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It's no surprise that Valencia is famous for its oranges, because much like Sorrento and Cinque Terre, the region is bathed in glorious sun for much of the year. I've certainly felt it, both days here have been quite warm, and I can't help but enjoy a bit of schadenfreude upon hearing New Zealand has plunged to temperatures around 3C.

The bus from Barcelona was mostly uneventful, save for a puerile moment when we passed by a place called Peniscola, and another moment where there was a burning tyre on the road. I checked in to the hostel and walked around the Turia River Garden, a massive sunken green area where the Turia River flowed before it was diverted to stop flooding Valencia. With the sun out, it was nice to see so many people (and dogs!!) using the park for walks, runs, yoga, gymming or just lazing about.

I covered most of the city sites the next day. I started off at the central markets, again, a haven of all kinds of fresh and delicious-looking foodstuffs. I wandered around La Llotja de la Seda, a Gothic style civil building, briefly, before heading back to the north side of the Turia River Garden and over to the Jardins del Real.

I returned to town for a very late lunch, but it was worth it - I had lobster paella. I returned to the gardens and went south towards the beach, stopping by three amazing buildings along the way. The Berklee College of Music, the Hemisferic IMAX and the Science Museum are stunning pieces of architecture, and remind me of the arcological structures you can build in Sim City 2000. A few kilometres further and I finally made it to La Malva Rosa beach. What a glorious sight to see, the crystal clear blue waters, the huge stretch of sand, mountains in the distance and not a cloud in the sky. It was so inviting I even took my shoes off and walked down to the water's edge.

Because lunch was late, dinner was late too. I ended up ordering a massive 500g steak that I couldn't finish, but it was so delicious. I didn't even have room for flan.

I'm currently on the train to Madrid, travelling at 240km/h. I was cutting it a bit close this morning but I made it at least. It's supposed to be 30C in the capital!


Florence has been a mixed bag. Overall I've enjoyed my time here, but definitely not as amazing as Cinque Terre. I left Riomaggiore early in the morning and took the train to Pisa to see the famous Leaning Tower. I had lunch there and continued on the train to Florence where I arrived in the afternoon. I had forgotten to specify an exact time with my AirBnB host and he wouldn't be home until 6pm, so I sat in the park for a few hours killing time. It began to rain.

When I finally got access to the apartment, I warmed up for a bit and then headed to a local restaurant for one of the best meals I've had since arriving here. No English menu, owner can't speak English either, highly recommended by locals and tourists-in-the-know - all good signs. It was truly food cooked with heart and soul, traditionally Italian. I also accidentally ordered a quarter carafe and was really smashed at the end of the meal.

I stumbled home and tried to sleep but my mind was racing all night long. I was in a pretty sad state the next day, not hungover but tired. I covered most of the major sights in the city - Mercato Centrale, Santa Maria del Fiore and other cathedrals, the river side, Ponte Vecchio, Uffizi and Cascine Park. I wanted steak for dinner but learned that the famous bistecca alla florentine is actually a 1kg T Bone designed for two people, and I got really sad at that. I ended up going to a place near Santa Maria del Fiore, right in the middle of town, that was recommended by Trip Advisor. They had a steak on offer and I was desperate so I took the bait. I should have known that being in such a touristy area, it would be terrible and sure enough, it was the most disappointing meal I've had so far here.

That night I got really sad about Florence and frustrated about steak. I felt like I'd covered most of the city, which is mostly just churches, buildings, art and fashion. I was a little over architecture because it was kind of samey throughout the country, I didn't really have an appreciation for art or fashion and I still had ages to spend here. Thanks to some encouragement from Charlotte, I booked a day trip to the Tuscan countryside for Saturday, but I still had all of Thursday and Friday to kill.

I wandered aimlessly on Thursday. I went to the train station to pick up some transport tickets when it started raining. I explored the lower level shopping area when I came across a public piano and I suddenly got very excited. However, some dude was playing the world's longest and most boring piece on it, so I wandered and waited some more. After he was done, another dude hopped on and played an even longer and more boring piece, and then repeated it for an hour until I finally had the impatience to ask him for a turn on the piano. I played my usual three crowd pleasers and felt much better about myself, and it had stopped raining too, so I left. I really wanted the steak thing to work, so I tried again, and I can say that this time it was a huge success. The meal also came with 500mL of red wine which I did not finish, wisely.

