I dunno, I've been really tired lately. Like I've been going to bed between 12am or 1am, and I've been waking up at 9am. And when I go to bed, I'm exhausted and doze off almost immediately. \(_o)/

Anyway, on Tuesday we all congregated at Uni again. I dropped by Admissions and gave Anna some resources to touch up her computer skills (Oh I need to send her some files too...). I paid IRD some overdue tax (*shakes fist*) and we basically just hung around town doing random things. We went to iMax and Yifans and...yeah. I was captivated by Advent Children playing at that game shop in iMax. After that we met up with the workers (Ted, Ray, Han) for dinner at Daikoku Ramen on Victoria St(the one with the white toilet *_*) and then we went to play random Warcraft mini-maps and DotA in -wtf mode.

Yesterday I went with my sister to visit Waikumete Cemetery (It's been 9 years >_o), just to clean up the plaque and make sure everything was alright. Then we tried to go to Yaruki for lunch but it was too packed, so we went to that place on the corner of Railside Ave and Great North Rd.. I think it was called Asuka?

Later that day I picked up Reuben from town and we went to Alice's place for dinner, where we were treated to the fine talents of the three girls that we cooked for last week. Dinner was overall superb, presentation was well done and the performance was....um.... yes. Uhm. Unique.

I've decided I need to be frugal. Overdue tax, speeding fine, new phone, birthday presents, Parachute...I can't wait for my first paycheck >_o


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