been trying to get my sleeping habits back to normal after waking up at 4am to go to the airport. I think I'm back on track... kinda. Oh, and Sam arrived safely, so that's good too. \o/

I've been playing a lot of DS. Namely Pokemon...I've been breeding Larvitar and I finally got a good one . Anyway, that's half of my team, I need to get an Abra, Machop and Staryu now. Sigh. I wish the game makers would stop being so freaking stupid over IV Breeding and just make it some kind of max(father, mother, random) function. I also played Mario Kart DS over Wifi with PT, and that was lame, because he got a Blue Shell at the last course and pipped me to win the race. But all in all, we tied because I won the first two and he won the last two, so I'm not too fussed, and I fail at MKDS anyway so it doesn't bother me.

Lastly, I have also been hacking Pokemon ROMs. Yes h4xx0r lolz. I've been looking at the trainers' Pokemon. So far I've figured out level, dex number, item held and moveset. There's another number that I'm not too sure about...Weng Hao hypothesised it to be some kind of AI difficulty, and it makes sense, but I don't know of any way to test it.



Edit: So I'm up at 5am, waiting for Shereen to pick me up so we can go to the airport. XKCD is just so appropriate (but not for the same reasons)

Christmas Back Home

Last Momo's Forever

Poor Sam. He's leaving tomorrow, so we had last Momo's forever tonight. I had a Taro Milk Shake with Mango Pudding. Alice got a Taro Milk Shake, with no pudding, but they gave her free pudding anyway -.- And Reuben got free pearls in his drink, and Deanna got free mango pudding in her drink too. And, in the Christmas spirit, we spent over $50 and got a free gift from Momo's! It was a doggie keyring that went straight into Sam's pocket. Haha, parting gift indeed.

Well, time for our last DotA game while Sam is in New Zealand ever! :3

Christmas Service

So today we had the Christmas service at KCC. I was saying that it felt a bit hectic because I was trying to remember all my lines, as well as play the piano. But it all sorted itself out in the end.

The Christmas skit went really well. I didn't forget any of my lines (which was good), and I managed to ad-lib to cover up some late cues and also some other forgotten lines. There was a slight bit of panic when I realised I didn't know where the wireless microphone was, but frantic pointing by Andrew soon solved that. Yeah, I'm really pleased with how it went. Those of you who missed the skit will get the chance to see it later, because Uncle Ken filmed the whole thing. .

After the service, we all went to grab a bite from Noodle Canteen in New Lynn. Cinta and I shared a honey chicken noodle, which was really nice. I kept telling myself not to eat too much, because we had an afternoon tea thing with my sister for her birthday later. In the end, I was feeling really hungry, so I took more from Cinta and also from Alice.

So after that, I made my way to Mission Bay. Despite the traffic and the lack of parking spaces, I managed to find a spot just in the back streets behind Burger King, and I joined the rest of the family at Mecca Stonehouse. At this point I wasn't feeling that hungry, but I ordered a chocolate mud cake, and after (happily) devouring it, I suddenly got hungrier. I don't know, why does it seem that I get hungry when I eat more? O_o Anyway, after that, I began stealing squid rings from Anita, and bread from my parents, and my parents got sick of me stealing food so they ordered another plate of bread and dip. Yum :3

So having been fed extremely well, I began to feel drowsy, and it wasn't until 5pm I struggled home and went straight to bed. Ahh, the satisfaction of eating too much and then napping.

Dragon Ball Z

It was Jess's birthday two weeks ago, so what better to do than to celebrate with a barbeque at his flat? I didn't actually know it was his birthday (I think it's his 21st too) until Daniela brought a cake from Michel's saying "Happy Birthday" (And a delicious one it was too!).

Anyway, I have rediscovered that the Wii is really really fun, even though you don't know what you're doing half the time. And it's better than way, because when you do something right, it's incredibly rewarding and funny at the same time. We played WarioWare, Brain Academy, Wii Sports, Super Monkey Ball....and DRAGON BALL Z YEAH. Yeah, even though I kept getting sassed in Dragon Ball Z, the main objective is NOT actually to beat your opponent, but rather, to see how many times you can yell OVER 9000!!!!!! or KAMEHAMEHAMEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I think I won on those grounds. Damn right.

