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End of Year

Well, this'll probably be my last blog post this year. It's going to be pretty busy from now on, and I probably won't have a computer while I'm up in Auckland.

Thanks to all of you who visit and post comments and drawings. You can read more of my rantings at my 2008 Summary.

And with that, have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, and I'll see you in 2009.

Google Friend Connect

I installed Google Friend Connect for my site, which took 10 minutes, and spent another few hours or so thinking up some creative ways of displaying it on the site. It problem is that its minimum width is 200 pixels, but my right navigation bar on my blog is 160 pixels. So I tried to float it and have some animations for it to pop out onmouseover, and blahblah, those didn't go so well, so I settled for the immediate effect and that works quite well. What's surprising is that I didn't have to tweak it for IE at all.

Anyway, in the past week, I've been to Momo's three times, been busy at work doing menu and UI coding, played a pretty good amount of DotA and generally slacked off with that secret website that I am working on.

There's two more weeks until I leave for Auckland. It's going to be an awesome Christmas time \o/


As shameful as it is, I spent a while trying to help Mike with his C++ programs, attempting to read a particular format of characters from stdin.

The problem is that if this program is fed character data, it loops continuously:

bool valid = false;
int num;
while (!valid)
    int num_reads = scanf("%02d", &num);
    if (num_reads == 1)
        valid = true;

Why? num_reads is 0 and upon reaching scanf for the second time, the buffer is still attempting to read something, but it can't and returns 0.. and so on and so forth.

So what's the solution? Simple. Use sscanf!

int num;
char buffer[1024];
bool valid = false;
while (!valid)
    std::cin >> buffer;
    int num_reads = sscanf(buffer,"%d",&num);
    if (num_reads == 1)
        valid = true;

November News

Okay I haven't died yet, it's just been pretty boring on the news front for the blog.

Let's see, I've spent the last two weeks practically home alone: two flatmates in the South Island, one in Australia for a week, means one Jeremy at home cooking delicious food for himself, and playing absurd amounts of DotA. Not that either of these things are bad. I brought DotA to work on my iPod in the hope I could attract some interest and get my workmates to play as well.

I had a flatwarming for three of my workmates last night too. They live about 20 minutes up the road from me, so maybe I'll see them on the bus or walking home or something. But it was a pretty cool party, got to hang out with people and socialise and stuff. Woo~. Got caught by the rain as I went home, but luckily the bus was on time and I managed to minimise the wetness.

I've been doing a lot of web development lately. I fixed some spam bot problem with my Shoutbox a few minutes ago, and I thought I'd blog about something that's been infuriating me for the past few weeks.

The majority of the world have this program installed on their machines and actively use this malicious application. I do not know the exact numbers, but whatever the statistics are, it is far too much for people to being using such filth every day.

I am, of course, talking about Internet Explorer.

Who the hell at Microsoft decided to make a substandard browser with so many security flaws and a blatant disregard for web coding standards just to piss developers off? Morons. Absolute bloody morons.

In this site I've been working on (You know the one, Stephen :O), I have this search box that appears onmouseover, and it disappears when you click outside the box, but should remain visible when clicking inside the box. The easiest way to implement this was to cancel the bubbling effect that events have, that is, clicking inside a table will trigger its onclick, its parents onclick and continue up the chain until there are no more onclick handlers.

So, if the table onclick is specified and the event.returnValue parameter is set to false, I can use this value to prevent subsequent calls to the onclick handler. Thus, when it gets to the body onclick, inside the handler, I just return prematurely if event.returnValue is false.

Yup, that's all great. Works wonderfully on Firefox. This behaviour also works on Internet Explorer too...oh, wait. Hold on a second. By specifying that the event's returnValue is now false in Internet Explorer, all onclick handlers no longer work. That means onclicks for anchor tags and submit buttons. What kind of stupid system is that?

I resorted to using the following code:

<script type="text/javascript">
var eventHandled = new Array();
function myFunction(event) {
    if (eventHandled[event.type])

    eventHandled[event.type] = true;

<body onclick="myFunction(event); eventStates = new Array();">

<table onclick="myFunction(event);">
        <td>No Click</td>
        <td><div onclick="myFunction(event);">Click</div></td>

Clicking on the innermost <div> with "Click" calls myFunction. myFunction sets eventHandled["onclick"] to be true, and prevents bubbling up by halting execution of the onclick in the <table> and <body> tags. Finally at the <body> tag, the states are reset to ensure that the next onclick can be processed. Phew!

Stupid Internet Explorer.

(PS: I should look at getting some syntax highlighting...)

The Air of Change

As history unfolded three days ago as America watched its first African-American President be elected, so too the winds of change have swept over New Zealand as John Key, leader of the National Party, becomes our Prime Minister-elect. Gracious in defeat was Helen Clark, who highlighted the good nine years of Labour government, and announced her resignation as leader.

But I must say.

The changes don't stop there. We are watching the face of New Zealand politics change like never before, as New Zealand First fail to meet the 5% party vote threshold, and both Winston Peters and Ron Mark fail to win their electorate seats, sealing the fate of the party as it no longer has any seats in Parliament.

I can say only one thing.

In Stores Now!

Buy your copy now, and I'll autograph it for free!

Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November

As the poem goes, the city of Wellington celebrated Guy Fawkes Day with a fantastic display of pyrotechnics streaming from the harbour.

But for some, these fireworks meant more than watching a myriad of chemicals combust in the sky. These fireworked heralded a change. A change that attracted the interest of the entire globe as we followed the US Presidential Race during the later hours of the afternoon, until its pinnacle as Senator Barack Obama claims the 44th Presidency of the United States of America, defeating rival John McCain, 338 electoral college votes to 156. It is certainly a phenomenal landmark in the history books as America gets set to crown its first African-American President.

But of course, my project team and I were busy discussing important matters at our team meeting.


Labour Weekend

I had a fantastic Labour Weekend. So good catching up with all my friends. As a result of the excessive fun, I have caught a cold and am suffering at work. Today was terrible, I couldn't concentrate and I kept sneezing and after drinking that disgusting Lemsip crap I felt like throwing up.


I finished up at work on Friday and met Laura and Raymond at Cha for dinner. It was still relatively early, so Raymond and I went back to his apartment and Laura went back to hers at around 7.40pm. Then Raymond wanted to have a shower and by the time he was 8.05pm.
Picked up Laura at 8.10pm
Got to the flat at 8.15pm
Picked up Jono at 8.25pm
Arrived at the airport at 8.30pm
Boarded the plane at 8.40pm
Took off for Auckland at 8.50pm

Yeah, rushed, much. In the chaos I left my keys at the flat, but that wasn't too big an issue. I got picked up by Casey at the other end and met Bob, Ted, Amber and Han at Momo's, where I proceeded to knock my glass over and cut my hand in the process. After bleeding profusely, they decided to give me a free drink (YAY).

I turned up at church on Saturday morning, much to the surprise of the music team (apparently Jin hadn't told them I was on). So yeah, I got to play piano, and that was great jamming with the boys again. So much fun, far more fun than at Central Baptist. Afterwards, we distributed some flyers for the Light Party before I headed over to St Heliers to meet the Grammar Gang for lunch at La Vista. Great food there, so good to catch up with everyone. I was free for the rest of the afternoon and it was still early, so we went down the road to play Mini Golf. There were so many fails there, it was awesome. Props to Amnon for beating Richard!

It was still early in the day so we went back to Mat's flat and just hung around for a while, watching Family Guy and playing some Smash Bros Brawl. I really can't stand the Wii control scheme (and that's not because I've been working with it for the past week). The Wiimote has so few controller buttons that they could not possibly encapsulate all the techniques into a user-friendly scheme. Once I started with the Gamecube controller, it felt so much better. MetaKnight and Dedede are awesome! :3

Left the flat and went to Cinta's place for dinner with her, Alice, Jo and Reuben. We had apricot chicken, some cheese and cauliflower, boiled vegetables and roast potato, and Oreo cheesecake for dessert. Awesome stuff. We spent the rest of the night solving those stupid take-apart-shape-and-put-them-together-again puzzles.

Sunday morning was church, had heaps of fun on the piano but it wasn't my best day (I screwed up the offering piece) but I think people just appreciated me being back on the piano, which was really nice. We had testimonies from our group heading to Cambodia for a short term mission, as well as a delicious curry lunch for fundraising. I hung around for a few hours for BASIC and then the guys went to play pool. All I can say is... black ball fail.

I went out with Dad and Uncle Tony and family to this teppanyaki place in Ponsonby called Fuji. Entertainment was fantastic, food was delicious, but unfortunately not as filling as I would have liked. Really had to work for our food as well! I caught a piece of egg in my mouth, and two bowls of rice flung in my general direction.

Met up with the youth group guys at Momo's (haha, again). I didn't cut my hand this time, which was great. I had a taro milkshake with mango pudding, but didn't feel like eating much more. We were keen on going out after that, but nothing happened and we just went to bed.

But Matt, Sam and I ventured out the next day in the blazing sun to Mission Bay, where we enjoyed some unhealthy breakfasts in the form of ice cream, waffles and pancakes. We hung around Bastion Point before heading into town. We took at stop at Yifans where Matt played the new Street Fighter - I really like the art style, with the black paint strokes. I had to rush off soon after to meet Casey, Bob, Laura and Raymond for yum char at China. Good food, again, but unfortunately I was still a bit stuffed from breakfast. However, I did manage to cram a durian puff and a mango puff, so all is well.