I went to see Michelangelo's David on Friday. It's quite amazing actually, much bigger than I expected it to be. It's stunning that it's carved from a single block of marble and there's an incredible amount of detail, right down to the muscle definition and the veins on his arms. It was a beautiful day, so I headed south of the river to Piazzale Michelangelo, just up the hill, where there weren't as many tourists as in the city center. The view there is fantastic, the city's major landmarks popping up over the otherwise flat skyline, the roofs all uniformly red. I spent some time at the cemetery next door too, and then headed to a restaurant just north of the river for a seafood dinner. It was exceptional. On the way home, I joined mass at Santa Maria del Fiore, mostly just to see the inside of the cathedral, but ended up following the procession outside. There will be a lot of things happening in the lead up towards Easter.

I was up early and off to the train station on Saturday for my Tuscan day trip. Our first stop was San Gimignano, nicknamed medieval Manhattan for its several stone towers. At one point there were over 70; after the war and other damage, there's currently 14. I climbed the tallest one, Torre Grossa, for an epic view of the countryside; fields in every shade of green, sandy brown buildings with the iconic red roofs, blue skies that reminded me of New Zealand. San Gimignano is also home to a famous gelateria, which won a prestigious award in 2007. I can vouch for that; the flavours were interesting and exquisite, quite different from the regular "plain" ones you get like lemon, strawberry, chocolate. I got a nut, wine and honey mix with an orange and grapefruit sorbet. It was amazing.

We stopped for lunch at a winery where we tasted some Chianti Classico wines, and had lunch. The wines are famous for their composition, and to be deemed "Classico", they must be certified with a certain amount of grape only grown in that region. The wines are typically fruity and very drinkable, and I enjoyed them a lot.

Our next stop was Siena, a beautiful little town with more cathedrals and towers. Known for being a banking center, we got a guided tour of the various architectural styles and history behind some of the buildings. We also learned about the Palio, a horse race that pits the 17 districts of Siena against each other, twice a year. After visiting the cathedral, I climbed the tower in the middle of town for some breathtaking views of the city and its landmarks, with the countryside in the distance. I managed to talk to a New Zealand couple from Tauranga too, and we mused about how bad the weather was at home.

Our final stop was Monteriggioni, a small fort just north of Siena. We weren't there for long, but I walked along the walls of the fort, admiring the now setting sun illuminating the green fields with its orange light. By the time we got back to Florence, it was past 8pm, and after dinner, I was back at home close to 11pm.

The Tuscan countryside is as pretty as everyone says it is, and I think that was my most enjoyable day of my time in Florence. It takes a certain kind of person to enjoy Florence, but I was just too churched and museumed out. My experience with food was either very good or very bad, and that also affected my mood. Here's hoping Rome will be better!


There's something in the ice in Iceland that makes it much more serene than in Canada. Certainly at this time of year, the soft covering of pristine white snow around the city makes it more picturesque, and even more so in the countryside.

Upon arriving in Reykjavik, I had some time to kill before checking in, so I wandered around town for a bit. I'm staying on a hill near a massive church, with a tower that overlooks the whole city. The view from the top is the highest point in Reykjavik and seeing the city come alive as the sun rose was magical. Afterwards, I walked into the CBD and visited a volcano museum, which happened to be staffed by a guy who studied at Victoria University in Wellington, so that was a good yarn indeed. I continued on to various locations around town, stopping for lunch (I got grilled plaice and lobster!) and for shelter during the snow storm. I wanted to go to this highly rated Icelandic restaurant for dinner but they didn't have space available, so I went to a steakhouse and got some steak.

Yesterday I went on a tour around Iceland's southern coast. It was jam packed with sightseeing, we visited Skogafoss Waterfall, which has water from the infamous volcano, Eyjafjallajökull, then the Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach for lunchtime where I got some expensive fish and chips. The tour continued to the Solheimajokull Glacier, where we hiked for a few hours onto the glacier itself, admiring (and avoiding) some large crevasses all over the terrain. There was the opportunity to go down and explore one of them, but unfortunately we didn't have time. There were a lot of groups on the glacier and we opted to hike further up to watch the sunset colours light up the white snow and blue ice.

