Found 2 blog posts for the month: January 2014

Um. What?

I went out to Lyall Bay this afternoon to teach Mitchell how to drive. The area is full of learner drivers because the roads are relatively quiet and most importantly (in Wellington), it's flat. We stopped by the side of Onepu Road and swapped seats, just as a torrent of rain hit the area.

As we were about to leave, a very confused and worried woman beckoned me to wind the window down, and as I did, she frantically bleated "Help!! Please help me!! I need $10!!!!" She's a little out of it, and has a bad stutter, and it's clear she has a problem but whether it's a cash problem specifically, I am unsure. Anyway, I am a bit apprehensive, and I tell her that I don't have cash but we can drive to the dairy down the road to get some for her. Again she repeats, "Please!! I need $10!! It's life or death... I can pay you back $20 tomorrow...." and again I tell her we'll go to the dairy to get money. She asks to hop in the car and Mitchell and I quickly tell her she can't. Then she asks for Listerine ("It's $7!! I need Listerine!!!!") and I say to her again we'll meet her at the dairy. She starts walking away and Mitchell hits the central locking on the car and we wind up the windows and call the cops.

We drove round the block a few times and we spotted a police car driving away from the dairy where she had been waiting. Hopefully she'll be alright - but boy, what a strange encounter.

We've had a few birthdays this week; on Wednesday night we tried to go to Gasworks in Miramar for Jono's birthday, but they were totally full and Jono hadn't booked, so we ended up at Lonestar instead. We would have been indulging in the all-you-can-eat $20 ribs at Gasworks, so we substituted that with the famous Lonestar Hoisin and Mandarin Ribs (Large Stack). Greedy as ever, I also got the Jack Daniels and Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding for dessert. Yummo.

I was at Sprig and Fern for a few drinks with Paul for his birthday, where we had some lively conversation about iTunes and choices, and Wei and I also taught the guys how to play Mahjong. Yesterday after badminton, I was at Strawberry Fare for lunch to catch up with Jono and Karlyn, back from their overseas travels, and also Jono's recent birthday. After that, I saw Frozen (would recommend!) and then met some workmates for dinner at Pan de Muerto, before heading back to Joe's place to play Machine of Death.

Looking forward to Chinese New Year next week - Year of the Horse 2014!


Home (in Wellington) at last. The weather sucks.

Firstly, Happy New Year! I drove up with three friends on New Year's Eve to Northland, stopping by Wellsford, Ruakaka and Whangerei before settling in Kerikeri at a motel. Before midnight, we drove to Paihia to join all the partygoers for the amazing fireworks display over Russell. Great atmosphere and awesome way to welcome in 2014! The next day, we hit Mangonui for the Fish and Chips, Te Puki for the giant sand dunes and Cape Reinga for the stunning views before driving back to Kaitaia for the night. The final day we drove to Kai Iwi Lakes for a swim in the warm relaxing water, before returning to Auckland via SH16 as SH1 was totally blocked from Wellsford to Warkworth.

I've also been strawberry picking, saw Anchorman 2, held my new nephew, went to Eight at the Langham and got some milk tea. Holiday has been great and it's almost time to go back to work. Whee >_>