Tomorrow is the Christmas skit >_< I really need to revise my lines, but we have guests over at the moment and I don't want to look like a nincompoop just randomly yelling things like "Would you mind sharing your Christmas cheer with us???".

Oh yes, I sense that some people are at Momo's right now. .

Sour Apple Rings

So I FINALLY FOUND MY BELOVED SOUR APPLE RINGS!!! They were in New Lynn Foodtown, and it was a huge effort trying to get to them. There were these teens standing outside Foodtown singing, of all things, lame songs from High School Musical, at an obscene volume, so I had to crank my iPod to maximum to try and drown them out. Yeah, I know, it's amazing I'm still alive. But it was worth the struggle for those sour apple rings :D Yeah I also have sour coke bottles and feijoa lollies too. Ahh, happiness comes in artifically flavoured gelatinous treats.

Yeah I managed to finish my Christmas shopping, once and for all. It was actually pretty hectic in the malls today. Lots of people, no parkin
g, long At least it's done and I don't have to worry about it. Oh wait, I still need to wrap everything -.- Ngoh. I suppose I'll do that tomorrow.

What else..oh yes, Sam invited me (and Matt and Sam) around to his house for a simple meal of spag bol. Following that, we went to Parnell for Chocolate Boutique, but once again we were disappointed by the huge crowd standing around. So we walked further down to Movenpick where I had a sticky date pudding :3

Also! I have updated the Gallery with more kitty pictures from Sam's Farewell. Soooo cute. I also have a few pictures to share from our end-of-year bash at Wenderholm:

Sam's Farewell

With the weather a bit shaky, we decided not to head out to the east coast beaches as originally planned. Rather, we went to Mission Bay and just hung around. We were a bit delayed by Alice, because she was at home having difficulties trying to contain these two little kittens.


So cute. Sooooo cute. They were curling up in De's handbag and snoozing. They kept mrowring (in an adorably cute high-pitched mrowr). Soo cute. For more cuteness, see the Gallery.

Anyway, it got quite dark around 2pm so we headed back to church to play some Cranium. Following that we had Burgerfuel (I had the Hawaiian special burger) and skit practice for the Christmas skit.

And finally, to top the night off, we went to Momo's where I had a Taro Milkshake with Mango Pudding.

Ahh, what a night. I'm very satisfied.

Latest Food

So yeah, yesterday, I totally went to Momo's again - this time, with Matt, Sam, Sam and Weng-Hao. I had a rockmelon pearl milk tea with pearls, and two beef and two lamb sticks. Apparently Amy and Bobby were there earlier as well. I think we missed each other by 30mins or something.

Today, I got a txt from Daniela saying "OKAY WE'RE HAVING DINNER TODAY SEE YOU THERE" with no prior warning so I was like "O_o" but yeah I didn't have anything on so I was happy to oblige. There were 10 of us, and we went to La Porchetta's in the city. I shared a half/half Mexicana and Original Porchetta's pizza with Ron, and I also ordered some garlic bread, so it was a good and satisfying meal, but not too expensive either.

One of the waitresses dropped a huge platter of empty plates on the floor. I swear the crashing and smashing lasted more than 5 seconds (which is actually a really long time for plates to be doing that, if you think about it). Epic fail, but it was kinda funny.

After that we went to play pool, which was incredibly entertaining. You CSC people are so hax. Seriously.

Random Food

"Free for dinner?" "OKAY!"

Yeah so we went to Renkon in Parnell for dinner - me, Amy, Bobby, Raymond and Dong Jin. Just randomly. It was nice, although I can't remember the name of the dish I had. Some beef with garlic sauce thingy on rice. And we had lots of sides too - baked octopus (takoyaki?), fried chicken and fried tofu, and they were really nice.

Of course, if we're in Parnell, it kinda means that we have to go to the Chocolate Boutique, but unfortunately for us, it was way too crowded. By this time DJ and Raymond decided to call it a night, so Amy, Bobby and I went to Movenpick instead. I had caramel ice cream with hot chocolate brownie. It was ridiculously sweet.

So like, Movenpick started closing around 11pm. And we had lots to talk about. The three of us can really talk about anything and everything. So we relocated to Momo's (<3) for some drinks and continued talking for an hour or so. I had a passionfruit nata. Yeah so it was just after midnight that I started chronically yawning, so we decided to call it a night and went home.

