The Original French Market Restaurant and Bar

Where? The Original French Market Restaurant and Bar (French Quarter, New Orleans, United States of America) Map Menu

When? Saturday December 28, 2019

Who? Me

Food Style? New Orleans Seafood

I require more seafood so I want to get the crawfish pot from this restaurant. It's insanely busy and even though I can sit down at the bar immediately, it takes a while for me to get my drink and order in. I've gone with a Gingeroo, which has a very spicy ginger flavour and a smooth rum finish. I ask if they think I can eat a pound of crawfish as well as half a dozen oysters and the bartender recommends getting the crawfish first then seeing how I feel half way through. Sounds good. Challenge accepted!

While I'm waiting, I'm drawn to the television screen showing a college football match between Louisiana and Oklahoma, and Louisiana are doing extremely well. My rudimentary knowledge of American Football (thanks to that one game I made) is paying off. Go sports team, score the points! Do better than the other team!


Cajun boiled crawfish
Crawfish is half way between prawns and lobster, it's got the rich meatiness of lobster but it's finicky like prawns and doesn't have that much meat. In saying that, what they've done here is true New Orleans style seafood, juicy, spicy, full of flavour and totally delicious. I devour everything like a savage, pulling apart heads and claws, sucking out that sumptuous roe and meat from the shell. My hands are dripping with juices and I'm having such a good time. If I want ice cream, then I don't think I should get the oysters. Wow. That was fantastic. I still prefer lobster, but it's nice to have experienced a New Orleans signature dish.

Oh yeah the corn, potatoes and sausage were nice too.


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