The Court of Two Sisters

Where? The Court of Two Sisters (French Quarter, New Orleans, United States of America) Map Menu

When? Sunday December 29, 2019

Who? Me

Food Style? Upscale Creole

For my final night in NOLA, I'm boujie af and fine dining with the Reveillon Menu at the very famous Court of Two Sisters. This is a very upscale restaurant in the French Quarter near Jackson Square, and the inside is beautiful and impressive. I'm here at opening time and it's practically empty; I made a reservation yesterday, since the restaurant was at capacity when I wanted to dine here.

Reveillon is a French word that means “awakening” and it refers to a long dinner usually held on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve. Participation usually requires staying up past midnight, since people would come home to eat after midnight mass. This style of dinner is commonly celebrated in the French Quarter in New Orleans, but at more conventional dining hours.

First Course

Turtle Soup au Sherry with lemon and parsley
This is very interesting. It reminds me of the tortilla soup I used to get from Viva Mexico, in Wellington's Left Bank. It has a rich tomato taste, but no seafoody flavour at all. The turtle is shredded and feels mostly lean with a few bits of fat. It goes well with a slab of butter on the baguette.

Second Course

Seafood Stuffed Puff Pastry with champagne sauce
It's a giant bread dumpling in a butter sauce with a hint of Cajun spices and shrimp on the top. There is so much butter. It's quite tasty but wow, it's incredibly rich, perhaps too over the top. It really needs some acidity to break through that richness. I feel my arteries tightening. If that portion was any larger, I'd be having a heart attack.

Third Course

Grilled Beef Tenderloin with new potato mash, roasted almond, haricots verts, dijon and caper cream reduction
Immediately after, my beef comes out. I need a break from the previous course, they should be staggering these out instead of serving them one after the other. The menu is supposed to be reveillon after all, not a rush.

The tenderloin is so soft, it's cooked a perfect medium rare, and melts in your mouth, but doesn't have a strong flavour to it. I think it needs some more umami, a garlic hit or a nice non-cream sauce. However, the rest of the plate - the potatoes and beans - is just more cream and butter, and I'm kinda fed up with that taste after the last course. The toasted almonds were added too early and have softened, losing that vital textural component on this dish. After a while, I decide that I'm not going to finish the potatoes. It's too overwhelmingly rich and that creamy taste is saturating my tastebuds.

My water keeps getting refilled every five minutes. It's a bit annoying.

Fourth Course

Bananas Foster: flambed tableside with brandy and banana liqueur, served over vanilla ice cream
This is kinda the real reason I'm here. The authentic Bananas Foster can be found at Brennan's, the restaurant that started it, but there is a minimum order of two per table! The reviews on Google for this one are stellar, so here I am.

The flambé is impressive and I can smell the smokiness and sweetness of the rum from two metres away.

It's decadent, the caramelised sugar, the spicyness of the cinnamon and the bitterness of the rum make this dessert a real treat and a fantastic way to finish the night, despite all the disappointments in the previous courses. Definitely a step up from the deconstructed cheesecake from a few nights ago, and a fitting way to end my time in New Orleans.


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