I feel better about things now. We'll see how things go, but I'm hopeful and optimistic.

Moving Forward

I like a group, when bad things happen, you grow closer together as people strengthen to support each other in times of need.

Today we had a meeting, just to make everyone clear about what had been decided (See my last post). People were really hurt, and it hurt to see these people, who are like family to me, in this way. The worst feeling is when I look into someone's teary eyes and don't know what to say to comfort or encourage them.

But we must move forward. Together. We need to be mindful of the future and put the past behind us.

~ We're all in this together ~


So, today looked promising. It was cloudy, but there weren't any rain clouds in the sky. It was windy, but it wasn't a chilling wind. So with the weather holding out, the youth group went off to Orewa for our end-of-year party.

Unfortunately, the barbeques at Orewa require 50c to operate. Unfortunately, by 50c, I mean the old oversized 50c. So we didn't have one, obviously, so we decided to go to Wenderholm. Lucky for us, there was a spare barbeque, so we set ourselves up and started cooking food.

Food was great. There was so much meat. And there was salad and fruits and cake and *drool* and oh it was delicious. I helped to cook so I didn't overeat, and as a result, I was able to run around and go for a swim. The water was really nice. We were catching waves and stuff, but then it suddenly turned cold (I think it was a change in wind) and we headed back out onto dry land.

We continued to play a few games... beat vortex (Where you throw to someone, and they have to clap before they catch it. When you lose all your lives, you lie in the middle of the circle and everyone else gets to biff the vortex at you), and we also played EPIC TWISTER where we had a mat of 14 Twister dots. Yeah. It was epic. Epic, I tell you. It got to the stage where it was just me and Deanna, and Cinta, the spinner, had given up spinning and was just calling out random limbs and random colours.

Of course, since we're so close to Orewa, we couldn't resist going to Plantations for some ice cream. So we did! I had a double-scoop of gingerbread and cookies & cream on a waffle cone. <3

We were unpacking things at church, when some things happened, that should have never happened. It really soured what was an awesome day. I really don't know. I feel so helpless and depressed...even though I'm not involved. All I can do is support those who are affected. So, those of you who know what I'm talking about and are reading this...please, please don't carry all your burdens by yourself. We're like a family, and we're here to support each other in whatever way we can.

LAN. Tired.

We had a good LAN. There were nine computers at the peak time (Thursday night), with a few more people than that. It was more of a gathering, we didn't play that much DotA as one would expect. Rather, we went to Momo's, we went for a run, we cooked our own brunch...yeah it was pretty great. We even played some Mario Party DS (Yes! I know how it works now. Only one person needs Mario Party. All others use Download Play.)

Okay, so yeah, Momo's was great. I had a Papaya Milk Tea with Mango Pudding (One of Debs' favourites). We had stuffed ourselves sick with KFC for dinner, so we decided not to have any sticks.

As for the actual LAN, we had ups and downs. Networking was a breeze this time, so everyone was connected within a few minutes. DotA was great at times, and bad at times. Haha. Thomas thought he could be sneaky and stop screenwatchers by closing the laptop. So, he did. And the laptop hibernated. And he dropped from the game.

We had music practice immediately after the LAN, and by the time we finished it was around 9pm, and we hadn't had dinner so we went to Burgerfuel. I had a Three Degree Burn, and spud fries. I swear I've never demolished a burger that fast before. I was seriously hungry. But it was awesomely delicious, so it was all good.

Tomorrow, we're heading to a beach in Orewa as our end-of-year youth group activity. I hope it's good weather. I haven't checked. Also, shout out to ANDREW LONG: Happy Birthday! Hope you, Steven and Uncle Paul have a good flight to Malaysia. Eat lots and stay healthy. Don't get fat!


So today was a big rush, trying to firstly help Mat move out of the flat, secondly organising Yum Char with Simon at Hee's Garden, thirdly I'm so totally late for the LAN at church but that's okay, because we found THIS at the flat!