Spent the rest of the afternoon fixing dad's computer, then met up with my sister for a chit chat. Her cat is adorable <3 and very vocal too. Being the awesome sister that she is, she managed to get me this:

It was a quick dinner at Uncle Tony's before heading to the airport. What a weekend. Catch all the action in the gallery.



Graffiti Trends

I was walking home from work today when I came upon this construction site. A concrete wall was half demolished, and some people had graffitied on it.

I find this amusing.

Rocking It Out

As I said earlier, I was on music again at Central Baptist yesterday. I arrived at 9am, as usual, and practiced the songs. All good, all well, seems the dynamics and the timing were all in shape.

We were stuck for an offering song, so I decided to play a song I'd never played at Central before.

It was quite possibly the most inappropriate song to play during an offertory.

It was certainly a song that smashed the boundaries of Central's realm of hymns and contemplative music.

Just as the offering was announced, I broke out the hugest grin ever. This is the most mischief you can have during a church service. When all was quiet, I took a quick breath... and started off with a piano slide into the jazzy Em7 and Amaj7 chords of My Redeemer Lives.

It was awesome. I had so much fun.

Anyway, after the service, we had lunch at Nando's, dessert at Kaffee Eis, and then I met Ray who had just arrived in Wellington for a three week work spell. We met Peter at Butlers on Willis for a quick drink, and made some dinner plans.

Raymond hadn't eaten anything all day, so he got a curry from Reading Cinemas, and I wasn't feeling that hungry so I got a banana-kiwifruit-orange-apple thing from the juice bar. But of course I felt hungry afterwards, so we skipped straight to dessert.

So good.


I'd been speaking to my parents on Tuesday night (as I always do) and one of the topics I brought up was the music at Central Baptist. I mentioned that the music was very conservative and not as lively or modern as Kelston, and that's something I lament. Songs like Be Unto Your Name, Majesty (Here I Am), Amazing Love, Complete, All the Earth, Who Am I... they're awesome songs and incredibly rich in both their message and their musical structure.

I felt a bit empty after playing on Sunday, because I wasn't enjoying myself as much as I did at Kelston. I was off beat and not enthusiastic. I miss being able to jam with Reuben, Matt, Cinta, Mary Ann, Sam, Ben (when he used to play), Steven and Andrew. Now that I think about it, I think it's because I felt restricted in what I can do because the lead singing isn't as strong as it could be, and as a result, I have to lead with precision in the melody.

Well, today was different.

I got a call on Tuesday night from one of the ladies at Central, asking if I could be the pianist for this Sunday as well. I said sure, why not. Practice was today at 6pm.

And what a practice it was. It was a joy being able to play some familiar songs like Jesus God's Righteousness Revealed, I Will Give Thanks to Thee, Great is Thy Faithfulness and Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart. It was awesome being able to play how I wanted to wander with the notes and play different beats. The two lead singers have fantastic, powerful voices and they harmonise so well. It was really uplifting.

Church music for the win.

Photo Dump!

Time to clear out some photos from my phone. As I said on Monday, we celebrated the announcement of Rugby League 2: World Cup Edition, my first game at Sidhe Interactive. The company took us out for some nibbles and drinks. Meet the team!

The whole team

Some of the coders

Those Wellingtonians seemed pretty happy that they beat Auckland for that Ranfurly Shield, so they held a parade for the players.

I was owned by the bus strikes on Wednesday and arrived at work 30mins late, so that night, I planned to stay at the Hub and walked to work the next morning. Good weather for it as well! On Friday night, I met with Jono and Dave at this Malaysian restaurant where we had the awesomest grilled prawns. A bit pricey, and not very big portions, but delicious.

Today, music at church - daylight savings meant I had to get up at what was really 7am. Then I met Laura for yum char at Majestic. I need to stay awake and not nap to keep this sleep schedule intact.


We got the announcement that the game we've been working on for the PS2 finally got the green light from our publishers.

So that means that at the end of October or the beginning of November, you can go out into New Zealand stores and buy a copy of my first game.

That's right, you can play the game, flick to the credits and point and shout when my name appears on screen.

While personally, it's not my kind of genre, I wholeheartedly endorse and promote this game to give you a fantastic gaming experience.

And without further delay, Sidhe Interactive presents...

I Blame Casey

An extremely challenging set of puzzle games where you're in a room and you have to escape. It reminds me of Phoenix Wright - go around collecting things and use them to solve puzzles.

I've beaten:
- Sphere
- Vision
- RGB (BOTH Secret Doors)
- Switch

Yay that's all of them! \o/

Bad Start to the Week

Some things I forgot to mention last week: I saw Hamish Carter, Olympian, Gold Medallist and Auckland Grammar old boy, at the BNZ Food Court. He was buying sushi. I wanted to say hi to him but I was too shy and he was talking to someone else and it would have been cool to get a picture with him in retrospect but there were so many people around I would have looked really stupid and touristy and Azn.

Speaking of Azn, I got interviewed by some Azn magazine so if you see my mug somewhere, you'll know why. She asked me if the Government should be spending more money on the defense force.

Anyway, it has been a pretty bad start to the week. Yesterday I spent the whole day battling with freaking Metrowerksfail over some stupid access paths problem. Apparently, if you have two files of the same name but in different directories, and each of the directories are in your access paths, they are treated as duplicates. What a load of fail.

Following that, I played pretty badly at badminton. I was just smashing the shuttlecock in anger most of the time :p

Today I was just fixing some stupid sound problem and it boiled down to nothing to do with sound, but rather the directories in which the resources were located. Blah.


It's been a very busy week in terms of the two websites which I am responsible for.

Firstly, the Ignite Youths website was released to public eyes at the beginning of the week - a result of some awesome collaboration between myself and Reuben.

Secondly, Pokemon Platinum was leaked three days early, much to my surprise, so I moved into emergency mode and started hacking for information as soon as I could. That involved ringing the flat during work hours and getting Andrew to email me some of my programs. ¬.¬

In any case, Psypoke's got some great information for the time we've spent on it. I've been browsing some other websites and they're very far ahead in the game, but I know WPM from PokeBeach spent 28 hours continuously playing the game. I wouldn't be surprised if SPP had some slave doing the same for him.

Spring Time is Here

I've apparently survived my first Wellington winter, and to remind me of the days to come, we were on Oriental Parade with Nats and Ben, who were visiting from Auckland.

Of course, Oriental Parade immediately implies The Parade Cafe.

Which rounded out an awesome weekend of food.

I've been recovering from a cold lately. I had to give a presentation to my team at work on Friday, and that was extremely difficult. On the brightside, I got another Show and Tell prize - a Rubik's Cube keyring! Not that I care much for those things anyway. I need to remember to buy borrow obtain, using unspecified methods, Spore the game - some guys at work were playing it since its release on Thursday.

I finish this post with some muffins.

A Symphony of Fail and Time

Yes I have strung those random words together purposefully.

I've been pretty busy this whole week - been out late every day except Wednesday when I was on cooking for the flat. Monday was badminton as usual, and that was great because one of my workmates joined me and Sunni for that. The weather was cold and miserable, but I had the car so that was sweet.

Our favourite oboist, Alex, was down from Auckland with the New Zealand Youth Orchestra, so we enjoyed a night of classical harmonies and a touch of opera. Quite cultured, indubitably.

Epic fail on Thursday as our team gathered to submit our game to Sony. The requirements are eight authoring-quality DVDs, which means disks are $25 and burning takes up to two hours on a 1x speed burner. We were five disks through when we realised they didn't boot, and that we had some extra files on there that we shouldn't have. So that was a good $125 down the drain, thanks to my epic fail, and so I stayed late at work to help finish the disks. On the brightside, they were eventually completed and we couriered our precious cargo to Sony. Phew.

Also, I finally finished Braid - the best puzzle game I have ever played. It is an incredibly well thought-out game, with extremely clever puzzles and mechanics that will explode your mind. Braid is available on Xbox Live Arcade, and I highly recommend it for dedicated gamers who live for the satisfaction of solving intense problems.

Oh, by finished, I mean I got the 60 puzzle pieces as well as the Closure Achievement. I didn't get the stars or do a speed run ¬.¬

As the Olympics Close...

We watched the failed kayaking races on Friday and Saturday night, much to the surprise of John, Jono and myself as we listened to Dave's enthusiasm for the Kiwis in Beijing. Good effort though, but not quite the result we were hoping for. After that, we decided we would drown our sorrows with some feijoa we went to New World and bought some mixing drinks. White Grapetise and feijoa vodka = epic win.

Andrew had cooked a whole pot of rice on Friday night that he didn't use at all, so on Saturday, I decided I would use it in the most Asian fashion possible - fried rice. I will let the pictures do the talking.

Weng-Hao and I also had a 90 minute DotA game where I was Zeus and he was Clockwerk, and we were against Mortred and Spectre. We didn't get sassed, but we just had serious issues trying to break the towers while defending our own. In the end, we broke all three lanes for Mega Creeps and for the win \o/

Went swimming on Sunday again - this time to Freyberg Pools on Oriental Parade. Good exercise, yay, whatever. But more to the point, we went to the Parade Cafe afterwards for a good hot chocolate and some wedges \o/!!! Good food, yay.

