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Trucks and Cake, Rucks and Fakes

I wanted to make sure I got to work on time on Friday, so I spent Thursday night at the Hub because of the trucks protest. They took so long coming down State Highway 1 that they only got to town around 8.30am, so there wasn't any traffic at all. But once they got in...there was epic honking and blasting of horns. They certainly made their presence known in Central Wellington. I heard there was mayhem in Auckland as they blocked up the Southern Motorway and Queen St too.

We'd also learned that Team Puppyguts, led by some guys at work, had won the 48 Hour Film Festival. Congratulations to them! In celebration, the company got a treat.

I spent most of the day finishing up the Ignite Website..and sneaking in a few games of DotA. Sigh I'm so rusty. But the website itself is making good progress, and Ignite Youths 2.0 will definitely release on time :p

I just got back from watching the game at JJ Murphy's. What an epic game!

We had a good meal as well. They were unfortunately out of steaks, so I ordered some delicious lamb shanks. Still a little bit hungry, Sunni, Andrew and I decided to share a chocolate mud cake (We were looking at Raewyn enjoying hers and wanted one too). My first comment upon its arrival:

"...This tastes meaty...."

Yeah. Some one had confused chocolate sauce with barbeque sauce. Awesome.

Friday Night is the Scene

The three flats met up at Calzone (again) for some coffee and dessert. While it was not the best in the world, it was certainly delicious and droolworthy.

We were also joined by Tom, who had flown down from Auckland for something to do with the tramping club this weekend.

Calzone were closing up, so we migrated across the road to HK BBQ. And there's only one thing we go to HK BBQ for.

Yum :3 Still not as good as Momo's, and we got booted out at midnight. Sigh. And they say the Wellington night life is better than Auckland's.

Christmas Service

So today we had the Christmas service at KCC. I was saying that it felt a bit hectic because I was trying to remember all my lines, as well as play the piano. But it all sorted itself out in the end.

The Christmas skit went really well. I didn't forget any of my lines (which was good), and I managed to ad-lib to cover up some late cues and also some other forgotten lines. There was a slight bit of panic when I realised I didn't know where the wireless microphone was, but frantic pointing by Andrew soon solved that. Yeah, I'm really pleased with how it went. Those of you who missed the skit will get the chance to see it later, because Uncle Ken filmed the whole thing. .

After the service, we all went to grab a bite from Noodle Canteen in New Lynn. Cinta and I shared a honey chicken noodle, which was really nice. I kept telling myself not to eat too much, because we had an afternoon tea thing with my sister for her birthday later. In the end, I was feeling really hungry, so I took more from Cinta and also from Alice.

So after that, I made my way to Mission Bay. Despite the traffic and the lack of parking spaces, I managed to find a spot just in the back streets behind Burger King, and I joined the rest of the family at Mecca Stonehouse. At this point I wasn't feeling that hungry, but I ordered a chocolate mud cake, and after (happily) devouring it, I suddenly got hungrier. I don't know, why does it seem that I get hungry when I eat more? O_o Anyway, after that, I began stealing squid rings from Anita, and bread from my parents, and my parents got sick of me stealing food so they ordered another plate of bread and dip. Yum :3

So having been fed extremely well, I began to feel drowsy, and it wasn't until 5pm I struggled home and went straight to bed. Ahh, the satisfaction of eating too much and then napping.