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Celebrity Watch

I was walking home last night when I randomly saw this poster plastered on one of those cylindrical columns on the street:

Luke Thompson's a pretty good musician (refer to my Parachute 2009 post) and the gig was only $10 so I was tempted to go. Unfortunately I couldn't find anyone else to go and we had plans to go to Strawberry Fare anyway (which automatically overrides all other plans) so I decided to can it - I saw him only four months ago anyway.

We had dinner at Satay Kingdom, and finished around 8.30pm, and we were walking up Cuba Street when who should I see but Luke Thompson himself, walking with a group of other people (probably his band, manager, entourage, etc). So I guess I got to see Luke Thompson afterall... although I was really meaning to hear his music.


Quite the drama for me this Easter trip, although I didn't lose my glasses like the last time I went away for Easter.

Firstly, I was working overtime on Wednesday night and we got curry from Dawaat, which lead to a rather bad case of indigestion. I was still up at 3am on Thursday morning, lying in the foetal position in bed when I remember my parents had given me this miracle Chinese medicine for general stomach aches. It worked so well I even went to work on Thursday and made it to Auckland safe and sound.

Secondly, on Monday night, I got a text message saying the flight had been delayed by an hour; Juliann and Surya were already at the airport so had to wait out the hour. They decided to check in and asked for my booking reference so we could all sit together, but to no success - they kept getting some errors and couldn't do it. So I decided I'd get to the airport early-ish to get a good seat, so I got to the kiosk and swiped my card; it said it couldn't find my e-ticket so I went to the counter. The lady there took my ID and put in all the details, then looked at me quizzically and said I didn't have a ticket. With fears growing, she took me to the ticketing counter and the lady there put in all my details, looked at me, looked back at the screen, looked back at me and said... "You've booked Wellington to Auckland."

Oh man, I have never been so mortified in my life.

But the end result is that they changed me to Auckland to Wellington, free of charge, and they still fed me apple pie and chocolate ice cream. So huge props to Qantas for doing that for me T_T

Anyway, the weekend was great, I got to catch up with everyone and ate some great food (Photos of the food to come soon). It was hard to do stuff because places were closed on the two public holidays, but I still managed to play some pool, some handball, some Trivial Pursuit and of course some piano. It was really relaxing and a much needed break from all the overtime I had been doing.

Brain = Explode


Biggest brain-exploding game since Braid.