Butterfly :3

I was cleaning the cobwebs outside the house when I noticed this poor little monarch butterfly just fluttering helplessly on the lawn. So, being Asian, I took him inside and start taking pictures and showing him off on the webcam.

But anyway, one of the guys on my IRC channel suggested I fix the wing (with assistance from this video), so I did. Or tried. Whatever.

Anyway. Uhm. Yeah. Either way, if I helped then that's good, if not, it was doomed to die anyway. The end result is that there is a monarch butterfly with obnoxiously-coloured bits of cardboard stuck to its wing, and there are bits of permaglue stuck to my finger that I'm trying to extract with a nailclipper.

Check the Gallery for pictures.

Edit: It died T_T Rest in peace, little butterfly


From Jo (11:00am Friday February 1 2008)

AHHAHAHAHA..i thought this was a funny post..not about the butterfly dying.

Steve (08:43am Thursday February 14 2008)

D: I killed it..... ;.;