Jeremy :: Posted on August 21, 2019
Fourth time trivia champions at Ubisoft but the winning trophy is nowhere to be seen

Jeremy :: Posted on July 1, 2019
A guy from badminton just rode past me on a bike and I said hi, and this was weird because I’m in Quebec City

Jeremy :: Posted on July 1, 2019
A busker in Quebec City was playing the Pokémon theme song on his violin and I just had to give him money

Jeremy :: Posted on June 24, 2019
It's pride weekend in Toronto and I played Rainbow Connection from the Muppets movie during offertory at church but it was too subtle and no one knew what I was playing.

Jeremy :: Posted on June 19, 2019
I paid $280 to sit an English test for permanent residency a few weeks ago, and I got the results back today, and surprisingly, the results say: I can speak English.

Jeremy :: Posted on May 31, 2019
On the way home from the gym, I saw a mother raccoon climbing down a house pillar, and at the top on the balcony were two cute AF baby raccoons. I wondered if I should tell the owner but as I approached the door, the mother hissed at me so I backed away as she climbed back up to her babies.

Jeremy :: Posted on April 5, 2019
Third time trivia champions!

Jeremy :: Posted on March 4, 2019
My badminton racquet of 16 years has finally broken and I’m a lot sadder about it than I should be

Jeremy :: Posted on February 12, 2019
My workmate's daughter said to him "I hope you're better at making video games than you are at playing them"

Jeremy :: Posted on December 19, 2018
When you’re almost moved to tears by the thick Nu Zillund accents on your AirNZ flight home

Jeremy :: Posted on November 12, 2018
It’s Rememberance Day in Canada and I had to learn how to play the Canadian National Anthem for the morning church service, and I nailed it and I’m so chuffed lol

Jeremy :: Posted on September 8, 2018
UbiTO trivia champions in August 2017 and now again in September 2018!

Jeremy :: Posted on September 5, 2018
There’s an old lady on the subway singing Old McDonald Had a Farm. #justTTCthings

Jeremy :: Posted on August 22, 2018
You know summer is over when you're wearing jeans to work instead of shorts

Jeremy :: Posted on August 9, 2018
There’s a piano at the Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, BC, and a bunch of kids from Hong Kong were trying to play Tong Hua. I stepped in like a boss and everyone started singing along, it was awesome.

Jeremy :: Posted on July 9, 2018
Sometimes I keep my headphones on even when there’s no music on my iPod, just so it’s easier to ignore people on the street

Jeremy :: Posted on June 11, 2018
Happiness is dozing off in the sun while dozens of dogs run around and frolic in the grass around you

Jeremy :: Posted on April 14, 2018
I bought an umbrella for the first time in ten years. I forgot they were a thing, after living in the windiest city in the world for so long.

Jeremy :: Posted on March 7, 2018
My workmate buys an extra donut from the bakery so that he can pay with debit instead of cash, and then gives the donut to me.

Jeremy :: Posted on March 5, 2018
Sometimes it feels like the badminton court is high school, except I’m popular