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It's always good when I go back up to Auckland to catch up with friends and family, and certainly Easter this year was no exception. The weather was warmer than Wellington, albeit a bit wet, but that didn't stop any of plans. Thursday night was spent at Momo's, naturally, and all of Friday I was helping my father build a deck. We made some pretty good progress - the remainder that we didn't finish required the use of a jig saw that we didn't have at the time.

On Saturday, I met up with Wellington-related people for yum cha: Jordan (current workmate), Bryce and Vaughan (ex workmates), Will (workmate's brother), Charlotte (flatmate), Jono (flatmate's boyfriend) and Mel (flatmate's boyfriend's ex-flatmate). The restaurant was extremely busy but we were finally seated at 12.50pm where we proceeded to enjoy a plethora of prawn and pork dishes. Excellent!

The Sidhe guys relocated to the Cock and Bull after lunch for a few drinks, until I left to return home via two bus routes. It surprised me that the Link bus now costs $1.80! I remember the good old days when it was $1. I met up with my CompSci friends at Sri Mahkota for dinner, and Movenpick in Newmarket for dessert.

On Easter Sunday, I was at KCC catching up with the old youth group and various other people, before heading to Wing Wahs for another yum cha, then Yifans and MCC in town for some gaming. DotA... so good. Sunday night was family dinner night, so I got to spend some time with my adorable three month old nephew.

Monday was pretty wet. I met Mat for a bromantic lunch in quite possibly the most inappropriate suburb for two males to socialise in - Ponsonby - and we made plans to meet up with Peter, visiting from Canada, that evening. I wanted to take them to KK but unfortunately that was closed so we ended up dining at the Thai restaurant across the road. We stopped by Ollies on the way to the airport, and then just like that, my four day escapade was over.

It's a busy time for me. Only three more days...

Labour Weekend

Despite its notoriety for having terrible weather whenever there is a long weekend, Auckland produced some outstanding warmth and sun over Labour Weekend this year, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time up there - especially with my new car!

After work on Friday night, Juliann and I headed to Cha for dinner (apparently it's tradition, or something) and then to the airport for our flights. I was picked up at the other end of the plane ride by Cinta and Alice, and we were joined by Reuben, Matt and Sam at where else, but Momo's for a good old Taro Milkshake with Mango Pudding. Somehow, I got recruited for the Light Party flier drop on Saturday morning, so the next day, it was up and early to KCC for a few hours to run around Kelston and deliver fliers to the letterboxes.

I met my sister and her husband for lunch at Moto on Paramount Drive before chilling out at her place for a little while. They had been spraying some anti-mould stuff on the walls so they had to keep the poor cat locked up inside, so he was rather agitated. We guessed that he was suspecting to be taken to the vet or be given a flea shot (since he was locked inside), so he was understandably more antisocial than normal, but after a while, he settled down. Mrowr!

That night, I turned up (semi-uninvited) to Heong's housewarming where they were understandably surprised at my unannounced arrival. We spent some time getting the silly charcoal barbeque to work but it was worth it once it was going. He's got a nice quiet place overlooking west Auckland, with a bit of land and a deck at the back of the house, and even a self-contained sleepout for an extra tenant! And potentially a slingshot to shoot stuff and/or people at Fahad's old house.

Sunday was church as usual, and then lunch at (disgustingly good) Wendy's. I spent the remainder of the afternoon at Matt's house playing on the PS3 and dozing off, as I usually do on Sunday afternoons, and when the time came around, Matt, Sam, Steven and I bundled into my car and we went back to Paramount Drive for some Vietnamese at Pho Bien. Not fully satisfied, we drove to Parnell for some absolutely delicious Chocolate Boutique where we shared a Share Indulgence and a Chocolate Fondue. The night was still young, so we visited our old haunts, Yifans and Cue City before heading back home... via Momo's.

On Monday, I met up with the remnants of my schoolmates - namely, Mat and Graeme - for brunch in Mt. Eden and ice cream at Ollies, and since Graeme and I hadn't been to Mat's flat on the shore, we followed his SUV over the bridge, maintaining a safe distance to prevent my car being overwhelmed with gas fumes and smoke. We played some table tennis for a while, and even got some awesome rallies going (but they were shortlived because Mat kept stuffing them up) and I would have loved to continue but I had to drop Graeme back home.

I had a simple meal with dad before heading to the airport and arrived back in cold, overcast Wellington.