It was so small and cute and..probably extremely terrified when Tom picked it up. But we took the opportunity to take pictures and then Tom set it down again. But it just sat there unhappily, so I picked it up (it was so cute) and took it to the tree where its parents were, and it jumped out of my hand and flew happily back into the tree. Ah, happy endings.

Okay I better run for the LAN. I think they're all expecting me :(

Flat Cooling

It's probably not a very common term, but if you explain it by using a contrast to "flat warming", it makes total sense.

So yeah, the time has come for Mat, Simon, Tom and Richard to move out of 'the flat'. So they had a flat cooling party. Without Richard and Simon. It was so damn awkward for the first three hours or so. First of all, Mat's rower friends came, and they were loud and rowdy and I didn't really feel like socialising with them, so I joined Tom's friends. And Tom's friends were total retards and kept dry-humping each other, so that was really disturbing and what-not.

Eventually Graeme showed up, so at least there was one other Asian in the house. Simon eventually showed up at 11pm, so we made plans to have Yum Char before he left forevarz on Saturday.

Anyway, interesting things we did:
- showed Tom lemonparty
- put lemonparty as a background on Tom's computer
- unplugged Tom's mouse and keyboard to prevent him from changing aforementioned background
- shutdown Tom's computer to prevent him from changing aforementioned background
- ridiculed Tom's choice of words in that lame Facebook Scrabble game (eg, chouse, areae, catlin)

Tomorrow! I'm helping Mat move out because I have the van. Then we're going for Yum Char as a farewell thing for Simon. Then I have the LAN <3 So it'll be a pretty busy day for me...and I should probably go to sleep because I have to wake up before my parents leave the house.


So today, Matt and the two Sams were like "So you wanna have ramen?" and I was like "...OKAY!" so we bundled into the car and went to Kiraku on Elliot Street in the city. I had a Chashuu Ramen, which was very nice; I really like how they give you chopped garlic at Kiraku, because it gives the soup just that extra tang of flavour.

Not quite satisfied yet, we decided we would go to the Chocolate Boutique in Parnell. So we did. We had issues parking (I almost hit someone as well, but it was all sweet), but eventually we found a place about 5 minutes walk away, so it wasn't too bad. I had a mango creme mousse, Matt and big Sam had a chocolate frappe, while little Sam had an Italian Denso.

Still not fully satisfied, we went to Momo's where I had a champagne and grape nata, and three lamb sticks. Mmmm. So great.

At this point in time, I think I could do with a bit more food. Maybe some waffles or some of Cinta's famous chocolate pudding. Or maybe some more sticks at Momo's. Yeah. I'm hungry :3

On a small admin note: I changed my tag board a bit so that the tags with more hits are bigger in size. Ooooooh flashy.


It's been very tiring lately.

Friday we had a BASIC Group dinner, and that was nice: we had teriyaki pork with stirfry veges on rice, and Cinta's famous chocolate pudding. We also played some Pictionary and had brainteasers from the Cranium card pack, and we were still keen to do something, so we went to Momo's <3 I had a Taro Milk Tea with Mango Pudding.

Saturday was busy too, music in the morning (only four songs so we were done quite quickly) then the church BBQ in the afternoon. So much food, it was awesome. There was meat of all kinds, satay, curry chicken, meatloaf, potato salads, coleslaw.... and for dessert there was cheesecake, fresh fruit, sago pudding, apple crumble, lemon tart....mmm. And THEN, after that, we went to Momo's. Again <3 I had a Blueberry Nata.

Today we had our last BASIC for the year (probably forever, for me), and we didn't have any songs prepared so we had a "Free Choice" where you just picked whatever song you wanted. And since we were sitting out in the front anyway, I decided to play the piano and I stuffed the intro for the third song, but otherwise it went really well. I felt a bit cheated after not playing for Open Worship last week, so this makes up for it. Then during discussion, we had some really interesting questions brought up, so props to Uncle Paul and Uncle Lye Chye for their explanations and sharing.

Finally we had skit practice where everyone got to hit me with some kind of inanimate object. Blah.

I spent some time on Saturday night resolving some conflicts. It's really quite tiring, physically and emotionally. But I don't mind it, because it means were resolve what's bad and look forward to more fun times. I'm glad we had that talk to sort things out.

Tonight, a couple of my step-mum's friends are coming over, so I guess I should be helping to prepare. But I feel like sleeping.


