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Back to a Grumpy Reality

After my amazing bungy experience last Thursday, we continued a run of awesome activities around Queenstown with some horse riding up in Glenorchy, doing the Ride of the Rings route with Dart Stables. We visited various Lord of the Rings filming locations and learned about the history of the area - "Paradise", as it's known. Again, the scenery was absolutely stunning, seeing mountain, forest, river and sky around us as our horses trotted merrily through Mt Aspiring National Park.

In the afternoon, we did the Shotover Jet and went up the Queenstown Gondola and did some luging. On Saturday, we walked around the Queenstown Gardens and the peninsula by the Hilton Queenstown too, but because we had flights in the afternoon, it was a pretty casual and relaxed day. We got our last fix of Ferg Burgers and departed for the airport.

Queenstown was awesome. It was a short but incredible holiday, packed with fantastic sights and heaps of fun, adrenaline-pumping activities. The weather was amazing, and the only disappointment was the no-show of aurora. After a ninety minute flight, I was back in Wellington - perhaps the most notable aspect was being able to see Mt Taranaki from the plane as we were descending into Wellington Airport!

And even back in Wellington, I was busy - I caught up with Kiel very briefly at the Rogue and Vagabond before heading to Motel for Jen's birthday. On Sunday I was at church for an awesome sermon on hospitality, and the Chocolate Frog in Miramar for their famous Steak and Hollandaise, and finally to Evans Bay for Campbell and Linda's engagement party.

Yesterday, I received one of the best presents ever - Sarah brought back a Grumpy Cat plushie from San Francisco for me. It overlooks my desk, holding my Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Rainbow Flag (also from San Francisco) and pouring scorn on all those who come to my desk.

I also caught up with Andrew for a big meal at Ozeki before his big trip to Papua New Guinea. It was a tiring Monday but a bit of sake and some good conversations with cool people helped take my mind off things.


Have you ever, ever seen such an epic, EPIC scene composed of CONFECTIONARY?