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drama ˈdrɑːmə/ (noun)
1. a play for theatre, radio, or television.
2. an exciting, emotional, or unexpected event or circumstance.

This week has been dramatic for several reasons, covering both of these definitions.

Work-wise, the week has been pretty average actually, I've been looking at some bugs from our World Cup update release of Flick Kick Football Legends and had to get deep into the advertisement SDKs to figure out what was going wrong. It's tough having to trawl through other people's code, and when you find things wrong, you are often unable to do anything about it except notify the company and wait for the next update. I've learned a bit about how it all works though, but that didn't stop me from coining another quotable phrase - you can't spell sads without ads. Waw waw.

One of my friends has been directing a women-only improv show at BATS called "Taking off the Bird Suit", and I took the opportunity to see this on Tuesday, their opening night. It was filled with hilarity and awesome, with songs about exploring space and stories about witches. All proceeds from the show are being donated to Wellington Rape Crisis, so great work on this Christine and good on you for donating to such a noble cause. In addition to this, Damon's improv classes finished up with a graduation show on Thursday, so we were treated to more laughs at Wellington High School too. Good stuff!

On Friday, I caught up with Andy before he jetsetted to Melbourne, and then went to the Sprig and Fern to see another Andrew who had arrived back from Papua New Guinea, as well as several others who I hadn't seen in a while. There was a surprise guest there - Nats - who had unexpectedly turned up and announced she had been living in Wellington for work, so it was awesome catching up with all those people again, even if we didn't get to discuss all the ramifications of pre-destination.

Yesterday was Damon's Canadian-themed flatwarming party, where I tried poutine for the first time. Small world - I knew a few people from various other social circles there and had a chat to them, as well as having some good yarns with my workmates too. I was home quite late (by my standards) but managed to grab some brunch with the Fine Dining Club at Duke's on a brilliantly sunny Sunday morning.

Everything's Coming Up JLai

For the past two weeks, I've been the happiest I've been since arriving back in New Zealand. The combination of spending time with cool people, having delicious foods and a general relaxed and non-stressful work environment has improved my general enjoyment of life.

The Football World Cup is well under way, with several big names like Spain and England confirmed ejected and some dark horses like Costa Rica showing they are not to be underestimated. I'm not particularly following this closely, more just hearing results as they come. We watched the opening game Brazil vs Croatia at work, and the company treated us to a scrumptious breakfast of scones and croissants. We had a big push for an update to Flick Kick Football Legends to be out before the World Cup started, and we worked hard to meet deadlines, and the past two weeks we've purposely had it light on work to give us a break as we ramp down our efforts.

We were brunching at Spruce Goose last Saturday and played some Halo and Super Smash Bros Melee at work, I had music at Central Baptist on the Sunday and an otherwise quiet day. For Spicy Food Tuesday, we tried New Zealand's hottest pizza from Hell's Pizza - the Angry Dragon, with Dragon's Fury Sauce, Fresh Chilli, Huffman's Hotsauce and legendary Ghost Peppers (usually around one million scoville) - but was a little disappointed that it wasn't as hot as I expected.

Last night we had family group out in Island Bay and played Dixit, Fluxx and a bit of chess (which I have not played in a long time!) and a rather interesting church service this morning where we tasted the elements of passover: bitter herbs and a nut/fruit paste, unleavened bread, salted water and roast lamb (roast lamb at church! yummo!) but perhaps the most notable event in the past two weeks was the Logan Brown degustation.

We managed to get a Groupon voucher for four of us to spend at Logan Brown - a seven course meal for $75 (down from $125) and $55 for a wine match. The wine match was a very poor choice on my behalf, I ended up having a very bad time towards the end, but nevertheless I enjoyed the food during the night. Once again, the outstanding dish was the dark chocolate delice with caramel cornflakes that was exquisitely rich and dark, and brought me to tears from its pure unadulterated chocolatey goodness.

Two months until Wellington on a Plate!

Busy May Leading to a Busy June

The weekends have been socially busy while the weekdays have been focused on finishing the v1.3 International Cup update for Flick Kick Football Legends, on both iOS and Android. There's an sense of doom and gloom around work at the moment, with a few people losing hope or feeling discontent about the current state of affairs. It's tough and it certainly carries an air of unease.

A few Saturdays ago, I juggled brunch at Prefab and Charles and Megan's engagement party with Wei's Star Wars marathon birthday party, then music at Central Baptist and the latest XMen movie - XMen: Days of Future Past - on the Sunday. We went to Veni Vidi Vici for Charlie's birthday on the Monday and then we celebrated PikPok's 17th Birthday at the San Francisco Bath House on the Thursday with a quiz night and much alcohol (I think my final count was a martini, three tequila and lemonades, two tequila shots and a pickleback)

Last weekend was Queen's Birthday weekend and we started off festivities with a delightful bistro dinner at Logan Brown, courtesy of some GrabOne vouchers, followed by some after-dinner drinks at Matterhorn. Having opted for the half wine match, I was in no state to continue drinking of any sort of alcohol at Matterhorn, but the dinner itself was fantastic and nothing short of the quality that Logan Brown always delivers.

On Sunday, I was at Cami's house for board games and party games (and waffles!), including some great games of Giant Jenga, Dominion and Werewolf/Mafia. Monday was pretty relaxed, but we went for dinner at Noah's Ark before watching Maleficent (it was meh.)

Wellington on a Plate's menu and event list for 2014 has been released so you can be sure there will be some epic posts around August. Yummo!