My hair is getting long, so I thought I'd try to spike it out the back and see if it bore any resemblance to Phoenix Wright.


Not too bad I'd say. A bit of hair spray or gel would make it look really good. All I need is a blue jacket, a white shirt and a red tie, and I'm all set. I already have the attitude :3

By the way, my jumper isn't actually that colour. I just photoshopped it to make it look a bit more bluish for the Phoenix Wright thing.

My auntie left for Malaysia today. I find it amusing that whenever relatives come over, they always take back auntie managed to stuff a 2kg cabbage and 1.5kgs of avocado into a box and take it home. Her luggage was overweight so she left behind some clothes. I'll miss her awesome cooking and stuff. It was really great having her around, and it's just a pity that the hot water cylinder had to flood her room like that >_o

I have finally finished the long-awaited Graffiti Wall, so you can stuff that lame urFacebook site and come and draw stuff on my wall instead. Hooray! Comments and suggestions and bug reports are always welcome.

Oh yeah, I fail at relationships. ^_^

Christmas Lights

I can't believe it's three weeks to Christmas. Geez. I need to do my Christmas shopping soon. In accordance with the festivities, we took my auntie to Franklin Road in Ponsonby to see the Christmas lights. They have a tradition of lighting up all the houses on the street with extravagant neon lights, and it attracts a lot of visitors.

Yeah, the lights were impressive. But if you've seen one, you've seen them all. Bleh.

We found this little one inspecting the car.

Car Inspection Cat... is Inspecting

I think he found the wheels were a bit off balanced. Also, he told me we needed a bit more oil, so I must remember to top it up sometime.

What else...we had dinner at Canton Restaurant in Kingsland with my step-mum's friend from Malaysia. Oh, I went to West City and bought some sour coke bottles and feijoa lollies. Epic win. I just need my sour apple rings and sour gummi bears and then my collection will be complete.


Sometimes an impulsive 2:00 AM cross-country trip is the only solution.

Anyway..Grammar traditions never die. One of the long-standing traditions between me and my Grammar friends is to congregate sometime around December 6th (preferably on that day, but generally ) at Auckland Grammar School and play some handball.

Following that, we usually head to BK and stay late before going our separate ways. Anyway, this time, since we actually had a proper place to hang out (ie, the flat), we opted for Domino's and took it all back to the flat where it disappeared within around 10 minutes.

After that, we proceeded to play Cranium, using the pristine unopened box from my 21st that all my friends had so generously given me..but that didn't last long. Question: If you had to act out "tour guide" for charades, how would you do it? :O

Finally, we had a huge Mafia marathon until 5am where there were epic battles and epic frustrations and epic idiocy. I even enjoyed the times when I wasn't the overlord, because unlike SOME PEOPLE WHO I PLAY WITH, my Grammar friends don't kill me off in the first round.

So yeah, with 7 hours of sleep, I woke up groggily and proceeded to watch Simon play "Stalker", and get owned. Apparently he's making progress on that, so good on him. He kept getting shot on the first mission, and he had to use like 8 bullets to kill everyone and blahblahblah. When everyone had finally woken up, we had two games of DotA where we were royally sassed, then I finally drove home to beat the traffic. \o/

Tonight! We are going to Momo's because Ted is leaving for Taiwan tomorrow. I have to remember to get some money off him for his Parachute ticket. Oh yeah, we're going to be playing Mario Party DS at Momo's... haha. That'll be fun :O


So I've had a real busy two days. On Friday I went out for dinner with my sister to this Japanese place called Moto on Paramount Drive (It connects Central Park and Lincoln Road) and we ate so much, and it was really good as well. We both had a bento box, except I had beef and she had chicken. The bento came with sashmi, sushi, teriyaki chicken skewers, tempura and some miso. We also shared 8 dumplings and a tofu salad. Of course, my sister couldn't finish some stuff so I had to finish it for her. I think the only thing left on the table were my two sushi, so we did a pretty good job.

After that we went walking around West City for present ideas. We came out empty handed. West City was about to close anyway, so yeah.