Oh well, at least it's a short week this week, and also, I'll be up in Auckland this weekend anyway.


Signs of Easter approaching were present approximately two months ago, almost immediately after Valentine's Day, when the supermarkets swapped all the pink hearts for hot cross buns and chocolate rabbits. While chocolate, eggs and rabbits are all great things, I wish some people would remember that it's also about Jesus dying on the cross for the world's sin, and about his miraculous resurrection three days later.

Anyway, my parents decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to visit Wellington while I would be away in Auckland, so I epic-cleaned the flat and even bought some air freshner for my room since they said they'd be staying a night at the flat. I met them for one day last week and we went for a really good dinner (La Metropolitain) and dessert (Haha, GUESS), and the next day I was due to fly back to Auckland already while they planned to spend the day around Martinborough.

Thursday came by and I escaped work early with Surya and took the bus to the airport, got to Auckland and picked up the van that Dad had left at long-term parking and met my CompSci friends at Momo's. So awesome catching up with them...and trying to convince them to download my iPhone games . Looks like everyone's in pretty good spirits, except Bob who had been working retardedly long hours and was totally crazy that night.

Was picked up by Reuben on Friday and headed to church to prepare for camp. About an hour later we arrived on site safely, despite having to travel in John's canine-aroma car. The rest of the afternoon was spent in random team building activities, my favourite being the "cross the river" one because I got to boss everyone around. Night time fell and thus began the first few games of Mafia...

Saturday was all about activities. First up for team Lightning Bolt was the confidence course, which was more like an army training run through mud. I'm not phased about getting dirty but I didn't really have enough clothes to change so I was quite hesitant about it, especially the last one which was basically "submerge yourself in a pool of putrid mud". The second activity was climbing a cargo net about 15 meters high, which wasn't too hard, and the third activity for the day was archery.

We had orienteering on Sunday morning and mudsliding on Sunday afternoon, Reuben and I manned the barbeque for dinner and then we had some guy bonding time at night. We built a campfire, debated about Superman and Spiderman, choreographed a tribal dance and had some endurance contests, and when the girls had finished their make-up session, we gathered round the fire and made some smores.

There was much Mafia each night, I must say it's so much more entertaining when there's lots of people, and each session saw at least 20 people playing. I tried out some new rules: a zombie that resurrects after two nights but can be killed again after that, and two lovers (represented by separate cards) who are intertwined in life and death - when one dies, the other does too! Overall, the games were well played with the citizens winning the first few (when there were only 6 mafia) and the mafia winning the final few (when we played with 7 mafia). I have to say though, the last game of Mafia that we played was quite possibly the worst citizens game I've seen - the sniper shot the detective, the angry mob lynched both their doctors and at the end of the game, six of the seven mafia were still alive.

Srs mafia is srs.

Monday was quite rushed, after leaving camp a bit late, we had lunch at church before I caught up with my sister for an hour, then rushed to the airport and made it onto the plane before promptly passing out for 90% of the flight. Safely at home, I made it to 9pm before crashing out for the night.

It's been an awesome Easter weekend. I met some new people and caught up with familiar faces. I bossed people around and held the balance of life and death in my hands as a bloodthirsty overlord. I pushed my endurance to new limits, but probably because I'm more kiasu than anything.

I had a great time, and I'm sad that it was all over so quickly.

On an administrative note, I've included a button to share my blog posts and gallery pictures on That Site Which I Refuse To Join.

Friday Fail

Okay yeah, I've been pretty much working on the BIG SECRET EXCLUSIVE SITE every night of the week, so of course that means blogging gets pushed out.

Anyway, Friday Fail is a term used by our senior programmer, Steve, on Fridays when we meet for our daily meeting at the couch area at work, and browse FailBlog. Steve left us on Tuesday, and now there is a failure of Friday Fail, and as a result, team morale was lower than usual and heaps of things ended up breaking.

Last week, in recognition of Steve leaving, we booby trapped our game for his last Show and Tell. He demonstrated our progress on the game and spoke about the various changes we made. As he wrapped up, we got him to go back to the main menus and *bam*, we sprung a picture of him in his "underpants costume" from Halloween (this was from his old work place), accompanied by Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On". Needless to say, his mouth gaped open for a good half minute and he scurried off stage. We'll miss you, Steve.

