Happy New Year!

Wow..it's 2008 already. Happy New Year indeed - I hope you all had a wonderful celebration with family and friends.

I don't know, I feel a bit down. I'm uncertain of what 2008 holds for me, especially with moving down and starting work. I miss Debs, because I would have liked to spend New Year's with her. As I write this, she still has another 3 hours to go lol.

Anyway, in summary of what I have done: Burgerfuel was closed so Sam and I went to this takeaway called Alligators where they serve huge burgers; spent time with the youth group just chilling and playing games; went to Point Chev beach and watched the fireworks at the Sky Tower; made a toast (with Grapetiser) with the youth group to the New Year; got locked inside Coyle Park (damn Auckland Council); got let out from Coyle Park; went to Momo's :D and played DotA. It's been a great night.


socks (04:19am Tuesday January 1 2008)

*huuug* that sounds like a really nice night. :) i'm sitting in the hotel lobby stealing coffee bean's wireless internet heh. still have 45min to go til new year's. there are supposed to be fireworks and things outside later, but when i was out there last it sounded a bit like lots of loud offkey singing of bad songs into mics and people dressed up nice sitting around not doing much. i'm pretty sure the rest of my family are asleep in their hotel beds.