Poor Andrew had been stuck in his sleeping bag all afternoon, so when I got home, he was still watching the movies he had rented. I went into my room to do some work on my websites when I heard a crash from the bathroom. I thought it was just the clothes horse that had fallen and made a noise, since I thought Andrew was still lying on the couch...but around 30 seconds later came the call "...Jeremy...". I was rushed out to the bathroom where Andrew stumbled out, saying he'd just passed out, when he started blacking out just as I grabbed him and stopped him from faceflooring. Turns out he was dehydrated and dizzy from sitting in his sleeping bag for so long. Geez.

John came home pretty soon after and started diagnosing all sorts of problems. I offered my advice - clearly it was cancer or AIDS.

Also, FF3 sucks.

Epic Olympics

I was up until 2.30am last night, watching Valarie Vili shotput her way to New Zealand's second gold medal at the Beijing Olympics with a mammoth 20.56m throw. I also watched as the Evers-Swindell twins beat out their competitors by 1/100th of a second to grab New Zealand's first gold of the games. The tension waiting for the final result after the photo finish - just epic.

We also watched Mahe Drysdale, Nathan Twaddle and George Bridgewater achieve their bronzes, as well as Hayden Roulston's silver medal race. Awesome effort from all four guys.

Congratulations to all our medal winners on day eight at the 2008 Beijing Olympics - you've done the country proud.

And if that wasn't enough, I woke up to the news of the All Blacks owning South Africa 19 - 0 in the rugby - huge congratulations to them as well.

Pretty eventful Sunday as well - piano at church this morning, yum char with Laura and her friends at Grand Century and swimming at the Aquatics Center in Hataitai. Wooooo, physical exercise. Yay me.

Epic Hail

The forecourt of the BP station near our flat

Our deck

Sleep Habits: Screwed

I was up until 4.30am last night watching the Opening Ceremony. Gah. The performances and the choreography and the fireworks were fantastic though, really awesome and vibrant. My favourite parts were the fireworks making footprints, the introduction to the scroll, the blocks that moved up and down and the tai chi display, and the lighting of the Olympic Torch was definitely spectacular too. Pyrotechnics were top-notch throughout the ceremony.

We had a farewell dinner for Bjorn on Tuesday night at Two Souls, where the food was fantastic. On Wednesday, Mel and I ate at Rasa on Cuba St before going to Central Baptist where we played on the piano for a good two hours or so. Friday night I met up with Laura and her friends at Lonestar (I had the ribs - they were awesome) before heading home to watch the Opening Ceremony streaming live from the TVNZ website.

Today - I am being very Asian and I'm boiling some barley water \o/ Thanks to my parents for providing the oversized pot. I had been thinking of boiling barley water for ages, and it wasn't until I got the opportunity to grab some barley from the Asian grocery store near Pak'n'Save that everything started falling into place. I couldn't find any rock sugar, so I tried the Asian supermarket on the corner of Dixon and Cuba, and I managed to get a packet of rock sugar crystals. Hopefully this won't be an epic disaster.

Speaking of epic, apparently it's now a verb at work. You just got epicked.


Yeah right.

When I woke up yesterday (approximately 11am), it was awesomely sunny and..dare I say it for Wellington standards...warm O_o It was almost like it wasn't winter.

Anyway, Bjorn had organised some indoor soccer and netball for us as part of his going away. Oh my goodness, that seriously hurt. I was so unfit. Goalie was a popular position. So many of us were suffering today. But it was fun, and no one passed out, and all was good.

We were at Eelyn's last night for an awesome dinner (Yes I have pictures, don't worry). We were entertained by conversations of med-speak and chickens, a good round of Pictionary/Charades, and towards the early hours of the morning, some electrical displays from the storm outside. The rain was incredibly heavy, and the lightning was rather frequent, so we didn't leave until 2am or so.

Which meant pain getting up for church in the morning. Yup. I met everyone else at Reading after the service and we had lunch at this cafe on the corner of Cuba and Ghuznee (I forgot its name again -_-) where Andy and I shared a pizza (No pictures of this one). My mission in town however, was to get some shoes, so I was accompanied by Mel and Ian and we went to the Number 1 Shoe Warehouse on Lambton Quay where I got three pairs of shoes for $74!! What a bargain.

Amnesia Attack!

So I've been working on this incredibly panicky yet addictive game called Amnesia Attack that started on Psypoke first, then I ported it to the Ignite site, and finally my own site got its own a few days ago. As of this update, I have five Amnesia Attacks - can you name them all?

Why so serious?

So. Good.

All That Jazz

So yeah, last Sunday, when I posted that Facebook message, we were having some friends around for a Sunday roast, which was delicious by the way.

This past week has been busy; we had an internal conference at work where we listened to some of the seniors talk about various topics - it felt like being back at Uni, except I couldn't fall asleep. It was, however, very informative, and entertaining at some places as well.

Nats was down for the weekend for a med conference too, so we caught up with her. Matt Andrews was down as well (in b4 joke about stealing bags) so he joined us; Tom Bye was around and I yelled out "Tooommm, Hiiiiii" before we had to drove off, so I don't know if he recognised me or whatever.

I was on music again this morning; I didn't know half the songs, but I still managed, which was great. I also arranged to get access to the piano during the week which is FANTASTIC, I've been eagerly waiting to try out Still Alive on the piano (Thanks Stephen :3) but also it gives me an opportunity to practice during the week so I don't freak out on Sunday morning. Met with Mel and Raewyn after church for lunch at Nando's, where Mel and I shared a whole chicken.

We met up again in the evening with the intention of enjoying some jazz at Lido, but it was pretty full so we walked to D4, but that was dead, so we headed to this place on Majoribanks which was closed. With hunger pains rapidly rising, we resolved to go to Strawberry Fare, where I had a salad and some chocolate brownies. I think I scared Mel, Paul and Raewyn with my I-am-eating-but-it-looks-like-I-am-having-an-orgasm face. I think my CompSci friends know which one I'm talking about.

lol urfacebook

In case anyone is wondering:

No I did not create a Facebook account. Go away.

EDIT: lol urfacebook

Trucks and Cake, Rucks and Fakes

I wanted to make sure I got to work on time on Friday, so I spent Thursday night at the Hub because of the trucks protest. They took so long coming down State Highway 1 that they only got to town around 8.30am, so there wasn't any traffic at all. But once they got in...there was epic honking and blasting of horns. They certainly made their presence known in Central Wellington. I heard there was mayhem in Auckland as they blocked up the Southern Motorway and Queen St too.

We'd also learned that Team Puppyguts, led by some guys at work, had won the 48 Hour Film Festival. Congratulations to them! In celebration, the company got a treat.

I spent most of the day finishing up the Ignite Website..and sneaking in a few games of DotA. Sigh I'm so rusty. But the website itself is making good progress, and Ignite Youths 2.0 will definitely release on time :p

I just got back from watching the game at JJ Murphy's. What an epic game!

We had a good meal as well. They were unfortunately out of steaks, so I ordered some delicious lamb shanks. Still a little bit hungry, Sunni, Andrew and I decided to share a chocolate mud cake (We were looking at Raewyn enjoying hers and wanted one too). My first comment upon its arrival:

"...This tastes meaty...."

Yeah. Some one had confused chocolate sauce with barbeque sauce. Awesome.

June Birthdays

Last Tuesday, the company had the Speed Racer premier at Reading Cinemas. While most of us concluded that it wasn't as bad as everyone said it was, it was certainly...epileptic and corny in some places. Overall, it was entertaining and had some action-packed shots, but I wouldn't say it was fantastic-fantastic. Oh, there was an after party too, and that was pretty good. I got to play the game for the first time (I highly recommended it) and got to hang with some workmates, so that was pretty cool.

Amy was down in Wellington again, selling dumplings at Pak n Save, again, so we met up for dinner on Wednesday. I took her to Great India where we had some awesome curry and some not-so-awesome Indian dessert dumplings. We went over to Strawberry Fare to make a booking, where I saw Sunni and Raewyn. I told Raewyn that Amy was on the Jet program as well and the two couldn't stop talking. Go figure.

Anyway, we met up again on Thursday night with Peter and Laura, and we had dinner at this place called Piccolo on Vivian Street. It was small and empty, but the food was pretty good and the owner was really friendly and talkative. I advised everyone to eat less because we went to Strawberry Fare afterwards YAY. Between the three of us (Laura had to leave), we shared a Jaffa Tower and a Lemon Chocolate Cheesecake.

Friday night it was time to head to Auckland. Due to bad weather, the flight had been delayed by 30 minutes, so it wasn't until 8pm that we were actually boarding. However, some retard had decided that he'd check in his bags, but not show up on the aircraft. So we waited an extra 30 minutes for him to show up, and Qantas finally decided that they wouldn't wait and started to unload his bags. So yup, just as they finish unloading, aforementioned retard shows up and boards the plane (with heavy glares from the other passengers) and we finally fly off at 8.50pm or something like that.

It was around 10.30pm when we finally got to May's house. After the initial greets, I started scoffing some food that John had saved for me while the speeches started. It was a really good party, quite cosy and really friendly. It was midnight or so (time really flew by) before everyone started leaving, so I texted Andrew and the others to see what they were up to. No one wanted to drive out to Te Atatu to go for milk tea, so we canned the idea and made plans to meet up on Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday morning, my sister and I went to this place called Fuze on the peninsula for brunch, and I ordered some bacon and eggs with an extra lamb chop. It was good to catch up with her, especially over such good food.