Then I went to pick Bobby up and we went to town for Linh's birthday thingy. Her Facebook invite thingy said 9pm, so we were a bit surprised that she there when we arrived at 10pm. She was "running late"...haha. Poor Linh. We had a good time though. The music was a bit loud and it was hard to hear people talking, but it was good to catch up and meet new people. Half the time I didn't know the person's name, because you know, you introduce yourself over the loud music and then you spend the rest of the night trying to figure out what they said... and whether you got it right. Oh, we got her a drinks set where you add your favourite alcohol, freeze the mix, and then you have an instant cocktail. She also got this punching bag thingy that swears each time you hit it. O_o

Today, my CS friends went to Wenderholm for a picnic thingy. As usual, Amy organised a huge amount of food, so we were exceptionally well fed. We had fun cooking on the barbeques, and kicking soccer balls around, and lazing about, and catching waves in the water (It was cold, but wasn't unbearable, yet Ted came out shivering like he had hypothermia). Raymond kept washing things. Al and Ted "wrestled" on the grass. There was a turd in the urinal. No one ate the "kerosene sausages". We fail at capturing ducks. Pics and video of Al and Ted at Casey's blog.

In the evening, we had nothing to do, so we made a stop to Plantations in Orewa and had some ice cream before going to Al's house and play PS2 and Mafia. Ah Mafia. I haven't played Mafia in ages. And today I was reminded as to why I hate it so much. Everytime I'm mafia, the sheriff investigates me, then reveals himself and points the finger at me, so I die. Everytime I'm not mafia, the mafia kill me. So that leaves me with two places left - when I'm the doctor, I get to heal myself all the time; also, when I'm the sniper, I get to randomly kill someone. Han also introduced a "Joker" who has a one-per-game ability to either shoot, save or investigate someone. I guess it opens possibilities, but in the end, I suppose people just shoot for fun.

Eh. It was a good day. I'm tired. I'm on piano at church tomorrow so I have to get up early.


I hate shopping -__- It's so tiring and boring, especially if you don't really know what you're buying. So you like, walk around aimlessly, trying to figure out stuff to buy, then when you've finished walking around, you've totally forgotten what you saw was good.

So yeah, we went shopping for Linh's birthday present today, at St. Lukes. In case she reads this I'm not going to spoil :O But it was a tiring experience and zzzzzzzzz and yeah I got stuck in traffic on the way home anyway.

But! Some cool things we found:
- a polar bear that goes "ROAR" when you tilt its head
- a trippy wobbling stand
- a cup with a propeller at the bottom to automatically mix your drinks (Creates a swirling vortex of power, it said)
- an ice cream cone that rotates your ice cream so you don't have to turn it when you lick it
- a mini Mahjong set

In other news, the graduation ceremonies are out. My ceremonies are:

Monday 5th May, 10:45am
Faculty of Business and Economics
- Degrees and diplomas A-F
- Bachelor of Commerce (conjoint) A-Z
- Property A-Z

Friday 9th May, 1:15pm
Faculty of Science
- Degrees and diplomas A-Li
- MSLTPrac A-Z
- Bachelor of Science (Honours) A-Z

Finally, here is a picture I took.

There's a kitty on my car 8d! (It's actually Debs car)

So. Full.

Omg. So. Full. Too. Much. To. Eat.

You know when you eat too much, and you have troubles breathing, and you feel lethargic, and you just want to lie down? Yeah, that's me, right now.

I took my auntie and my family out to eat at this Sun World: New Millennium place in Newmarket. Auntie May from Enjoy Inn owns it, or something. We had Peking Duck, steamed oysters, prawn balls and some XO tofu. Omg. It was so good. SO GOOD. All I can think about it how much food I ate and how I'm so full and omg it was soooo good.

Food is so awesome.


...seem no different from weekdays..when you're on holiday! Except we have church on Sunday so that kinda lets me know which day it is.

So since my last post, I did indeed get InfoSys330 back. I was quite surprised because I didn't think Examinations people worked on Saturdays. So I just "happened" to check, by pure chance, and...yeah. There it was O_o It was an okay mark, and I'm happy with it. So hooray.