We stopped by the Seljalandsfoss Waterfall on the way back, which we missed that morning as there were too many people around it. You can walk behind it, but at that time of night it would have been suicidal, so we took a few photos and then I got dropped off for the aurora hunting tour.

Four minibuses scoured the southwestern coast of Iceland for a dark spot with no light pollution and clear skies. We found the Strandarkirkja church and waited for a bit but to no luck. A snowstorm started picking up so we bundled back onto the buses. Unexpectedly, about an hour later on the way back to Reykjavik, we found a large campfire by the side of the road and all four buses pulled over - "we have lights!!" came the excited call over the intercom. We all rushed out to gawk at the night sky and sure enough, overhead, visible but faint, were these curtains and pillars of green light, moving slowly and fading in and out of view.

The shots you see on Google image search are all taken with long exposures on fancy cameras so completely not representative of what you see in real life. What the cameras don't capture is the movement, the ghostly shimmering of the aurora borealis as it dances across the sky. It was a very memorable experience for me, it's definitely one that I can check off on the bucket list. Of course I'd like to take every opportunity to see more aurora, especially in different colours.

I was back at the hostel close to 2am and today it's completely whited out with snow. They cancelled the whale watching trip I was supposed to go on and it does look quite miserable outside, so it might just be a quiet rest day today.

Food and Gym

I've started joining the QA Team at work on their weekly Monday morning weigh-ins. My first week I weighed 70.7kg; the second week I had gained a whole 100g to be 70.8kg. Not bad for the week, considering the amount of food I'd eaten, but possibly also helped by the fact I went to the gym for the first time ever. Those gains, indeed.

Last Monday I was at Loic's house for an extravaganza of French cuisine - a very impressive home-cooked three course meal, complete with Le Rustique camembert to finish the night. C'est delicieux! Bob and Angela were down too, so on Tuesday we met for dinner at Little Penang, followed by dessert at Strawberry Fare where I got the caramel and peanut butter cheesecake. So incredibly indulgent, and far too much to eat, I couldn't bring myself to eat the last few bites of the cheesecake. We were at Duke Carvell's for lunch on Wednesday and El Matador for dinner on Thursday. Continuing on the gluttony train, I got a patisserie from Louis Sergeant shaped like a jandal on Friday, as well as celebrated the one year anniversary of Flick Kick Football Legends with a giant chocolate cake at work.

Saturday was healthy exercise day, with a record sixteen people turning up to badminton in the morning. I had made a deal with Jimmy that if he came to badminton, I'd go to the gym, so sure enough, last Saturday afternoon, I went to Habit on Willis Street with Jimmy as part of their "bring a buddy for free" month. To be honest, it wasn't too bad and I certainly got a good introduction to the weights and machines - Jimmy's pretty awesome like that, and it seems that Hadley's teachings have been well received. However, it feels like the gym really isn't for me and I doubt I will be joining one any time soon. I might go again this weekend (the last weekend to take advantage of this free offer!) but I can't see myself paying that much for a service like that. That being said, if my metabolism slows down and I start packing on the kilograms, it might be a necessity in the future.

I went and saw My Neighbor Totoro on Sunday (neko basu!) and caught up with Raewyn and Andrew at Deluxe afterwards, but otherwise it was a pretty relaxed Sunday with some great sunny weather, even if it was a bit too windy. We were at Pravda Cafe last night for Fine Dining and Kaffee Eis afterwards because the meal was so lacklustre. It looks like my social calendar is slowly filling up for the rest of the year. It's gonna be great.

Moving On Up

I guess it's official. I'm moving house - 20 metres across the driveway of the apartment complex I'm in. I couldn't find a replacement flatmate for Matt so I decided it's probably time to find a different place to live. This place is slightly cheaper, my room is larger, I still get a carpark and because I'm essentially in the same location, it's still a 15 minute walk to work.

