Errands and Driving

Okay, so I randomly decided that I would run some errands today. I wanted to get my exam scripts back, and I also wanted to visit some of my good friends from the Clock Tower, so I headed to Uni to accomplish all these things. One of my friends, Ritu, said she wouldn't be back at Admissions, but low and behold, who should I find walking up to the staff room at the Clock Tower? I shake my head in disappointment, Ritu :(

Anyway, it was good catching up with Mark, Tristan, Ritu, Mark, Alex and Anna. And randomly, Graeme walks through the doors of the Clock Tower looking to get some illegal documents verified, so lucky I was there to pull some strings. And I also got him an envelope and a stamp to send his documents off.

Anyway, in midst of all these things, Amy txted and was like "okay let's have dinner!", so I just hung around Engineering with Graeme until 6ish, then went for dinner at our favourite Korean place on upper Queens Street (I really like the fresh kimchi there). And of course, we went to Momo's, where I had a passionfruit nata. With the night still young (11pm, to be precise), we headed to the driving range for some fun. The driving range is great for stress relief. And yeah there's no real stress-causing agents at the moment for me, but it did wonders for my back, at least.

All in all, a really good night \o/


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