I met up with Andrew, Richard, Mat, Nat and Jono at Benediction, just off Newton Road. I was still full from brunch, so I didn't eat anything, but I had a milkshake and watched the others enjoy their meals. Jono had to head off, so we split up: Nat, Mat and I went to Dress Smart, looking for a jacket for Mat, while Andrew and Richard dropped Jono home. We reconvened at the flat, which smelled like rubber thanks to Richard's ingenuity, and just hung around. Pretty soon after, Mat went with his family to see Kung Fu Panda, so the remaining four of us went to... MOMO'S! So good. So much better than Wellington milk tea.

Pretty soon after, we were at the Blockhouse Bay Tennis to celebrate Matt and Andrew's 21sts. It was...strangely familiar. But there were lots of people, lots of good food (again) and lots to do. There was music, there was dancing (no Singstar though), there was some alcohol (I went totally pink...but so did Matt), there was a really good atmosphere about the place. Great time.

Sunday was church, lunch at Wendy's with the youth, a quick catch up at Amy's place with her, Ted and Bobby (the food looked awesome :/) then dinner with my parents. We had beef stroganoff and roast chicken, plus my sister had made some apricot choc-chip muffins and my dad had brewed some feijoa wine. It was awesome.

One of the best weekends ever. Sigh.

Weekend Photos

Well, not photos strictly from the weekend, but whatever.

Wellington at Night

Show and Tell Prize from Sidhe

My First Music Practice at Central Baptist

Yum Char with Laura and Peter at Dragon

So yeah, I had my first music practice at Central Baptist. It's quite different from KCC - we start at 9am on Sunday morning and finish just before 10am O_o which really puts on the pressure. I knew some of the songs and picked up others, and I was accompanied by a saxophone, an organ and a flute, so there was plenty to mask my mistakes. But it's a really nice piano, as you can see, and it's really great to be playing for church again.

Yum Char was pretty average. Yeah, what can I say? It was a bit more expensive, not very good variety (too much fried food), and the mango pudding tasted very artificial. We'll be sticking with Majestic...although Peter wants to go to Grand Century some time.


Epic Cute.


If there was any Monday to choose to demonstrate how bad Mondays can start out, I would choose today.

In retrospect, the day itself wasn't bad; rather, just the bus ride to work.

Some guy thought he would be funny and make a joke about how the bus was full and how he'd have to sit on the roof.

If that wasn't enough, this clown started singing.

Yes, singing.


Singing badly about how he had to go to court and try get a not guilty verdict and something about being hit on the head with a beer bottle, and how the bus wasn't going the right way to the courthouse.

I thought my ears would bleed.

Friday Night

Blahblahblah blah blahblah, blahblahblah. Blahblahblah blah blah. Blahblah, blahblahblah. Blahblahblah blah blah blah. Blahblah, blahblahblah. Blahblahblah blah blah blah blahblah blahblah blahblahblahblah blah blah blah blahblah blahblah STRAWBERRY FARE blahblahblahblah blahblah blahblah blah blah. Blahblahblah blah blahblah, blahblahblah. Blahblahblah blah blah. Blahblah blahblah blahblahblahblah blah blah blah blahblah blahblah blahblahblahblah blahblah blahblah blah blah.

Epic Delicious.

Epic Delicious.

Lazy with the Blogging

I guess I've just been so busy with everything. Last week was the last week of the sprint at work, so we were trying to finish things up. Mat, Nats, Stacey and Richard came down over the weekend for a visit (see the Gallery pics), and I've got an influx of work from Psypoke...and also another secret website ¬.¬

Let's see... last weekend was really good. It was great to see Mat again, and he got to meet all the Wellington people I hang out with, as well as see some sights (including my work place). We had lots of good food (YAY PARADE CAFE AND STRAWBERRY FARE). We did a 15 minute run through Te Papa, we visited Mt Victoria in incredible winds, we watched the All Blacks beat Ireland, we played Pictionary (never again.), Mafia (never again.) and Puerto Rico, and Mat even went to church with us.

It's bug-fixing week this week, so it should be relatively quiet, but I've got a lot to do outside of work. *yawn*

Queen's Birthday

Alice, Cinta and Jo came down to Wellington for a visit on Saturday very morning. I picked them up from the airport at 8am - thus began the love affair with Wellington.

Saturday was sight-seeing day. We went to Mt Victoria, Oriental Bay, Lambton Quay, Civic Centre, Te Papa and Botanical Gardens. We saw the Beehive, that stupid Platform 9 3/4 sign at the Railway Station, the giant floating silver ball, my workplace, a large umbrella.... we ate lots of delicious things too. We had brunch at the Parade Cafe (I had been there with Andy, Nat and Jono before) where we totally indulged on far too much bacon, corn fritters, eggs and divine chocolate cake and carrot cake.

Sunday I took them to Central Baptist where they were treated with scones ("I approve!" said Alice). They can report back to KCC and tell everyone how I'm doing :p We went for yum char after that, at Majestic Cuisine, where we insisted on tofu fa, mango pudding, and durian pastries. I also took them shopping down Cuba Street and Lambton Quay, and that was rather excruiating. We had a simple dinner - two wood oven pizzas from Maverick's, just down the road. This was in anticipation of epic dessert at Strawberry Fare, where we ordered far too much and I had to force myself to consume the entire lemon cheesecake that I had ordered (It was delicious). They also met everyone from the Estate and the Hub - we hung out for a bit at the Hub.

But the worst of the shopping had yet to come, as we went to Dress Smart in Tawa. Geez. Haha nah it was alright. There were some cool non-clothing shops there that had interesting things (like a sim card backup device for $2 or something like that, or giant candles shaped like Chess pieces). We had a quick bite at KFC before heading back to Valley Girl on Willis, where we saw Auntie Su, Yining and Liann. Then it was a quick walk up Lambton Quay and Cuba Street again, before heading home to pack. We ended the weekend of awesome food by going to Great India on Courtenay, where, again, we ate far too much.

It's been a really good weekend! And we have more visitors this weekend too \o/


Yeah I suppose I've been a bit slack when it comes to blogging. I spent the past week working on the most awesome Pokemon Snap section on the INTERNETS!!! EXCLUSIVE TO PSYPOKE!!!!!!!

Anyway, the whole flat went to watch Indiana Jones last Saturday. It was very action-packed, by the post-movie analysis proved there was very little plot, bits of cheese, and many holes and inconsistencies. But as I said, the whole point of the movie is to be so enthralling that you forget about all these things, and it did, so it was okay in that respect. I wouldn't pay to see it again though.

On Sunday, we went to Karori Baptist for a visit. The service, and very friendly. Too friendly. Jono and I were glad to escape. We met with Andrew, John and Bjorn at this cafe in Kelburn, where we waited over an hour for some epic delicious food. Of course I took pictures - check the gallery.

Last Week

Hmm, I haven't blogged in ages. Oh well, here goes:

Firstly, I've made some changes to the gallery, so you can post some comments about the photos I've uploaded. There's a summary of the comments posted so far on the right-hand side, so you can see the most recent ones.

Secondly, I've uploaded photos I took last week, covering events like Heong's Graduation, Jane's Birthday, and the Wellington Food Show. The Food Show was absolutely delicious - a must for next year! There are also three Graduation Photoshop pictures for you to see :3

A Week in Perspective

I've had a pretty damn awesome week. I got to spend time with family and friends, eat lots of delicious food (that I took pictures of, don't worry) and I graduated in two degrees that were the result of four years' hard work and divine intervention.


I spent all of Wednesday with Debs. We went to see Iron Man, which was rather disappointing in my opinion. The story and the villain was predictable, the fight scene was short...and the physics were completely wrong. Also,
1. Build robot arm and leg.
2. ???
I got to spend some time on the Internet (which explains the rushed post below this one) before we went for dinner at St. Tropez. We shared escargot; I had a nicely done steak for mains and a tart au citron for dessert - she had braised duck and creme brulée.

I wanted to meet up with Casey and Jesse on Thursday, but neither of them were in. Instead I spent half the day fixing the Internets for my dad, since he'd decided to ditch Woosh for ihug. I spent the rest of the day catching up with friends and lecturers at Uni, before going with the family to Mikano in Mechanics Bay for dinner. Tom wasn't working there that day. Whether this is fortunate or unfortunate is for you to decide. But the dinner was nice and dessert was superb - I had another steak and a nut trifle. Trifles for the win, seriously.

Friday graduation brought about some weather uncertainty. Andrew picked me up before picking Deanna up. We were a bit strapped for time, so he decided to drop me at Uni so I could rush in for the Maths breakfast. And what a delicious breakfast it was as well - there were fruit kebabs and toasted croissants and danish pastries and garghharg*drool*. There was also some champagne but I decided to take the sober route for the day.

I rushed to the CompSci breakfast two floors above and to my delight I managed to swipe the last custard tart as I entered. It was good seeing lots of people I knew and catching up with more of my lecturers - telling them I'd gotten my dream job, and thanks for putting me through all of that, and so on. Many thanks to Ann for including Python in the CS111 cirriculum, it has become quite useful at work :p

Rain threatened to cancel the procession at 9.30am but a window of opportunity arose and we quickly marched down to the Town Hall, a bit wet, but still jovial. Upon arrival, who should we find but HSIN-YAO?!, who had previously not existed for the past three years or so. We have pictures as proof, in case you don't believe us.