Show and Tell usually happens on a Friday, but as you're all aware, last week was Waitangi Weekend, so immedately after Show and Tell I had to rush to the airport and catch a flight back to Auckland. As tradition stands, I made a beeline to Momo Tea in Mt. Albert, and hung out with my youth group, having some hearty food and some delicious drinks.

Friday morning I had music practice, and following that, Bob's unsurprise barbeque at Ray's place. This pretty much lasted the whole day, with some awesome food and lots of Rock Band. No Stephen, this was the PS3 version so we didn't play Still Alive. We played some outdoor badminton too, until we started getting attacked by the mosquitos. Towards the end of the night, we hung out for more drinks at EasyWay and played last card, until we were pretty much sick of last card and headed our seperate ways.

On Saturday I pretty much lazed around, but in the afternoon I met up with Mat and Will and took a stroll around Albert Park, just observing the lanterns and inhaling the wonderful aromas of the roadside food. It was a gloriously hot day, and I am often reminded about the surprisingly large temperature difference between Auckland and Wellington.

I spent Saturday night with family for our reunion dinner, which I would say was the main purpose of the trip. I dunno, I kinda feel very sentimental about these things, I was a bit disappointed about missing Chinese New Year last year. Family's important to me, and reunion dinner is just one of those symbolic meals that you share with family, a bit like how Christmas is so important to some people.

Sunday was pretty much church and lunch at (where else) Ha Long, before I caught up with my sister, who insisted on showing me various painted windows, her coffee table, her new laptop and her photo board. And before long, it was time to head back to the airport and start the journey back to Wellington. Sigh.

Back to Work

So yeah, went back to work today. It was SO boring, I fell asleep in our three hour sprint planning session. What a great start to the New Year!

I've had an awesome holiday up in Auckland, just catching up with everyone. I went to Momo's, the driving range, Rotovegas, Goat Island and the airport five times. I played DotA, table tennis, table tennis extreme, pool, handball, lots of piano, Rock Band, Singstar, Buzz and Photo Hunt. I went on the famous Rotorua luge, the Agrodome's Big Swoop, I saw the Lady Knox Geyser erupt as well as several geothermal park attractions, I hung out with friends and family and I ate and ate and ate and ate. See my gallery for all the pictures. I have some YouTube videos to upload later as well.

Satisfied Jeremy is satisfied.

Google Friend Connect

I installed Google Friend Connect for my site, which took 10 minutes, and spent another few hours or so thinking up some creative ways of displaying it on the site. It problem is that its minimum width is 200 pixels, but my right navigation bar on my blog is 160 pixels. So I tried to float it and have some animations for it to pop out onmouseover, and blahblah, those didn't go so well, so I settled for the immediate effect and that works quite well. What's surprising is that I didn't have to tweak it for IE at all.

Anyway, in the past week, I've been to Momo's three times, been busy at work doing menu and UI coding, played a pretty good amount of DotA and generally slacked off with that secret website that I am working on.

There's two more weeks until I leave for Auckland. It's going to be an awesome Christmas time \o/

Labour Weekend

I had a fantastic Labour Weekend. So good catching up with all my friends. As a result of the excessive fun, I have caught a cold and am suffering at work. Today was terrible, I couldn't concentrate and I kept sneezing and after drinking that disgusting Lemsip crap I felt like throwing up.


I finished up at work on Friday and met Laura and Raymond at Cha for dinner. It was still relatively early, so Raymond and I went back to his apartment and Laura went back to hers at around 7.40pm. Then Raymond wanted to have a shower and by the time he was 8.05pm.
Picked up Laura at 8.10pm
Got to the flat at 8.15pm
Picked up Jono at 8.25pm
Arrived at the airport at 8.30pm
Boarded the plane at 8.40pm
Took off for Auckland at 8.50pm

Yeah, rushed, much. In the chaos I left my keys at the flat, but that wasn't too big an issue. I got picked up by Casey at the other end and met Bob, Ted, Amber and Han at Momo's, where I proceeded to knock my glass over and cut my hand in the process. After bleeding profusely, they decided to give me a free drink (YAY).

I turned up at church on Saturday morning, much to the surprise of the music team (apparently Jin hadn't told them I was on). So yeah, I got to play piano, and that was great jamming with the boys again. So much fun, far more fun than at Central Baptist. Afterwards, we distributed some flyers for the Light Party before I headed over to St Heliers to meet the Grammar Gang for lunch at La Vista. Great food there, so good to catch up with everyone. I was free for the rest of the afternoon and it was still early, so we went down the road to play Mini Golf. There were so many fails there, it was awesome. Props to Amnon for beating Richard!