The past few weeks have been socially busy. We celebrated the Fourth of July at Goldings, where Jill kept asking people if they wanted to ride the mechanical horse at Dakota. We played Cards Against Humanity and Mario Kart and had KFC at Ants and Jo's on the following Sunday (it was actually an excuse for Jill to come over and play with the cat.) and we had some delicious steaks at Portlander on Wednesday.

We played Bubble Soccer at Shed 1, Queens Wharf last Saturday. Thankfully my leg had healed up enough for me to have a good run around for twenty minutes in a gigantic insulated bubble, barging into others while trying to kick a small yellow ball around the court. My team of yellow bubbles - Thomas, Sarah, Beau, Simon and Jimmy - played against the team of blue bubbles - Will, Josh, Andy, Dwayne, Neil and Vigz - for three 10 minute thirds, and we came out victorious with four goals to two. Afterwards, we enjoyed some food and beer at Mac's Brewery where Sarah, Thomas and I shared a gigantic antipasto platter of breads, dips, cheese and cured meats.

I was at Cami's house in the afternoon playing the Firefly board game with Tim and Juliann. The whole ordeal took five hours but it was a pretty fun game and would have been more enjoyable had I known what I was doing. I kinda got into a cycle of doing missions, just slowly building up my strength without knowing how strong I needed to be to go for the final goals, when Tim and Cami raced for the finish, leaving me far, far behind. Would try it again... possibly! It is a very heavy time investment.

Come Sunday however, my body would just not move. Every muscle was aching from the Bubble Soccer and I was having a bad time. Thankfully, I felt much better after heading to the sauna in the afternoon, and I'm pretty much back to normal now.

This morning, we gathered at work early for the finals of the World Cup, with Germany playing Argentina. More importantly however, were the scones, croissants and pancakes stationed conveniently around the office for us to enjoy while watching the soccer. And watch we did, there was much cheering as Mario Gotze struck a brilliant ball into the back of the Argentinian net in extra time, sealing the Germans as the Football World Cup 2014 Champions. Exciting times!


Since being back in Auckland, I've been scurrying around the place meeting various people and helping to organise decorations for Jono and Charlotte's wedding. I arrived safely on Thursday morning at Auckland Intetnational Airport where Jono picked me up and took me to my parents' shop in the city; conveniently this meant he could pick up his suits for his wedding. Later that day, I met Mat at Sean Connolly's Grill for one of the most tantalising steaks I've ever had - wagyu rump with miso hollandaise sauce and garlic and herb butter, with a side salad and the famous duck fat chips. Absolutely delicious! If I had infinite money, I would definitely be back to try everything else on the menu.

Friday I was helping to set up the French Bay Yacht Club for the wedding reception, and then off to Howick for the rehearsal, via Greenlane McDonald's for some Georgie Pie! The pie tasted like childhood - that familiar crispy pastry with the hearty filling of mince, steak and cheese. Great job on replicating the pies of yore, would eat again.

And finally today, a special day for two dear friends who are now husband and wife; today was a lovely day and many of us there were privileged to share the occasion with you. The ceremony was touching and the reception was fun and delicious. It was good catching up with friends and talking about my overseas travels, and it was good getting to know acquaintances better. I was humbled by the great feedback I got for my speech and I'm glad that my anecdotes resonated well with people.

The reception ended early so we squeezed a little bit more out of the day by grabbing some milk tea from Jay's Tea on Dominion Road. I'm exhausted but today has been incredibly fun.

Day Fourteen

I'm just waiting for my Mac to reinstall OSX, just so all Sidhe's company secrets are securely disposed of before we leave for New Zealand. From a tech standpoint, I think we're in a good position to head back and continue the project. The biggest beneficiaries of the stint here were definitely art and design, but it's been a great experience for all of us and certainly the exposure to a different company would be one of my most important.

I had a very calming dinner last night - prime steak - and then a few drinks at the bar (see the comment about Malibu). The steak wasn't the best I've ever had, but like the Chinese meal I had a few nights ago, it was a relief to have a solid chunk of meat.

So since I don't have a Mac anymore, I guess I'll have to go back to documentation...

