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More Overtime

We thought we'd heard the last of it, but we were required to do submit another build within 24 hours - totally not stressful at all - on Thursday. We got bounced twice before the damn thing went through processing late on Saturday, and then today we received the good news that we were all good to go.

My weekend was pretty quiet. I got to have the WOAP burger from Grill Meats Beer a second time on Friday, then had regular badminton on Saturday, and went into work for a couple of hours with Mana. We went out to Lyall Bay's shopping area to grab some gloves for the gym and hiking shoes for the Routeburn that I'm doing this Labour weekend, and we met up again for a play called Bubblelands at the BATS theatre. A friend of mine, Ben, has been touring around the North Island, starring in this play as a crayfish who meets a blue cod in the aquarium of a Chinese restaurant. Good stuff! We had dinner at Cha and dessert at Strawberry Fare.

I was up early and off to watch the second half of the NZ vs France rugby quarterfinals with Will and Alanna at their place. I was too nervous to front up for the first half, but once I saw the score at half time, I was quite relieved and happy to enjoy the remainder of the match. The weather for Sunday was clear, but very windy; I tried to get a crew out to watch the Orionids meteor shower at Owhiro Bay but alas no one was keen. Today, however, I managed to get Mana, Loic and Dana along for an hour. Despite the wind and brightness of the moon, our patience was rewarded with a brilliant streak of light heading southwards across the sky - magnificent!


It's been a while since I've done such heavy overtime. It's made me remember how disruptive it is to life in general; gym schedule went out the window, food that I had planned to cook started to rot, I was tired and became less tolerant of people as the week progressed. By the time Friday hit, I was completely over it and couldn't stay past 8.30pm. All technical possibilities for solving our problems had been exhausted. I ended up escaping to Pan de Muerto with the Frenchies. It was Vincent's last day, and I had unfortunately missed yet another departure speech because I'd been working.

The weekend was full of sunshine, but all I wanted to do was sleep and relax. I did my regular badminton and gym exercise, but I also caught the final show of the NZIF - a battle of improv between New Zealand and the international artists that were visiting from the UK, Taiwan, Japan, France, Germany and Australia. Such amazing talent and full of laughs and feels, it was exactly what I needed after a long week of work.


It's October already. Time has sure flown by this year. There's been plenty to keep me busy and that's probably why things have gone by so quickly. Last weekend was pretty big; we went out for dinner at Pan de Muerto and had some delicious lamb shanks. Uncontent with the amount of food, we went to Enigma for some cake and decided it would be a great night for karaoke. So it happened! Tim, Will, Mana, Hannah, Nicola, Victoria and myself bundled into a little room at K Zone on Wakefield Street and sang to our hearts' content, finishing triumphantly with Let it Go!

On Saturday, I was at the Sprig and Fern for a mini-mooncake celebration and Wei's two year anniversary in Wellington. And of course the next day, I did my regular mooncake festivities and cooked for a big group of people, with the usual menu of fried tofu, roast pork and roast duck. Probably cut it a bit close in terms of the amount of food, but people seemed happy with what they got, so I'll mark it off as a success. It was good to celebrate with friends when I couldn't celebrate with family.

Work has been busy, and we are rapidly approaching a "drop dead submission date" of October 9th. There's still a bit of work to do, but I think we can make it. It'll be tight though, naturally, as all things usually are. Hopefully when this is done, I can let people know what ~secret things~ I've been working on.