It was still early in the day so we went back to Mat's flat and just hung around for a while, watching Family Guy and playing some Smash Bros Brawl. I really can't stand the Wii control scheme (and that's not because I've been working with it for the past week). The Wiimote has so few controller buttons that they could not possibly encapsulate all the techniques into a user-friendly scheme. Once I started with the Gamecube controller, it felt so much better. MetaKnight and Dedede are awesome! :3

Left the flat and went to Cinta's place for dinner with her, Alice, Jo and Reuben. We had apricot chicken, some cheese and cauliflower, boiled vegetables and roast potato, and Oreo cheesecake for dessert. Awesome stuff. We spent the rest of the night solving those stupid take-apart-shape-and-put-them-together-again puzzles.

Sunday morning was church, had heaps of fun on the piano but it wasn't my best day (I screwed up the offering piece) but I think people just appreciated me being back on the piano, which was really nice. We had testimonies from our group heading to Cambodia for a short term mission, as well as a delicious curry lunch for fundraising. I hung around for a few hours for BASIC and then the guys went to play pool. All I can say is... black ball fail.

I went out with Dad and Uncle Tony and family to this teppanyaki place in Ponsonby called Fuji. Entertainment was fantastic, food was delicious, but unfortunately not as filling as I would have liked. Really had to work for our food as well! I caught a piece of egg in my mouth, and two bowls of rice flung in my general direction.

Met up with the youth group guys at Momo's (haha, again). I didn't cut my hand this time, which was great. I had a taro milkshake with mango pudding, but didn't feel like eating much more. We were keen on going out after that, but nothing happened and we just went to bed.

But Matt, Sam and I ventured out the next day in the blazing sun to Mission Bay, where we enjoyed some unhealthy breakfasts in the form of ice cream, waffles and pancakes. We hung around Bastion Point before heading into town. We took at stop at Yifans where Matt played the new Street Fighter - I really like the art style, with the black paint strokes. I had to rush off soon after to meet Casey, Bob, Laura and Raymond for yum char at China. Good food, again, but unfortunately I was still a bit stuffed from breakfast. However, I did manage to cram a durian puff and a mango puff, so all is well.

Spent the rest of the afternoon fixing dad's computer, then met up with my sister for a chit chat. Her cat is adorable <3 and very vocal too. Being the awesome sister that she is, she managed to get me this:

It was a quick dinner at Uncle Tony's before heading to the airport. What a weekend. Catch all the action in the gallery.



June Birthdays

Last Tuesday, the company had the Speed Racer premier at Reading Cinemas. While most of us concluded that it wasn't as bad as everyone said it was, it was certainly...epileptic and corny in some places. Overall, it was entertaining and had some action-packed shots, but I wouldn't say it was fantastic-fantastic. Oh, there was an after party too, and that was pretty good. I got to play the game for the first time (I highly recommended it) and got to hang with some workmates, so that was pretty cool.

Amy was down in Wellington again, selling dumplings at Pak n Save, again, so we met up for dinner on Wednesday. I took her to Great India where we had some awesome curry and some not-so-awesome Indian dessert dumplings. We went over to Strawberry Fare to make a booking, where I saw Sunni and Raewyn. I told Raewyn that Amy was on the Jet program as well and the two couldn't stop talking. Go figure.

Anyway, we met up again on Thursday night with Peter and Laura, and we had dinner at this place called Piccolo on Vivian Street. It was small and empty, but the food was pretty good and the owner was really friendly and talkative. I advised everyone to eat less because we went to Strawberry Fare afterwards YAY. Between the three of us (Laura had to leave), we shared a Jaffa Tower and a Lemon Chocolate Cheesecake.

Friday night it was time to head to Auckland. Due to bad weather, the flight had been delayed by 30 minutes, so it wasn't until 8pm that we were actually boarding. However, some retard had decided that he'd check in his bags, but not show up on the aircraft. So we waited an extra 30 minutes for him to show up, and Qantas finally decided that they wouldn't wait and started to unload his bags. So yup, just as they finish unloading, aforementioned retard shows up and boards the plane (with heavy glares from the other passengers) and we finally fly off at 8.50pm or something like that.

