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Shave for a Cure

Dave did some fundraising for Shave for a Cure on behalf of the Leukaemia and Blood Foundation. When we met him for dinner last night, we were disappointed he still had hair! So we conspired and pulled some strings (and more money) and offered an extra $100 to shave off the rest of his hair AND wax his eyebrows.

Good on ya, Dave.

See the gallery for more pictures.

Power Cut

A maintenance fault cut power to most of the CBD today, resulting in mass panic and chaos as we could no longer do our work. As a result, I declared marshall law with my nerf gun and went around shooting people, only to face a posse of rogue bandits armed with their own guns. Nevertheless, their inferior spring-loaded guns proved futile against my pump-action gun.

With nothing else to do, we hunted down a ping pong ball, a two paddles, and set up the table on level 9.


People have been giving me a lot of problems lately. Luckily I've managed to cope, but goodness knows how many more I can take. Probably a lot more.

Geometry Problem

I have a square of size x. Inside the square sits a blue circle of radius x/2, the largest possible circle that sits inside of the square. At the corners, I have four smaller green circles, the largest possible that will fit in the space there. What is the area not covered by a circle (i.e., the red area)?

Timing Problem
I have two lengths of rope. The ropes burn at non-linear rates, but they will each burn entirely in one hour. Using only these ropes and your choice of a tool to ignite them, how do you measure out 45 minutes?

Hat Problem
There's a competition in which you and two friends decide to enter. The prize is $1 million. The rules are as follows:
- Each of you is randomly given a hat which is either red or blue. There are an infinite number of hats so the chance of getting a red or blue hat is exactly 50%.
- You cannot see the hat you are given, but you can see the hats that your two friends have.
- To win $1 million, the three of you must simultaneously call out the colour of the hat on their own head. No other forms of communication (signalling, blinking, pointing, flailing, etc) are permitted.
- You are allowed to pass, however, if all of you pass, you will forfeit. You will also lose if one of you gets it wrong. To pass, you will say "pass" instead of your hat colour.
Now that you know the rules of the competition, you must formulate a strategy that will maximise the chances of you winning the $1 million. You are allowed to discuss this strategy with your friends beforehand. What is the best strategy, and what are your chances of winning?

Dear Forum Administrators

How to handle grammatical errors on your forum


Signs of Easter approaching were present approximately two months ago, almost immediately after Valentine's Day, when the supermarkets swapped all the pink hearts for hot cross buns and chocolate rabbits. While chocolate, eggs and rabbits are all great things, I wish some people would remember that it's also about Jesus dying on the cross for the world's sin, and about his miraculous resurrection three days later.

Anyway, my parents decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to visit Wellington while I would be away in Auckland, so I epic-cleaned the flat and even bought some air freshner for my room since they said they'd be staying a night at the flat. I met them for one day last week and we went for a really good dinner (La Metropolitain) and dessert (Haha, GUESS), and the next day I was due to fly back to Auckland already while they planned to spend the day around Martinborough.

Thursday came by and I escaped work early with Surya and took the bus to the airport, got to Auckland and picked up the van that Dad had left at long-term parking and met my CompSci friends at Momo's. So awesome catching up with them...and trying to convince them to download my iPhone games . Looks like everyone's in pretty good spirits, except Bob who had been working retardedly long hours and was totally crazy that night.

Was picked up by Reuben on Friday and headed to church to prepare for camp. About an hour later we arrived on site safely, despite having to travel in John's canine-aroma car. The rest of the afternoon was spent in random team building activities, my favourite being the "cross the river" one because I got to boss everyone around. Night time fell and thus began the first few games of Mafia...

Saturday was all about activities. First up for team Lightning Bolt was the confidence course, which was more like an army training run through mud. I'm not phased about getting dirty but I didn't really have enough clothes to change so I was quite hesitant about it, especially the last one which was basically "submerge yourself in a pool of putrid mud". The second activity was climbing a cargo net about 15 meters high, which wasn't too hard, and the third activity for the day was archery.

We had orienteering on Sunday morning and mudsliding on Sunday afternoon, Reuben and I manned the barbeque for dinner and then we had some guy bonding time at night. We built a campfire, debated about Superman and Spiderman, choreographed a tribal dance and had some endurance contests, and when the girls had finished their make-up session, we gathered round the fire and made some smores.

There was much Mafia each night, I must say it's so much more entertaining when there's lots of people, and each session saw at least 20 people playing. I tried out some new rules: a zombie that resurrects after two nights but can be killed again after that, and two lovers (represented by separate cards) who are intertwined in life and death - when one dies, the other does too! Overall, the games were well played with the citizens winning the first few (when there were only 6 mafia) and the mafia winning the final few (when we played with 7 mafia). I have to say though, the last game of Mafia that we played was quite possibly the worst citizens game I've seen - the sniper shot the detective, the angry mob lynched both their doctors and at the end of the game, six of the seven mafia were still alive.

Srs mafia is srs.

Monday was quite rushed, after leaving camp a bit late, we had lunch at church before I caught up with my sister for an hour, then rushed to the airport and made it onto the plane before promptly passing out for 90% of the flight. Safely at home, I made it to 9pm before crashing out for the night.

It's been an awesome Easter weekend. I met some new people and caught up with familiar faces. I bossed people around and held the balance of life and death in my hands as a bloodthirsty overlord. I pushed my endurance to new limits, but probably because I'm more kiasu than anything.

I had a great time, and I'm sad that it was all over so quickly.

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