Trudging back up to Uni, I took some photos with some of my lecturers and old Clock Tower workmates, before heading to the Science brunch for some delicious chocolate cake, and finally to Albert Park for some more photos with the youth. It was all too short lived as we rushed down to the Town Hall again for the ceremony. Mad props to Andrew for high-fiving the chancellor!

Dinner was with my CompSci friends at Santa Lucia in Mission Bay. It was a really good atmosphere, with live music and dancing. I was in such a good mood that I asked Debs for a dance. Only to be refused. But apparently Amy was keen, so I tried to teach her some Ceroc moves without looking too uncoordinated, and it seemed quite good O_o So hooray for that. We migrated to Amy's house for 4 hours of mafia (again, I was promptly killed in the second game I played. I blame you, Casey!!).

I spent Saturday with Mat, Tom and Richard, playing Ticket to Ride in the afternoon, then heading for dinner with the CSC + Mat and Richard at Jimmy Wong's on Lorne Street in the city. It's some kind of fusion east-west place, and I had some wagyu beef which was really disappointing. My parents can cook better stir-fry than that. Unsatisfied, we went to the dessert place next to the Civic Centre for some ice cream and pearl milk tea (I had a double scoop of mango and cheesecake ice cream!).

Sunday was a chance to say goodbye to the youth group. It was a Mothers' Day service, then a quick lunch at New Lynn Shopping Mall, before spending some time with Debs and then my family. We rushed to the airport at 7pm, to find out my flight had been problems, or something. I was really lucky to get a flight at 9pm on Air New Zealand, for no extra cost. What's more, my luggage was overweight so I had to stuff some clothes into hand luggage. So while the flight was a bit chaotic to start with, I managed to get back to cold, cold Wellington without further troubles.

I wish I could relive this week again. :3

Commerce Graduation

Commerce graduation was fantastic. The forecast was set for 100% chance of rain, but all we saw were magnificent blue skies and mostly sun, although some very brief overcast moments provided some relief from the heat.

Anyway, the day didn't quite start off as planned - I woke up at 8am instead of the planned 6.45am and ended up missing the Commerce breakfast (which wasn't that great anyway, I heard). I still arrived in time for the procession and it was a nice walk to the town hall. Since I was in the first ceremony, we went straight in and sat down.

The ceremony didn't take too long, and we were soon out taking pictures with parents and friends before heading to China for yum char. And it was a pretty good yum char, but not as good as Majestic Cuisine in Wellington. Following that, it was up to Albert Park and Business School for more pictures, and then a quiet night at home.


I shall be more prepared and energetic for Friday's graduation.


I am taking a break from packing... I'm trying to pack light so I can take some nice-to-haves back to Wellington like Pictionary, possibly Cranium (although Suni has Cranium already), a badminton racquet and possibly a shelf (A small one, of course).

Congrats to John and Wei for graduating in a Bachelor of Engineering today - I'm glad the weather held out during the day! Hopefully it'll fine up next week.

See you guys in Auckland soon! *sneaks off to play DotA*


It was Andrew's birthday yesterday, so we made an expedition to Matiu/Somes Island in the middle of Wellington Harbour for a walkabout and a picnic. Really awesome weather, the skies were blue and the sun was out in full April force. We got to see some wildlife as well, including some skinks, a fantail and a robin. And sheep, sheep are cute :3 Pictures in the gallery.

Dave had his birthday earlier in the week as well; Jono and I had homegroup so we joined the gang afterwards - just in time for delicious cake, I might add.

Only another week to go before I'm back in Auckland \o/


Last weekend was the Armageddon Pulp Expo at Wellington's TSB Bank Arena. While I'm not a big fan of comics, sci-fi, anime and wrestling, Armageddon still has a decent gaming presence and I was there to catch Super Smash Bros Brawl and, of course, the best racing game ever, Speed Racer.

Bumped into Peter today. He just arrived to start work on Tuesday. He's probably reading this. I met John for Burgerfuel and the three of us went to HK BBQ for milk tea.

Friday Night is the Scene

The three flats met up at Calzone (again) for some coffee and dessert. While it was not the best in the world, it was certainly delicious and droolworthy.

We were also joined by Tom, who had flown down from Auckland for something to do with the tramping club this weekend.

Calzone were closing up, so we migrated across the road to HK BBQ. And there's only one thing we go to HK BBQ for.

Yum :3 Still not as good as Momo's, and we got booted out at midnight. Sigh. And they say the Wellington night life is better than Auckland's.


I slept at work today :O Legitimately, you could say. Basically, we're shifting the place around so that people in project teams are closer to each other, and it's easier to communicate or whatever. Anyway, shifting means unplugging computer; unplugging computer means I can't do work; if I have no work to do... I sleep :O

After work, I met up with the others at Char Bar for the pub quiz. We didn't do too badly this time round: our name was In Soviet Russia, Quiz Answers You!. And we weren't DFL either, so that was great.

We decided to end the night by having rock melon milk tea with pearls at HK BBQ.

Yum Char

We resolved on Friday night that we would go for yum char, since some of us hadn't been in a long time; or in the case of Jono, never been at all.

We chose to go to Majestic Cuisine, since it's such good value for money and the quality is pretty much up there. We had so much food.. prawn dumplings, scallop dumplings, vegetable dumplings, siew mai, rice noodle, char siu bao, glutinous rice, deep fried squid, pork ribs, pork pastries, mango pudding, tofu fa, custard buns, coconut cubes...simply awesome. However, there were not enough egg tarts and no more durian pastries :(

We had so much fun that Jane and Andrew could not contain themselves.

The rest of the day was spent napping and playing... DotA! Yay! :D



So yeah, I went into town with John to grab a few things, such as Burgerfuel, a clothes rack, and a sympathy card. I wanted to get a haircut too, but I didn't find anywhere suitable.

Anyway, that night, we had a potluck dinner with the other two flats. Man, it dragged on for a whle *_* But the food was really good: I contributed some prawn-cuttlefish ball-onion and capsicum kebabs, we also had roast pork, roast chicken, roast vegetables, salad, garlic bread, chips and dips...and ice cream and fruit salad to finish.
In other news, I got to play on the keyboard \o/ and we also watched Dirty Dancing /o\



So yeah, I was a bit late home last night because I went out with Jono, Sunita, Jane and Paul. We went to Calzone, this cafe on the corner of Courtenay Street and Cambridge Terrace and just hung out. I had a honey-roasted chicken fettucine. Then we migrated to HK BBQ across the road for some taro milk tea:

By the time I got home, it was midnight and I called my parents (timezones, you know) and spoke to them for an hour or so. I swear, everytime I call them, there is ALWAYS a mention of "this absolutely delicious thing we had the other day. It was so good. If only you were here." -.-

Pub Quiz and Python

Instead of Ceroc, me, Jono and John (The three J's) went to a pub quiz on Wednesday. Our team name completely and perfectly described the events that night.

Anyway, today I completed a program in Python, which is rather new to me. My exposure to Python consists of CompSci111 lab exercises that require you to figure out the area and circumference of a circle or to create a random number guessing game. But Python is a neat language, I've yet to fully discover its benefits and quirks. I still don't really like that indentation thing though.

I might have an epic update for tomorrow. We'll see...


Someone on my project team left the company on Friday, so we had a thing for him to celebrate his time at Sidhe. As usual, we had our obligatory company trivia quiz, and since he was from Norway, the inevitable question was "Who created the fjords in Norway?". No, my team didn't get it right. Yes, I'm sorry.

Anyway, here's a photo of some of the events that transpired that night. It was a balloon popping game.

On Saturday, I binged on a $6 bag of sour gummi lollies, including sour apple rings, sour watermelon rings, sour peach rings and sour coke bottles. And two mega snakes. Insert diabetes here.

On Saturday night we went to the other flat for a cultured wine and cheese night. To some people's dismay, there was more cheese than wine, but Bjorn didn't seem to mind. It was a really good night, despite the cacophony that was John and Matt talking in French.

Today I went with Jono to Central Baptist for a proper service, and yeah it was really good. I think I'll stay. I even managed to slip in that I was interested in the piano ¬_¬ And we're looking to join a home group as well. I guess we'll see how that goes.



EDIT: Click here for a recollection of the day


Okay well, firstly I got my new glasses today for 50% off the normal price because OPSM are awesome.

Secondly, I was walking out of my building when I saw the bus drive by, so I hurried to the bus stop and managed to catch it in time. As I stepped on the bus...I saw three very familiar faces walk down the footpath.

Richie McCaw, Dan Carter and Ali Williams.



It was indeed a fantastic time catching up with friends and family as I travelled back to Auckland for Easter. I left for Wellington Airport at around 10.45am to catch the bus from Wellington Hospital at 11.15am. I arrived at the airport with about an hour to spare so I just lazed about and walked around. The flight left early and only took 45 minutes, so I was out of Auckland's domestic terminal by 2.15pm. Shereen picked me up and we headed to the Hunua Falls.

We didn't do much on Friday. It was basically unpacking, team and cabin allocations, team building exercises including a blind obstacle course, some brain teasers and a team chant. I was the leader of my team: the Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Raymond and Quan were our guest speakers.