And coincidentally (or was it?), Andrew spoke about worries and stuff at SHOUT on Saturday. What he said really made me think...but I can't say his perspective on Uni and grades and exams match mine. Even after what he said, I think what I said still stands: I set my goals high, and I'm not willing to settle for mediocrity when it comes to something like this. But it was a good time of sharing. Thank you justifying why you liked the texture of my shirt, Andrew. You're like a brother to me too :p

Also, I thought the worship for SHOUT went really smoothly. From a music perspective, I think we did a good job and stuff. A pity there were so few people, but I guess that happens with high school exams.

Depression. I has it.

So for the past two days I've been moping a lot. Why? Because I'm like that. I mope over bad grades. What is a bad grade? It is a grade that is below what I expect of myself.


Okay, okay. When it comes to grades, no one ever takes me seriously. I think that's fair, I think my expectations are high. I set them high. I aim high. If you aim high, and come short, of course you're going to be disappointed. Why do I have to settle for mediocrity? God has gifted me with an ability to learn, so I should put this ability to good use.

At the beginning of the year, I set my goal to have another year of all A's. I expected to achieve that goal. I have done so for the past two years. Furthermore, my grades, with respect to Computer Science papers, have been perfect, bar CompSci220, which I got an 'A' in.

Until now.

Sigh, yes, I got a B+ in CompSci367. OMG says everyone. It's really depressing. My transcript looks ugly with A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+..............................................B+. I've been really screwed over in this course, for reasons beyond my control. More than once, actually. Furthermore, I don't think "this is a conglomeration of two courses" is a good enough excuse for the poor administration and organisation. You know what I'm talking about.

Firstly, assignment 1 screwed a lot of people over. 4% is not trivial, and it is probably the difference between... a B+ and an A-? Hmmm.

Secondly, what the hell was with this challenge problem crap? What is the point of forcing this "optional" material on us? Hoff trees were not mentioned ANYWHERE in any of the lectures. Only students in CompSci709 would know what a Hoff tree was. Wait, what? CompSci709? Isn't that a graduate course? Why yes! It is! Doesn't that mean that all the undergrads who can't take that paper are disadvantaged because there are postgrads that took that paper? Why yes! Prove that mathematically. I dare you.

lol im angry on the internets

Anyway, what else have I been up to...I had SHOUT practice today, went to Momo's after. There was 11 of us, and of course that meant chaos because of the orders and the payment and yadadada. But champagne and grape nata is awesome. And so are lamb sticks. And so is DotA. So I'm temporarily happy.

I really want IS330 back. So I can mope about that too, if I don't get a good grade.

Tennis and Grades

Went to play tennis with Amy, Bobby, Ted, Casey, Viet, Raymond and Alex at the Three Kings court (just near the library). Oh my goodness, I'm so unfit. But it was a really hot and sunny day, and in no time, I was tired and sweating and started being all "nyeh" about hitting the ball. We also had a sham of a tennis competition in which Casey and Bobby won by SUDDEN DEATH!!!!!

After that, we went for dinner at this Vietnamese place just opposite Burger Fuel on Dominion Road. It was so late, I was just happy to have food, so it probably tasted a lot better. You know what I'm talking about? You appreciate food more if you're really hungry...kinda thing. Anyway, after that we went to have pudding at Chalin. Yay pudding.

Oh and I finally got a grade back today. Two nights ago I had a dream that the "Points in progress" went from 45 (ie, 3 papers) to 30 (2 papers), so it finally came true today. I suppose it was fitting that the first grade back was the first exam I sat, so yeah. It was Maths315 (Mathematical Logic). I did well \o/ and immediately without explicitly mentioning the grade, everyone knows what I got. _

Also, here is an interesting observation that people have made about the box art for Super Mario Galaxy. Look carefully at the title text. You will see sparkles of light under some of the letters. These letters spell something out. :O Highlight for spoilers: UR MR GAY. The people who make these initial findings are amazing.

Mega Cuteness and Mega Lethargy

I have never heard of anything so cute or adorable as this.

It's been pretty blah these past two days. I've been quite lazy because I've been out late and gotten home late and woken up late and felt lethargic and so the rest of the day is blahhhhhh. It's hard to get myself to do things, so I've been bumming around playing Phoenix Wright 3 mostly.

Yesterday, Sam randomly decided he was thirsty so I took him up on that offer and we went to Momo's with Weng-Hao after our game of DotA. Momo's is so great.