It was around 10.30pm when we finally got to May's house. After the initial greets, I started scoffing some food that John had saved for me while the speeches started. It was a really good party, quite cosy and really friendly. It was midnight or so (time really flew by) before everyone started leaving, so I texted Andrew and the others to see what they were up to. No one wanted to drive out to Te Atatu to go for milk tea, so we canned the idea and made plans to meet up on Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday morning, my sister and I went to this place called Fuze on the peninsula for brunch, and I ordered some bacon and eggs with an extra lamb chop. It was good to catch up with her, especially over such good food.

I met up with Andrew, Richard, Mat, Nat and Jono at Benediction, just off Newton Road. I was still full from brunch, so I didn't eat anything, but I had a milkshake and watched the others enjoy their meals. Jono had to head off, so we split up: Nat, Mat and I went to Dress Smart, looking for a jacket for Mat, while Andrew and Richard dropped Jono home. We reconvened at the flat, which smelled like rubber thanks to Richard's ingenuity, and just hung around. Pretty soon after, Mat went with his family to see Kung Fu Panda, so the remaining four of us went to... MOMO'S! So good. So much better than Wellington milk tea.

Pretty soon after, we were at the Blockhouse Bay Tennis to celebrate Matt and Andrew's 21sts. It was...strangely familiar. But there were lots of people, lots of good food (again) and lots to do. There was music, there was dancing (no Singstar though), there was some alcohol (I went totally pink...but so did Matt), there was a really good atmosphere about the place. Great time.

Sunday was church, lunch at Wendy's with the youth, a quick catch up at Amy's place with her, Ted and Bobby (the food looked awesome :/) then dinner with my parents. We had beef stroganoff and roast chicken, plus my sister had made some apricot choc-chip muffins and my dad had brewed some feijoa wine. It was awesome.

One of the best weekends ever. Sigh.

Running out of time

I've been really busy lately, and in the back of my mind I know I'm running out of time to pack and I'm running out of time to catch up with friends too.

Anyway, quick summary of what I've been doing: Tuesday and Thursday I spent making costumes for Philly's 21st. I'll reveal them later as a surprise. All I can say is that they're AWESOME.

Debs came back from Singapore :3 Car battery went flat (again) at the airport. Had Burgerfuel two days in a row. Went to Cafe Latte with her since Trinh was working there, then Momo's after.

Ummm yeah, tomorrow I'm supposed to keep free, so in my spare time I'll probably be writing a list of things to bring down. Then it's Philly's party so yay \o/


Yesterday, we went out for dinner and I had prawn balls :3 And it was awesome.

Anyway, after church today, we went to Wendy's for a quick bite, and with nothing better to do, me, Sam, Matt and Weng Hao went to play pool at Breakers. Wow, it was so incredibly hax. The final game, I managed to do that trippy "make the white ball hit the other ball twice for the win" and I also did the "random ricochet off everything for the win".

After that, Ted texted us saying he was finally back home in Auckland, so let's go out for dinner! And what better place to go to than the Korean place we went to three nights ago! Hooray. Nah it was a good meal. We ate and then stood outside for ages just talking. My legs were really sore.

Yeah then after that I was heading to Momo's with Matt and Weng Hao, when Cinta texted me saying I had a speeding fine. Ugh. What a horrible way to end the day. Rargahrgarghgrhgrhh. $80 too. That's like, 12 milk teas.

And petrol is bloody $1.759 per litre. Omg.

Errands and Driving

Okay, so I randomly decided that I would run some errands today. I wanted to get my exam scripts back, and I also wanted to visit some of my good friends from the Clock Tower, so I headed to Uni to accomplish all these things. One of my friends, Ritu, said she wouldn't be back at Admissions, but low and behold, who should I find walking up to the staff room at the Clock Tower? I shake my head in disappointment, Ritu :(

Anyway, it was good catching up with Mark, Tristan, Ritu, Mark, Alex and Anna. And randomly, Graeme walks through the doors of the Clock Tower looking to get some illegal documents verified, so lucky I was there to pull some strings. And I also got him an envelope and a stamp to send his documents off.

Anyway, in midst of all these things, Amy txted and was like "okay let's have dinner!", so I just hung around Engineering with Graeme until 6ish, then went for dinner at our favourite Korean place on upper Queens Street (I really like the fresh kimchi there). And of course, we went to Momo's, where I had a passionfruit nata. With the night still young (11pm, to be precise), we headed to the driving range for some fun. The driving range is great for stress relief. And yeah there's no real stress-causing agents at the moment for me, but it did wonders for my back, at least.

