Found 2 blog posts for the month: August 2013

More Earthquakes

We were hit by a massive 6.6 magnitude earthquake yesterday around 2.30pm. I was at work and we all felt a small jolt, prompting an instinctual move the chair back from the desk and stare at the others in the room. It went quiet for a split second and then suddenly a huge force hit the building and we dived under our desks. The tables rattled and a few things fell off the wall but the shaking diminished and we crawled out. The building continued to shake, taking the brunt of at least seven aftershocks over 4.0 magnitude within the next 30 minutes.

Senior management decided we were done for the day, so I wrapped up the final builds with my project manager and headed home. Geonet says that 11 more aftershocks over 4.0 magnitude occurred between 3pm and 4pm. As I was walking home, the streets were packed with people waiting for buses and cars scrambling to get out of the city. It was chaos, the roads all gridlocked as the entire CBD began an exodus out to the suburbs. My workmates living in Miramar said they took two hours to get home... I'm so thankful I'm only 15 minutes walk away.

It's been quiet overnight, thankfully. Things have settled down but once again we're on edge and anxious about the weeks ahead.

I do however have Wellington on a Plate to look forward to! Tonight I'm going to try the crayfish burger from Hummingbird - yummo!

Post Earthquake

Things seem to have settled down. We've had a few big aftershocks but things are more or less back to normal. Cordons have been lifted and there might still be a few carpark closures, but business is running as per usual and things are starting to feel routine again. The Geonet Website has provided heaps of information on the quake series, including a tally of aftershocks grouped by magnitude, probability tables for future aftershocks and the ten largest quakes since the 6.5 last month.

Work has been alright. We released version 1.2.1 of Robot Unicorn Attack 2 on iOS and are continuing to work on updates. There's a lot of bugs to fix and features that AdultSwim keep asking us for, and there's heaps of work to do on the horizon. We've had a change of Technical Manager and Technical Director, and the plans for the future look interesting and exciting, and hopefully we'll continue to improve and grow as a department.

Today has been messy. I didn't get much sleep last night and had to get up early for music at church this morning. I was super tired and it reflected in my playing. I hit the wrong chords and couldn't concentrate, I was flustered over timing and had to abruptly end the offering song awkwardly. I was not having a good time. I managed to get some shut eye this afternoon after some delicious steak from the Chocolate Frog Cafe in Miramar, but it was soon up and go time for Dale's stag do. We had some thrilling games of paintball at the new place on Willis St, with my workmates sporting some impressive welts and injuries. I escaped major injury, with maybe two or three big ones to my leg and arms. We had dinner at the Tap Haus and then back home for a couple of grim games of Dota.

Sigh, Dota.

I am out of practice and fed too much. Once things get like that though, I just feel like it's too much effort to practice and get better; it's such a huge time investment. One game can be horribly demoralising; the next exhilarating and adrenaline pumping. The same goes for a lot of online games I guess, and the unpredictability of your opponents means no two games are ever the same.

I'm looking forward to Wellington on a Plate this month, with deliciousness starting this Friday. It's going to be an expensive food month, but I'm sure it'll be totally worth it - last year I only managed Boulcott St Bistro, but this year I'm hoping to try El Matador, Logan Brown, Ortega, Hummingbird, Crazy Horse, Martin Bosley's and the Grill. Truly there is no sincerer love than that of food!