Grades Update:
CompSci367: Pending
Maths315: Pending
InfoSys330: Pending

Come to SHOUT!

Dinner at the Flat

I was invited to have dinner at 'the Flat' today - that is, Mat, Simon, Richard and Tom's flat. Poor Tom was being a drama llama the whole day over not being present at this dinner. Andrew was there too, as well as their friend Natasha.

Dinner was actually really delicious. Mat cooked a prawn and avocado risotto, with tiramisu and chocolate mousse for dessert. Absolutely fantastic, and compliments to the chef. I helped to prepare o/

At the moment we're just waiting for Richard to sort out his wireless so we can play DotA. Yes, Simon and Richard are hellbent on DotA and Richard has revealed that he has an addiction for it, and can't sleep until he has had a game.

Christmas Skit

So the youth are doing a Christmas skit for the Christmas service this year. I thought I'd go along so I could be the musician dude, because I'm usually the musician dude and don't have to act.

And then, all of a sudden, I'm the main character dude. Wut. I have to memorise all these lines as well x_x It should be a good skit though, if we can all get our lines sorted and our acting polished.

I'm excited by the prospect of Momo's <3 Apparently the story is that Viet got bored and so we're all congregating at Momo's now. Yay! I must remember to bring some cards along.


Oh geez I hate marking. I suppose it's a very easy way of earning money... at the cost of sanity. Still, I am amused by the number of really dumb students who just don't follow instructions, or they some how manage to be so smart that their assignment blows up in their face.

For example, this dude has managed to implement a text area and a scrollbar. Very good. Glad you got that far. However, he's managed to uncouple the scrollbar and the textarea, so that the textarea doesn't scroll. Fantastic. 0. Fail.

Oh yeah, I thought my marking was due in 4 days ago, but it's really due in tomorrow. I mentioned this to my mates at the CSC dinner and they were all like "so people like YOU are the reason our marks are so late!". Well nyeh to you :(

Debs flew back to Singapore today. I'm sure she'll be reading this sometime soon. Poor girl, she keeps complaining about how she'll have nothing to do. Except play DotA. pdoth

New Instruments

Ever tried playing the teslacoil? Hold on..yes, I did just say teslacoil. That thing from science class that shoots out lightning bolts (Who broke the chain of pain?!?!), or if you're a geek, that tower thing from Command and Conquer. It can be used as a musical instrument.

This is epic win.

CSC Dinner

So I was invited to join the "CSC" (The CompSci Crew, not the CompSci Club. Ask Sonny.) for dinner tonight. We went to the Thirsty Dog on K Road for a meal where we spent half the time talking about DotA, and the other half of the time observing a prostitute opposite the bar, trying to nab a client. Yeah.

Apparently she got a client after we left, says Daniela.

As with all normal computer scientist gatherings, the night was not over until we had gone to a Net Cafe and played DotA. We had two good games: I was Leviathan in the first, and Razor in the second. Great stuff.

Oh yes, as you can now see, I'm fully operational on a domain name,, so make sure you bookmark my site.

And I finally got a wireless router, so I can wi-fi with my DS! My Pokeymanz. Let me show you them :O

End of Exams, forever

So yesterday, I had my last undergraduate exam yesterday ever. Providing I pass all my exams this semester. But everyone seems to have some kind of belief that I'll pass, so I guess I will.

To celebrate, we had a LAN at church starting Friday night and lasting until Saturday evening. Big success, lots of people turned up and quite a few people were keen to learn to play DotA, and even those who weren't keen stuck around and played table tennis, or some board games.

Oh yes, check out the LAN November 2007 Gallery Page for some pictures I took with my webcam.

Testing Admin Panel

Okay, so this is my first real blog entry, from the new admin panel that I've created..that no one can see. I can do bold and underline and italics and strikethroughs... I can also add links and stuff and.. yeah. But I'm lazy so I can't be bothered at the moment.

This should also hopefully be on a new paragraph.

I like having full control over what I put in my blogs. And by that, I mean the ability to write direct HTML in the blog. Maybe one day I can add the ability to parse PHP code. That would be hot :o

Edit: Comments are now enabled with bold, underline, strikethrough and italics, but no other HTML for the time being.


Hello this is my first blog post and it fails lol