All in all, a really good night \o/

Happy New Year!'s 2008 already. Happy New Year indeed - I hope you all had a wonderful celebration with family and friends.

I don't know, I feel a bit down. I'm uncertain of what 2008 holds for me, especially with moving down and starting work. I miss Debs, because I would have liked to spend New Year's with her. As I write this, she still has another 3 hours to go lol.

Anyway, in summary of what I have done: Burgerfuel was closed so Sam and I went to this takeaway called Alligators where they serve huge burgers; spent time with the youth group just chilling and playing games; went to Point Chev beach and watched the fireworks at the Sky Tower; made a toast (with Grapetiser) with the youth group to the New Year; got locked inside Coyle Park (damn Auckland Council); got let out from Coyle Park; went to Momo's :D and played DotA. It's been a great night.

Last Momo's Forever

Poor Sam. He's leaving tomorrow, so we had last Momo's forever tonight. I had a Taro Milk Shake with Mango Pudding. Alice got a Taro Milk Shake, with no pudding, but they gave her free pudding anyway -.- And Reuben got free pearls in his drink, and Deanna got free mango pudding in her drink too. And, in the Christmas spirit, we spent over $50 and got a free gift from Momo's! It was a doggie keyring that went straight into Sam's pocket. Haha, parting gift indeed.

Well, time for our last DotA game while Sam is in New Zealand ever! :3

Sam's Farewell

With the weather a bit shaky, we decided not to head out to the east coast beaches as originally planned. Rather, we went to Mission Bay and just hung around. We were a bit delayed by Alice, because she was at home having difficulties trying to contain these two little kittens.


So cute. Sooooo cute. They were curling up in De's handbag and snoozing. They kept mrowring (in an adorably cute high-pitched mrowr). Soo cute. For more cuteness, see the Gallery.

Anyway, it got quite dark around 2pm so we headed back to church to play some Cranium. Following that we had Burgerfuel (I had the Hawaiian special burger) and skit practice for the Christmas skit.

And finally, to top the night off, we went to Momo's where I had a Taro Milkshake with Mango Pudding.

Ahh, what a night. I'm very satisfied.

Latest Food

So yeah, yesterday, I totally went to Momo's again - this time, with Matt, Sam, Sam and Weng-Hao. I had a rockmelon pearl milk tea with pearls, and two beef and two lamb sticks. Apparently Amy and Bobby were there earlier as well. I think we missed each other by 30mins or something.

Today, I got a txt from Daniela saying "OKAY WE'RE HAVING DINNER TODAY SEE YOU THERE" with no prior warning so I was like "O_o" but yeah I didn't have anything on so I was happy to oblige. There were 10 of us, and we went to La Porchetta's in the city. I shared a half/half Mexicana and Original Porchetta's pizza with Ron, and I also ordered some garlic bread, so it was a good and satisfying meal, but not too expensive either.

One of the waitresses dropped a huge platter of empty plates on the floor. I swear the crashing and smashing lasted more than 5 seconds (which is actually a really long time for plates to be doing that, if you think about it). Epic fail, but it was kinda funny.

After that we went to play pool, which was incredibly entertaining. You CSC people are so hax. Seriously.

Random Food

"Free for dinner?" "OKAY!"

Yeah so we went to Renkon in Parnell for dinner - me, Amy, Bobby, Raymond and Dong Jin. Just randomly. It was nice, although I can't remember the name of the dish I had. Some beef with garlic sauce thingy on rice. And we had lots of sides too - baked octopus (takoyaki?), fried chicken and fried tofu, and they were really nice.

Of course, if we're in Parnell, it kinda means that we have to go to the Chocolate Boutique, but unfortunately for us, it was way too crowded. By this time DJ and Raymond decided to call it a night, so Amy, Bobby and I went to Movenpick instead. I had caramel ice cream with hot chocolate brownie. It was ridiculously sweet.

So like, Movenpick started closing around 11pm. And we had lots to talk about. The three of us can really talk about anything and everything. So we relocated to Momo's (<3) for some drinks and continued talking for an hour or so. I had a passionfruit nata. Yeah so it was just after midnight that I started chronically yawning, so we decided to call it a night and went home.

I feel better about things now. We'll see how things go, but I'm hopeful and optimistic.

LAN. Tired.