Saturday was a rotation of four activities: kayaking, raft building, high ropes course and random games. I was stupid enough to wear my glasses while kayaking and as a result, they're sitting somewhere at the bottom of the crater lake where the waterfall spills into. Sigh. But anyway, I did have fun the rest of the day, despite the fact it was the second time I've lost my glasses in two months. We also had a guys' discussion and had some "manly" games. I can't believe how stubbornly competitive I am.

On Sunday we had a treasure hunt, a Burma trail, a barn dance, theatre sports and epic Mafia. My apologies to the committee for being so cynical during the Burma trail, haha. But yeah, it was a good night, I got to roleplay Phoenix Wright (to a certain extent) and of course, the other activities brought a smile to my face.

Yesterday we cleaned up the site and Debs and I left early to go to Burgerfuel for lunch (despite the 10% surcharge, it was so worth it), and then I dropped by home to see Dad and my sister.

So today I stumbled to work; tired from four days of fun, blind from no glasses and limping thanks certain manly games. It was a really nice surprise to see an Easter goodies box sitting on my desk: two Moro bars and two Cadbury Easter eggs. I shall add this to my collection.

Epic Long Weekend

Let's start chronologically. You'll never guess what I did on Sunday.

Yeah, there were four of us: me, Laura, Laura's friend and Laura's friend's friend's boyfriend's friend.

Anyway, after that, we went to Mt Victoria - pictures in the gallery. It was such a windy day, we kept getting blown around. The view was awesome though, however it was a pity we couldn't see the South Island. We saw quite a few planes going in and out of the airport - it's really weird when you're walking by the mountain and suddenly you see a plane at the same altitude as you.

This week was the last week for our sprint (Basically, a task period) at work, so we were trying to finish off all our tasks. I think I was pretty productive this week, I managed to achieve a lot of things that I didn't have any idea of a week ago.

Yesterday I celebrated a friend's birthday, but I also mourned the loss of a family friend. It really was a hilly day yesterday. My heart goes out to all those affected... I'm sorry I can't make the funeral and I guess it's just lame timing.

Tomorrow.. I leave for Auckland at 1.15pm, arriving 2.15pm. It'll be awesome seeing everyone again, and I know I'll have a great Easter camp with my youth group.

A Week to Go

It's less than a week to Easter, which means I get to fly back to Auckland to visit my youth group and my parents. It also means our current sprint for work is wrapping up, so I'd better finish all my work!

Today we had a flat barbeque, for no apparent reason whatsoever. But it's always good to have a flat barbeque. At least there wasn't any dancing this time. Rather, we played Mafia! Hooray. We had a twist on the game where we only two of the sheriff, doctor and sniper would be active, but it would be random and no one would know which one had been left out. So it makes it interesting when someone attempts to pass themselves off as something they aren't. Yeah, it was quite intense, but Jono kept making the wrong decisions and I think the Mafia got away with a lot more than they should have.

Oh yeah, as a followup to my last post, the three most common responses to the story have been:
3. Sleeping? And listening to your iPod? Let me note this down
2. So, the bridge you say? I think I'll go check it out some time
1. You said WHAT? You should have said "I'm taken, but here's my friend's number!"

Ego Boost

I was napping by the Civic Centre bridge to Frank Kitts Park, when I heard a small movement by my feet. So I opened an eye and I saw this girl sitting there (Edit: She was around 20 years old).

"Hi", she said.
"...Hi...", I responded, hesistantly.

"Tired?", she said.
"Yeah, quite tired. Just snoozing in the sun"
"You work?"
"What's your name?"
"Oh uh...Jeremy"
"Ah okay. Well my friend wants your number"

I paused for a bit.

"Where is she?", I asked
"Oh she's hiding"
"I see. Uhm...well...uh....I'm taken....sorry"
"Oh. Oh okay. Thanks"



One Day

Absence makes her heart grow fonder
While I'm conquering the last frontier
Lately I've found myself wonderin' out loud
Wonderin' what I was doin' here

One day you'll understand how much you have me
One day you'll realise we have it easy
I can't offer you the future - I don't know it myself
All I can offer you is me
I'm all I can offer you right now

Patience makes her heart grow stronger
Reassure her she's where I want to be
Never was the grass ever greener
I'm about ready as I'll ever be

And one day you'll understand how much you have me
One day you'll realise we have it easy
If an expression of love is what you need to believe
All I can offer you is me
I'm all I can offer you right now

I'm all I am
All I am, yeah

One day you'll understand how much you have me
One day you'll realise we have it easy
I can't offer you the future - I don't know it myself
All I can offer you is me

One day you'll understand how much you have me
One day you'll realise we have it easy
If an expression of love is what you need to believe
All I can offer you is me
I'm all I can offer you right now

Absence makes her heart grow fonder
While I'm conquering the last frontier

It's been a while

Yeah, been busy. Kinda.

Firstly, I finished Apollo Justice, which was great, because it means I'm not staying up past 1am playing the cases. Final verdict: Mmm, good game, good story, but still not as epic as Phoenix Wright. The characters might take a while getting used to, but overall, not too bad. I'll get the fifth game when it comes out.

Secondly, Debs was down in Wellington last weekend with Denise for my birthday, which was really nice. We had some much-missed Burgerfuel for lunch. Yes, we drove all the way to Lower Hutt. It was so worth it. Check the gallery for some pictures.

Let's see... I got an umbrella hat, a "There's no place like" shirt, some comfy house slippers for winter and a screen protector for my phone. Apart from the umbrella hat, all very useful presents. ¬_¬

Since then, it's just been work, work, work. Yesterday we got cake and cookies. Today, I almost fell asleep in a meeting, I was so tired. I'm glad it's the weekend \o/


I've been a little late in blogging, and I blame this entirely on Apollo Justice. It's not as captivating as Phoenix Wright, I must say, but it is still captivating and I have been playing it every night.

Anyway, on Sunday I went for yum char with Laura (again) and her friend from Uni. At the same place. With the awesome durian tarts :3 We got to have a lot more variety this time, including an awesome mango pudding, that tastes like REAL MANGO!!

Today I met up with Ritu for lunch, and we went to this place on Courtenay Place called R&S Malaysian restaurant. I wasn't sure what to have, so I ordered nasi lemak.

It was nice..until I found a hair in the rice. So I'm not going back there again ^^

Debs and Denise arrived from Auckland today as well, so I took them around to the Civic Centre and to Reading Cinemas for dinner. Then we went back to their hostel, where I played piano! Yay! It was such a calming and relieving experience, to be able to play the piano and to feel the music fill the air. Ahhhhh. I'm satisfied.

Sidhe Interactive

Today kinda reinforced how cool my job is. I mean, apart from the gaming and the coding (which are two of my biggest passions), we get perks. Perks like...

1. Free soft drinks. Our soft drinks fridge was restocked today. I had a Schwepps ginger beer, and it was so good.
2. Brownies. We got brownies today. And they were delicious. Absolutely delicious. Being near the food table means I have ready access.
3. Ice cream. We got ice cream on a cone today. And it was hokey pokey and neopolitan. It was a pretty hot day, and ice cream is pretty awesome on a hot day.

Sidhe is awesome.


Apollo Justice is out! The fourth installment of the Ace Attorney series is here for the Nintendo DS. In addition to the awesome shout phrases from the original Phoenix Wright series, we have [GOTCHA!]. Thanks to Steven, I can now play my unofficial copy of Apollo Justice!

Anyway, been up to a few things lately. Uncle Paul came down to Wellington on Tuesday to visit the Gormons at Wellington Hospital. Auntie Priscilla looks so frail, and she doesn't have very long left. It's inspiring to see Uncle Chris so strong in his faith. I took Uncle Paul out for dinner at the Mexican Cafe, near the hospital. Look at this delicious dessert, it's awesome:

In the Civic Square yesterday, they were protesting over the use of cluster bombs. It was quite a scene, they were getting people to lie down on the ground and they drew outlines in chalk. I wanted to get my silhouette done, but then I noticed they wrote the person's name down on the ground too. So uh, yeah. Pass.

We went back for more Ceroc lessons last night too. Mmm yeah, it wasn't as fun as the first time, but it wasn't as awkward as well. I dunno, I don't really want to go next week. We'll see though, I might get peer pressured again. Maybe I'll go for five lessons and get my sixth one free.

This morning, there was a power cut, causing all the buses running on electricity to come to a standstill. That is, the bus I was on stopped in the middle of the road and we had to get down and walk. We were lucky though, another bus came past and we all crammed in for free. I hope it doesn't happen too often -__-

Finally, I also picked up a goodie box, sent to Wilkins Suit Hire from Dress Circle Suit Hire. "Oh are you here to pick up some fabrics?" they said. "No", I replied, "I'm here for instant noodles!" Yeah, I was sent instant noodles, some Chinese tea, some sesame snacks and my ang pow. My parents are cool :3


Yesterday we had a flat barbeque. I suppose it's kind of a flat warming, since it's the first big party since the four of us moved in together. Despite the cold weather, the food and alcohol proved a big hit, and people were having a good time. So good in fact, that they started cranking out the Ceroc moves on the lounge floor. Yes. Quite.

At 10pm, we whizzed off to Te Papa to see the fireworks, as part of their 10th anniversary. Check the Gallery for the pictures I took.

