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Fooding, So Hard Right Now

Wellington on a Plate 2014 has begun!

I've organised a team of foodies for the 17 days of this amazing food festival celebrating the region's finest produce and beverages. I've got a meal planned for every day, some times two in one day! We were at the Bangalore Polo Club at lunchtime on Friday, and Le Canard on Friday evening, and Duke Carvell's today for their amazing Double Down burger.

Yesterday I went out to Kilbirnie to look at the zephyrometer that had been struck by lightning, and spent some time at the sauna for my back. I picked up some pandan mooncakes (yay!) before heading home and meeting Dale, Jordan, Rob, Jill, Nic, Ian and Joe in town for some drinks. What was supposed to be a pretty low-key event turned into some pretty exhilarating shenanigans - we tried to get tables at Plum, then Hummingbird and Monsoon Poon as a random Wellington on a Plate venture, but all three places were jam-packed so we ended up having pizzas at One Red Dog, then dessert at Strawberry Fare (I tried their newest addition to the menu - a caramel, chocolate and peanut butter cheesecake!) and finally some more drinks at the Library. Such a great night out with friends - truly blessed to have such an awesome group of people to hang out with!

Thunderbolts and Lightning

We had a sudden yet exciting hailstorm hit the city around 2.30pm today. Friends at Weta had started posting about a hailstorm hitting the Miramar Peninsula just after 2.15pm; sure enough, around five minutes later, the CBD bore the brunt of a cold snap, with hail falling in the inner city and some rather dramatic displays of thunder and lightning. We learned later that the zephyrometer - the large orange needle in Kilbirnie - had been struck by lightning and blown apart!

Speaking of the cold and storms, I was at Ants and Jo's leaving party at the ever classy Blend bar. Great to catch up with people there, but the highlight of the night was letting it go in karaoke. I was wanting to go home at midnight but couldn't resist following them to the new karaoke bar next to the Lanes bowling alley, and I was enthralled to see they had the Idina Menzel version of Let It Go there. And Let It Go I did! Amazing. Despite the late night, I was able to make it to church the next morning - just!

I had dinner with Tak and Loic at the Steer and Beer last Friday before heading to Wei's house to socialise a bit and observe some Monopoly Deal (was too stubborn to play), and saw Guardians of the Galaxy at the Gold Lounge on Sunday (could not go back to the pleb seats!) The Baking Competition pies were fantastic and the next challenge is eclairs! It's been a busy week but Wellington on a Plate starts tomorrow, and it's going to be mega.

Suddenly August

I was up in Auckland last weekend for May and Norman's wedding. Awesome to catch up with my KCC crew and even more exciting to see these two be married and to celebrate with them over a fantastic meal at the Cube on Swanson St in the city.

I got to see my two nephews - the older one is as giggly as ever, and extremely excitable, the younger one we call fei jai because of his cute chubby cheeks! They really do grow up so fast and I really wish I could see them more often. I also took my parents to this amazing restaurant called Chikos on Lincoln Road. The chef there is Filipino but trained in French cuisine and his food combines contemporary flavours of Southeast Asia, the Pacific and Japan to produce some truly delightful and inspired dishes. I was blown away by the immaculate presentation of each dish, as well as the freshness of the ingredients and the exciting, unique taste of the meal. Definitely one to visit again in the future, and for $30 per main, a very reasonably priced one at that.

This week has been pretty busy too. I went for yoga again on Monday but felt so horrible afterwards that I'm probably just going to skip the last two classes - I ended up having some shooting pains down my leg and it was so hot and humid that I felt like I was going to pass out. I've just come back from Luke's birthday celebration at the Lighthouse Cinema where we ate an Adventure Time cake and saw Princess Mononoke.

One more week until Wellington on a Plate! Organising people together for this is worse than herding cats, but I'm sure the negativity will melt away once I get some burgers in my mouth. This week's baking challenge was a vegetable cake - a cake with a vegetable as the primary ingredient. Our bakers pulled together with pumpkin, beetroot, zucchini, mushroom (ugh!), onion (ugh!!), potato and rhubarb; huge congratulations to Jules and Tim for their contributions to the challenge - next week's is pie!