We had a good LAN. There were nine computers at the peak time (Thursday night), with a few more people than that. It was more of a gathering, we didn't play that much DotA as one would expect. Rather, we went to Momo's, we went for a run, we cooked our own brunch...yeah it was pretty great. We even played some Mario Party DS (Yes! I know how it works now. Only one person needs Mario Party. All others use Download Play.)

Okay, so yeah, Momo's was great. I had a Papaya Milk Tea with Mango Pudding (One of Debs' favourites). We had stuffed ourselves sick with KFC for dinner, so we decided not to have any sticks.

As for the actual LAN, we had ups and downs. Networking was a breeze this time, so everyone was connected within a few minutes. DotA was great at times, and bad at times. Haha. Thomas thought he could be sneaky and stop screenwatchers by closing the laptop. So, he did. And the laptop hibernated. And he dropped from the game.

We had music practice immediately after the LAN, and by the time we finished it was around 9pm, and we hadn't had dinner so we went to Burgerfuel. I had a Three Degree Burn, and spud fries. I swear I've never demolished a burger that fast before. I was seriously hungry. But it was awesomely delicious, so it was all good.

Tomorrow, we're heading to a beach in Orewa as our end-of-year youth group activity. I hope it's good weather. I haven't checked. Also, shout out to ANDREW LONG: Happy Birthday! Hope you, Steven and Uncle Paul have a good flight to Malaysia. Eat lots and stay healthy. Don't get fat!


So today, Matt and the two Sams were like "So you wanna have ramen?" and I was like "...OKAY!" so we bundled into the car and went to Kiraku on Elliot Street in the city. I had a Chashuu Ramen, which was very nice; I really like how they give you chopped garlic at Kiraku, because it gives the soup just that extra tang of flavour.

Not quite satisfied yet, we decided we would go to the Chocolate Boutique in Parnell. So we did. We had issues parking (I almost hit someone as well, but it was all sweet), but eventually we found a place about 5 minutes walk away, so it wasn't too bad. I had a mango creme mousse, Matt and big Sam had a chocolate frappe, while little Sam had an Italian Denso.

Still not fully satisfied, we went to Momo's where I had a champagne and grape nata, and three lamb sticks. Mmmm. So great.

At this point in time, I think I could do with a bit more food. Maybe some waffles or some of Cinta's famous chocolate pudding. Or maybe some more sticks at Momo's. Yeah. I'm hungry :3

On a small admin note: I changed my tag board a bit so that the tags with more hits are bigger in size. Ooooooh flashy.


It's been very tiring lately.

Friday we had a BASIC Group dinner, and that was nice: we had teriyaki pork with stirfry veges on rice, and Cinta's famous chocolate pudding. We also played some Pictionary and had brainteasers from the Cranium card pack, and we were still keen to do something, so we went to Momo's <3 I had a Taro Milk Tea with Mango Pudding.

Saturday was busy too, music in the morning (only four songs so we were done quite quickly) then the church BBQ in the afternoon. So much food, it was awesome. There was meat of all kinds, satay, curry chicken, meatloaf, potato salads, coleslaw.... and for dessert there was cheesecake, fresh fruit, sago pudding, apple crumble, lemon tart....mmm. And THEN, after that, we went to Momo's. Again <3 I had a Blueberry Nata.

Today we had our last BASIC for the year (probably forever, for me), and we didn't have any songs prepared so we had a "Free Choice" where you just picked whatever song you wanted. And since we were sitting out in the front anyway, I decided to play the piano and I stuffed the intro for the third song, but otherwise it went really well. I felt a bit cheated after not playing for Open Worship last week, so this makes up for it. Then during discussion, we had some really interesting questions brought up, so props to Uncle Paul and Uncle Lye Chye for their explanations and sharing.

Finally we had skit practice where everyone got to hit me with some kind of inanimate object. Blah.

I spent some time on Saturday night resolving some conflicts. It's really quite tiring, physically and emotionally. But I don't mind it, because it means were resolve what's bad and look forward to more fun times. I'm glad we had that talk to sort things out.

Tonight, a couple of my step-mum's friends are coming over, so I guess I should be helping to prepare. But I feel like sleeping.


Sometimes an impulsive 2:00 AM cross-country trip is the only solution.

Anyway..Grammar traditions never die. One of the long-standing traditions between me and my Grammar friends is to congregate sometime around December 6th (preferably on that day, but generally ) at Auckland Grammar School and play some handball.