Today I went back to the Streets for the morning service, with Andrew and Bjorn. I have to say, the morning service was a lot more welcoming and familiar than the night service, even if I didn't know any of the songs. It's a similar structure to KCC and we also had communion, which was good. Yeah, much better atmosphere in the morning...but it's still a little big and intimidating, haha.

After that, we met up with some others and had a barbeque/roast meat lunch. Roast duck, roast pork, barbeque pork and spicy chicken wings! :3

I also took the opportunity to try a honey milk tea, which was very average. Although it was better than the one from Cha (See my post a few days ago), it still doesn't compare to Momo's. Sigh.

Finally, I forgot to post this a few days ago, but here is the Wat Tan Hor I had from K.K. Malaysian Restaurant.

Walking Home

I walked home for the second day in a row. It was a really good walk..until it started raining. Then it became a run. A not-so-good run. But at least I ran home in time to play DotA, which is always good. Yesterday, though, I stumbled upon this cute little thing:

It was so cute. I clicked my finger and it bounded towards me, all happy to see me, so I patted it...while trying to take another picture. It wouldn't face the camera though, but you can see my hand extending out to scratch it. So cute 8d

I finally got put on a project at work. So starting Monday, I actually have some hard-out things to do! Hooray. No more extensive reading of the Intranet Wiki. I also got to know some of the QA Team on the 9th floor. One of them has this:

Epic, epic win. It's so cute T_T.

Anyway, we also had a company quiz after work, because one of the guys was leaving. We didn't do too badly, we came second out of five teams. One of the categories was "Wellington" -.- and another category was "Southland". In the end, our prize was $15 to spend at a bar of our choice, and we gave that to the guy who left in the spirit of..his..leaving. Or something. Yeah.


Lately I've been out of the flat a lot, so it was finally good to come home and play DotA with Weng Hao, Debs and Matt. Too bad the school kids couldn't join us... go to school and get a degree so you can get a cool job like mine!

Anyway, on Tuesday we went to another flat for dinner...friends of Andrew. Last night, I was peer pressured into going for Ceroc lessons. It was fun, but it was also the most awkward situation I have been in, in a long time. I was a bit late, and when I started, I had no idea what I was doing. And when you're the guy and you have to lead, and you don't know what you're doing, it means you tend to screw things up.

Anyway, we made a hasty exit from Ceroc to go to the pub, to drown our sorrows. Well, I didn't feel like spending $7 on beer, so I just sat around and chatted. We also went to McDonalds and I got a strawberry sundae there.

Hm, today is Valentine's Day (It's about time to end) and I got some chopsticks from Debs as a present. She got a box of Lindt as a present from me. Tomorrow is our first anniversary :3

As another week draws to an end, I finally got put somewhere at work. I think I'm going to be working on some internal framework, so while it won't directly affect the games you see on the market, it'll make a big impact to the games that we output. So I will try to sneak my name onto the credits some how.

Fail Milk Tea

So yeah, I went to find this pearl milk tea place and I ordered a small papaya milk tea to go. Small, so that I wouldn't have to drink so much if it was crap.

Sure enough, it was crap.

Fail Milk Tea

Maybe their shaved ice will be better. They have Champagne and Grape :3

Yum Char

Laura and I went for yum char today at this place on Courtenay Place, in Wellington. It was called Majestic Cuisine. Seems to be very popular with the locals - the restaurant was really busy and almost all the seats were filled.

Anyway, it felt so good having things that I had taken for granted in Auckland. One, chopsticks. My flat doesn't have chopsticks and I really miss the use of them, especially for cooking (like grabbing stuff out of the oven) and eating (instant noodles, not that I have had lots of those). Two, Chinese tea. Chinese tea is awesome, especially on cold days. I have it practically every day at home, but it just felt so good being able to drink Chinese tea.

I said I'd take some pictures for Casey, so here they are.

Cheong Fun, Tofu Fa, Chicken Feet

Durian Tarts!! OMG!!

Apart from the things listed above, we also had Siew Mai and fried taro pork dumplings. All in all, it was a really nice yum char.

Laura also showed me a place where I could get milk tea, but she didn't recommend it and said it wasn't as good as Momo's. OH WELL. I'll still try it out and get back to you later on this :O

First Week

So it's the end of my first week at work. Good week, I'd say. Still training...I've been working on this application that animates shapes, just to get used to the company style of coding and its conventions, and all that. It's a bit slow though, because everyone's busy and all, and no one really has time to assess my work immediately, as such.

Anyway, I was introduced to everyone at show-and-tell on Friday. It was a "We have a new person, Jeremy Lai, he's standing over there" and a "...Hi..." in response. Eh. But show-and-tell is great, I got to see a bit of the projects currently in progress, and I can tell you now that they're really awesome. If I had a console, I would buy those games :O </shameless plugging>

I also had dinner with Ritu on Friday night, at an Indian restaurant. And that was nice, because she's like one of three people I know in the city. I should have taken a picture of what I ate (because that seems to be the thing with my CS friends) but I forgot. I had mango chicken, with a spicy level of "Indian hot", as opposed to "Kiwi hot". Yeah, it was pretty hot :p

As I walked around the train station, waiting for Ritu's train to arrive, I saw this epic failure:

Happy Chinese New Year!

Wishing you all a safe, prosperous and peaceful year of the Rat in 2008!

Anyway, I finally got my new pair of glasses today from OPSM. They feel very light and...omg I can totally see everything now -.- So for future reference, in case I forget, my powers are 150 left and 100 right.

Also, I walked home today. Health++;
In jeans. Comfort--;
Via a scenic route. Health++;
With lots of hills. Comfort--;
But it was nice and sunny (a huge change from the last few days) so overall, it was a good walk. I doubt I will be doing that again, at least not in jeans.

Anyway, it's nearing the end of my first week at work. I'm still training - I've just been programming a competency test and revising/refactoring my code so it conforms with company standards, and also learning how to make it well structured and extensible and all that jazz. Got to meet a few new faces today (because I have to report to the HR Manager tomorrow with their names).


Well yes, it’s been a really long time now. When I last posted, I was paying 1c per kilobyte (Thanks Vodafone!) for using my phone as a modem. As a result, Vodafone think I owe them $150, but I’m certainly not paying and I intend to sort it out once and for all after Waitangi Day (Yes I have tried calling 777). BUT YAY INTERNET AT HOME!

Anyway, yes I did arrive safely in Wellington. It did indeed take us 10 hours from Auckland. We stopped over in Taupo for a quick toilet break (The lake was a beautiful rich blue colour), Turangi for fish and chips, and some random long drop on the side of the road about an hour out for Wellington (Ugh. I was lucky I had a blocked nose). Yeah, blocked nose. I ended up suffering from exhaustion and then a cold upon arriving, which was not ideal, but hey.

So yeah, I settled in alright, got everything set up. My parents were with me on Thursday morning and we took a quick ride up the cable car, went to the optometrist, explored Cuba Street…then they took off for Taupo (overnight stay, then Auckland on Friday). For the rest of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I was just wandering around Wellington. Lots of interesting people were walking around for the Sevens. Went for a walk around the Botanical Gardens, went to Te Papa, saw the Beehive, walked around the city. I had Nasi Lemak at K.K. Malaysian Restaurant, Wellington :3 Sunday I just lazed at home (too much walking) but my flatmate Bjorn took me to church that night.

I walked in to the church with Bjorn and it immediately reminded me of WCCC. Very large, lots of people. I’d say almost everyone was under 30, and I was probably one of three Asians. We were a bit late, so I only caught two of the worship songs, but the second one we sang was “I stand in awe of you”, which was reassuring and comforting for its familiarity. I remember sitting in the chairs, listening to the sermon, feeling very reclusive and thinking about how I miss the friendliness of KCC, and how it’s nice and small and simple and so welcoming. I mean, it’s great that everyone’s so enthusiastic about God and worship here, but it just kinda creeped me out. I really want to find a small community church…I guess I feel less intimidated. Anyway, we didn’t stay long. I had a big day the next day…

Yeah so Monday was my first day at work. Sidhe is a really cool place. I walk in, and there’s people doing some hardcore programming, people in team meetings, people who have put aside their computer and instead are playing around with their creations on a Nintendo Wii. Like, seriously. We get to play with what we write :D I spent most of the day reading documentation and company policies and conventions and stuff like that, so it was kinda boring, and I was falling asleep towards the afternoon. But they sorted me out, and the next day I was completing a competency test (an extension to what I did when I applied for the job) just to make sure I had practice using the naming conventions and commenting styles. I was also given some homework, so I really should be learning all about C++ Templates and STL.

Anyway, I’m really glad I finally have Internet access. It’s like a connection to the world, to friends and family back in Auckland. It feels a little more relaxing and it certainly helps me to settle in better. I think once I get my new pair of glasses on Thursday, I’ll feel more confident too.

Pictures of Epic Win:


Yeah not quite, I just found out I can connect my Vodafone mobile to my computer and use it as a MODEM!!! How cool is that!!!

Anyway, in a nutshell, I made a safe trip to Wellington with my dad. I drove to Turangi, and he drove to Wellington...all in all, around 10 hours with no real problems. After arriving, I suffered from exhaustion and dehydration, but that seems to have settled down.

The flat is cool, a bit dirty but it's nice. I have a big room (subject to change) and I've set everything up. I am missing DotA and IRC and all the wonderful little things that only the Internet can provide.

