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It's Over :(

Wellington on a Plate 2015 has come to a close. I've been so busy eating that I've fallen behind on my food blogging, but I will be trying to catch up as fast as I can over the next few days. How much did I spend? How many burgers did I eat? What was the best and worst? You'll find out soon! It's back to cooking, gymming, and all those other routine things I do during the week. It was good having my parents down last week, and I also caught up with Reuben, Shereen, Sam, Andrew and Julia. We visited all the regular Wellington sights - Makara, the wind turbine, Mt Victoria, Oriental Parade, the Weta Cave and so on. We had a quick squizz around the Lux Festival too. Oh, and yeah, we ate heaps of food.

As a result of all these things happening, I missed a chance to go back to the US for my big secret project. Instead, I'm locked away in a room with special access, working away by myself lonesome self until Rob returns next week. Things are progressing... but that's about all I can say! Yep.

I was out with Joe on Thursday night to see Suddenly! A Musical, an improv show where a musical is created before your very eyes! That night we saw the epic tale of a recently engaged couple who return to Wellington from the OE with their cat Trixie, only to have her lost in Mumbai (it rhymes with Hataitai) due to the carelessness of the baggage handlers! I can't imagine how difficult it must be to try and come up with rhyming couplets on the spot like that, but these guys were amazing and it was such a good show. So impressed, congratulations to Playshop crew and Jen the director!

Wellington on a Plate

WOAP 2015 is well and truly underway, with several establishments serving their special menus for this 17 day festival celebrating the region's finest produce - Wellington craft beers and seafood, Wairarapa meats and wines, Kapiti produce and dairy. Some have embraced the festival with open arms, others have dropped the ball and had troubles coping with the sudden influx of keen foodies. Who are the winners? Who are the losers? Check out my food blog for regular updates during Wellington on a Plate 2015!

It's been a busy few weeks. Rob and I arrived in San Francisco safely and had the rest of Monday to settle in. We went into work on Tuesday until Friday and then spent the weekend in San Francisco, seeing all the familiar sights like Chinatown, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Castro, Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39. I had a mango key lime cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory in Union Square, and it was everything I had dreamed of. I had some good seafood from Pier 39, did some shopping, caught up with Tobias and thoroughly enjoyed being back in this vibrant, energetic city, especially with some magnificent summery 25C weather.

We were back in New Zealand two Fridays ago, just in time for Dewi's last day at PikPok. I took it easy on the Saturday, but on Sunday I was at the zoo with Linda, Campbell and Will for the red panda up-close encounter. Honestly, these critters are the cutest things ever. We got to go into the enclosure and feed them fruit right out of our hand. They're fuzzy and playful, and super keen to get the noms. We were fortunate enough to meet one of the newer red pandas, a girl who had just started doing the encounters. Her face had distinctive white markings and she was a bit uncertain at the start, but as soon as she sensed the fruit, she was all over our laps. At the end, as we left, she scampered up into the trees to watch us, and I held out my hand to see if she would react... she lent in to see if I still had fruit, and I managed to capture this adorable photo.

The game I've been working on for the past year or so has finally been released on iOS and Android - it's published by AdultSwim and it's called Monsters Ate My Metropolis. Using the monsters from Monsters Ate My Condo, you battle it out against unsuspecting cities with the most outrageous abilities, like Trojan Unicorn Attacks, cake bombs and chunder attacks! The game looks amazing and is full of colour and action, so well done to the team for putting it out and making it look as good as it does.