Following that, we usually head to BK and stay late before going our separate ways. Anyway, this time, since we actually had a proper place to hang out (ie, the flat), we opted for Domino's and took it all back to the flat where it disappeared within around 10 minutes.

After that, we proceeded to play Cranium, using the pristine unopened box from my 21st that all my friends had so generously given me..but that didn't last long. Question: If you had to act out "tour guide" for charades, how would you do it? :O

Finally, we had a huge Mafia marathon until 5am where there were epic battles and epic frustrations and epic idiocy. I even enjoyed the times when I wasn't the overlord, because unlike SOME PEOPLE WHO I PLAY WITH, my Grammar friends don't kill me off in the first round.

So yeah, with 7 hours of sleep, I woke up groggily and proceeded to watch Simon play "Stalker", and get owned. Apparently he's making progress on that, so good on him. He kept getting shot on the first mission, and he had to use like 8 bullets to kill everyone and blahblahblah. When everyone had finally woken up, we had two games of DotA where we were royally sassed, then I finally drove home to beat the traffic. \o/

Tonight! We are going to Momo's because Ted is leaving for Taiwan tomorrow. I have to remember to get some money off him for his Parachute ticket. Oh yeah, we're going to be playing Mario Party DS at Momo's... haha. That'll be fun :O

Depression. I has it.

So for the past two days I've been moping a lot. Why? Because I'm like that. I mope over bad grades. What is a bad grade? It is a grade that is below what I expect of myself.


Okay, okay. When it comes to grades, no one ever takes me seriously. I think that's fair, I think my expectations are high. I set them high. I aim high. If you aim high, and come short, of course you're going to be disappointed. Why do I have to settle for mediocrity? God has gifted me with an ability to learn, so I should put this ability to good use.

At the beginning of the year, I set my goal to have another year of all A's. I expected to achieve that goal. I have done so for the past two years. Furthermore, my grades, with respect to Computer Science papers, have been perfect, bar CompSci220, which I got an 'A' in.

Until now.

Sigh, yes, I got a B+ in CompSci367. OMG says everyone. It's really depressing. My transcript looks ugly with A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+..............................................B+. I've been really screwed over in this course, for reasons beyond my control. More than once, actually. Furthermore, I don't think "this is a conglomeration of two courses" is a good enough excuse for the poor administration and organisation. You know what I'm talking about.

Firstly, assignment 1 screwed a lot of people over. 4% is not trivial, and it is probably the difference between... a B+ and an A-? Hmmm.

Secondly, what the hell was with this challenge problem crap? What is the point of forcing this "optional" material on us? Hoff trees were not mentioned ANYWHERE in any of the lectures. Only students in CompSci709 would know what a Hoff tree was. Wait, what? CompSci709? Isn't that a graduate course? Why yes! It is! Doesn't that mean that all the undergrads who can't take that paper are disadvantaged because there are postgrads that took that paper? Why yes! Prove that mathematically. I dare you.

lol im angry on the internets

Anyway, what else have I been up to...I had SHOUT practice today, went to Momo's after. There was 11 of us, and of course that meant chaos because of the orders and the payment and yadadada. But champagne and grape nata is awesome. And so are lamb sticks. And so is DotA. So I'm temporarily happy.

I really want IS330 back. So I can mope about that too, if I don't get a good grade.

Mega Cuteness and Mega Lethargy

I have never heard of anything so cute or adorable as this.

It's been pretty blah these past two days. I've been quite lazy because I've been out late and gotten home late and woken up late and felt lethargic and so the rest of the day is blahhhhhh. It's hard to get myself to do things, so I've been bumming around playing Phoenix Wright 3 mostly.

Yesterday, Sam randomly decided he was thirsty so I took him up on that offer and we went to Momo's with Weng-Hao after our game of DotA. Momo's is so great.

Grades Update:
CompSci367: Pending
Maths315: Pending
InfoSys330: Pending

Come to SHOUT!

Christmas Skit

So the youth are doing a Christmas skit for the Christmas service this year. I thought I'd go along so I could be the musician dude, because I'm usually the musician dude and don't have to act.

And then, all of a sudden, I'm the main character dude. Wut. I have to memorise all these lines as well x_x It should be a good skit though, if we can all get our lines sorted and our acting polished.

I'm excited by the prospect of Momo's <3 Apparently the story is that Viet got bored and so we're all congregating at Momo's now. Yay! I must remember to bring some cards along.