I'll update more once I get a proper connection. I'll also upload some photos from my new phone (Very good quality photos, I might add) as well as write in more detail.


Hmm yes, I haven't blogged in a while. I've been quite busy, and lazy at the same time (How I've achieved that, I don't know).

Let's see. Since I last blogged *checks* last Friday, I've had a nice farewell from the youth at Western Springs, complete with Burgerfuel and Chocolate Scrabble; I went out for dinner with my CompSci friends and play Guitar Hero; I had a good last crack at the piano at church on Sunday; I've LAN'd enough for the next couple of weeks; I helped Mat move into his new flat with five med school students; I went to play Poker with Jono, Nat, Richard, Andrew and Mat; I had dinner with my family at the Viaduct for Dad's birthday.....and I have..uhm..begun packing. Yes. Packing.

I've seriously put packing off for so long. Bleh. I should be alright though. I still have practically all of Tuesday, and the big things need to be packed into the van on Tuesday anyway. I also need to pack for Parachute which is in...uhm..6 hours.

Oh yes, I got a damned Vodafone. Ask me for my number, I'm not giving it out over my blog. However, you can check my Profile page for my Credit Card number :O!

Butterfly :3

I was cleaning the cobwebs outside the house when I noticed this poor little monarch butterfly just fluttering helplessly on the lawn. So, being Asian, I took him inside and start taking pictures and showing him off on the webcam.

But anyway, one of the guys on my IRC channel suggested I fix the wing (with assistance from this video), so I did. Or tried. Whatever.

Anyway. Uhm. Yeah. Either way, if I helped then that's good, if not, it was doomed to die anyway. The end result is that there is a monarch butterfly with obnoxiously-coloured bits of cardboard stuck to its wing, and there are bits of permaglue stuck to my finger that I'm trying to extract with a nailclipper.

Check the Gallery for pictures.

Edit: It died T_T Rest in peace, little butterfly

Running out of time

I've been really busy lately, and in the back of my mind I know I'm running out of time to pack and I'm running out of time to catch up with friends too.

Anyway, quick summary of what I've been doing: Tuesday and Thursday I spent making costumes for Philly's 21st. I'll reveal them later as a surprise. All I can say is that they're AWESOME.

Debs came back from Singapore :3 Car battery went flat (again) at the airport. Had Burgerfuel two days in a row. Went to Cafe Latte with her since Trinh was working there, then Momo's after.

Ummm yeah, tomorrow I'm supposed to keep free, so in my spare time I'll probably be writing a list of things to bring down. Then it's Philly's party so yay \o/


Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

That's Hott ¦o

It's really hot today x_x We had Stanley's Roast for lunch, and then I went to Auntie Val's house to fix up her computer (Intarwebz troubles). Matt and Holly stayed in the car with the radio/fan on, so when I went to start the car...yup...flat battery. So I called Cinta and Brendon came over to jumpstart me and I was on my merry way home.

Anyway, Friday was Sonny's 21st party thing, so we went to Dolce Vita on High Street for dinner. And I was incredibly hungry so I ordered a steak with parmesan cheese on it. And after devouring it within a few minutes, I was still hungry, and Sonny couldn't finish his pizza, so I had some of that as well. The cake was good though :3 (The cake was not a lie). And after that, we went to play pool at the same place, where I proceeded to fail miserably and lost a 5 ball lead to Jess -.- But at least me and Jess beat Sonny and Steven, so all in all, it was a good night.

Sir Edmund Hillary: 1919-2008

The country mourns the passing of such an icon - Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. Truly, he lived out the motto of his alma mater, Auckland Grammar School: "per angusta ad augusta" which means "through difficulties to great heights".

A great man whose adventurous spirit and generous heart will continue to inspire New Zealanders for many years to come.


I dunno, I've been really tired lately. Like I've been going to bed between 12am or 1am, and I've been waking up at 9am. And when I go to bed, I'm exhausted and doze off almost immediately. ¯\(º_o)/¯

Anyway, on Tuesday we all congregated at Uni again. I dropped by Admissions and gave Anna some resources to touch up her computer skills (Oh I need to send her some files too...). I paid IRD some overdue tax (*shakes fist*) and we basically just hung around town doing random things. We went to iMax and Yifans and...yeah. I was captivated by Advent Children playing at that game shop in iMax. After that we met up with the workers (Ted, Ray, Han) for dinner at Daikoku Ramen on Victoria St(the one with the white toilet *_*) and then we went to play random Warcraft mini-maps and DotA in -wtf mode.

Yesterday I went with my sister to visit Waikumete Cemetery (It's been 9 years >_o), just to clean up the plaque and make sure everything was alright. Then we tried to go to Yaruki for lunch but it was too packed, so we went to that place on the corner of Railside Ave and Great North Rd.. I think it was called Asuka?

Later that day I picked up Reuben from town and we went to Alice's place for dinner, where we were treated to the fine talents of the three girls that we cooked for last week. Dinner was overall superb, presentation was well done and the performance yes. Uhm. Unique.

I've decided I need to be frugal. Overdue tax, speeding fine, new phone, birthday presents, Parachute...I can't wait for my first paycheck >_o


Yesterday, we went out for dinner and I had prawn balls :3 And it was awesome.

Anyway, after church today, we went to Wendy's for a quick bite, and with nothing better to do, me, Sam, Matt and Weng Hao went to play pool at Breakers. Wow, it was so incredibly hax. The final game, I managed to do that trippy "make the white ball hit the other ball twice for the win" and I also did the "random ricochet off everything for the win".

After that, Ted texted us saying he was finally back home in Auckland, so let's go out for dinner! And what better place to go to than the Korean place we went to three nights ago! Hooray. Nah it was a good meal. We ate and then stood outside for ages just talking. My legs were really sore.

Yeah then after that I was heading to Momo's with Matt and Weng Hao, when Cinta texted me saying I had a speeding fine. Ugh. What a horrible way to end the day. Rargahrgarghgrhgrhh. $80 too. That's like, 12 milk teas.

And petrol is bloody $1.759 per litre. Omg.


Have you ever, ever seen such an epic, EPIC scene composed of CONFECTIONARY?

Errands and Driving

Okay, so I randomly decided that I would run some errands today. I wanted to get my exam scripts back, and I also wanted to visit some of my good friends from the Clock Tower, so I headed to Uni to accomplish all these things. One of my friends, Ritu, said she wouldn't be back at Admissions, but low and behold, who should I find walking up to the staff room at the Clock Tower? I shake my head in disappointment, Ritu :(

Anyway, it was good catching up with Mark, Tristan, Ritu, Mark, Alex and Anna. And randomly, Graeme walks through the doors of the Clock Tower looking to get some illegal documents verified, so lucky I was there to pull some strings. And I also got him an envelope and a stamp to send his documents off.

Anyway, in midst of all these things, Amy txted and was like "okay let's have dinner!", so I just hung around Engineering with Graeme until 6ish, then went for dinner at our favourite Korean place on upper Queens Street (I really like the fresh kimchi there). And of course, we went to Momo's, where I had a passionfruit nata. With the night still young (11pm, to be precise), we headed to the driving range for some fun. The driving range is great for stress relief. And yeah there's no real stress-causing agents at the moment for me, but it did wonders for my back, at least.

All in all, a really good night \o/

Dinner Party

I went over to Debs' place yesterday, where Alice, Jo and Cinta had crashed after New Year's. They wanted, with Reuben, to play some Risk. So we did. And some extreme hax by Alice saw her take the first two games with no real competition. Seriously, she had such easy missions like "Destroy 15 enemy units in one turn" or "Conquer one continent", and she had hax dice rolling skills too. Reuben won the last one..haha, and in that game, we conspired to eliminate Alice first.

Anyway, we had a really cool night, just hanging and chatting. For some reason beyond my comprehension, the subject of a dinner party was brought up, where the guys cooked for the girls. And the next thing I knew, Reuben and I had volunteered to do just that O_o So, today, we did. We cooked a three course meal for Alice, Jo and Cinta.

We started off with bread and dip for entrees, then proceeded with sirloin steak on salad and salmon, with roast potatoes. And to top it off, we had a strawberry and mango sorbet, thanks to Reuben's Magic Bullet.

It was a really nice dinner. I was quite impressed with how well it turned out, given the amount of planning we did. My only regret was the steak, which is overcooked and ruined :( But at least it was tasty, so that was some consolation. The sorbet was really nice and the bread was really nice, so all in all, it was a good night.

Of course, there was a catch, and the girls are cooking us dinner next week. Mwahahaha.

Happy New Year!'s 2008 already. Happy New Year indeed - I hope you all had a wonderful celebration with family and friends.

I don't know, I feel a bit down. I'm uncertain of what 2008 holds for me, especially with moving down and starting work. I miss Debs, because I would have liked to spend New Year's with her. As I write this, she still has another 3 hours to go lol.

Anyway, in summary of what I have done: Burgerfuel was closed so Sam and I went to this takeaway called Alligators where they serve huge burgers; spent time with the youth group just chilling and playing games; went to Point Chev beach and watched the fireworks at the Sky Tower; made a toast (with Grapetiser) with the youth group to the New Year; got locked inside Coyle Park (damn Auckland Council); got let out from Coyle Park; went to Momo's :D and played DotA. It's been a great night.