Blood Driving

So after a wonderful 8 hour drive with Bryce (and Vaughan, for half the trip), I finally have my car in Wellington. The weather was sunny with a bit of cloud as we made our way down State Highway 1. At one stage, a bird flew right in front of the car and it HIT the bonnet and bounced off my windscreen >_> Survival of the fittest, eh?

This week has also been quite busy in my social calendar. James, one of our game designers, left for Canadialand today, but I caught up with him at Monsoon Poon on Monday for all-you-can-eat Firecracker Chicken (YUM!) and the Blood Drive launch party yesterday.

Blood Drive?

Blood Drive is the action-packed zombie killing game with "motorized death steeds of steel" (according to Activision's marketing team). Having been on the iPhone team for the past year, I didn't actually contribute to the game at all, but despite its idiosyncracies and the fact I don't really play driving games, I think the game looks nice and there's no doubt that the team worked incredibly hard on it. Last night was for them to celebrate its completion and to have a good time.

It was an optional-costume party, so it was entertaining to see the many zombie and zombie-hunter costumes around. I myself went as a zombie tourist (a tourist who takes pictures of zombies, not an undead tourist). Pictures in the gallery!

Today, it was Andrew's birthday so he shouted us a lunch at Leuven. Surprisingly, no one ordered mussels, but instead our meals ranged from steak and lamb rump to the fish of the day and some gigantic lamb pie in a bowl that actually looked quite impressive.

This weekend, there's Guy Fawke's on Friday, badminton and a barbeque at Charles' on Saturday, music on Sunday and all-round relaxing!

So Intense.

Went to Harem on Friday with Surya, Andrew and Charles.

Double steak. Omg. Double steak.

All the way, across the plate.


Double steak. It's starting to look like a triple steak!



Double steak. So intense.

I'm Not Dead Yet

I've been incredibly busy with lots and lots of things.

Firstly, my Pokemon website Psypoke got a huge overhaul with a completely new template and a new backend that hopefully futureproofs the site for Generation 5, if that exists. The Great Refactor was an idea I had in November that actually carried through, so the code is nice and tidy, and the template has been sitting there for six years or so, so it was nice to have a fresh new look for Pokemon Platinum's release.

Secondly, I've been doing a bit of overtime at work - two weeks ago, I did four days of overtime with both good and bad meals to compensate. Microwaved food is seriously disgusting. The meal I had was named "Delicious Chicken Breast" and it should have been called "It's A Trap". There's been a huge amount of indecisiveness over the way that the menus and the UI are designed, and the UI coders suffer as a result. We're getting so much work piled on us, we'll be doing three days of overtime next week and three more the week after.

Thirdly, last weekend, I went with some friends to the 'Naki where we stayed at someone's grandparents place, only to get up at 7am the next day and scale the steep heights of Mt Taranaki. And omg, it was one hell of a climb. I was so incredibly unfit, I was struggling each step of the way. What made it really bad was a section of the mountain was just scree (loose rocks) so you'd take a step and slide down. I kept complaining about negative progress and whatnot, but four and a half hours later I was standing on top of the mountain, over 2.5km above sea level. The view was shrouded by clouds but in the gaps there was the splendour of the New Zealand landscape, seeing as far east as Central Plateau itself. My annual exercise for the year can now be checked off and I can mark this as an achievement to be proud of.

We had some spare money in our flat account, so we hit the town and went to a classy restaurant on Cuba St called the Matterhorn, where I had an awesome steak and shared some Bordeaux wine with my flatmates. Steak is my hero, it makes me calm.

A few weeks ago, we also had the annual Newtown Fair, where I bought some delicious ginger fudge, that I still haven't touched because I feel bad for eating so much bad food :(

And finally, I am officially a New Zealand citizen. Take that Winston Peters!

Friday Night

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Epic Delicious.

Epic Delicious.

A Week in Perspective

I've had a pretty damn awesome week. I got to spend time with family and friends, eat lots of delicious food (that I took pictures of, don't worry) and I graduated in two degrees that were the result of four years' hard work and divine intervention.


I spent all of Wednesday with Debs. We went to see Iron Man, which was rather disappointing in my opinion. The story and the villain was predictable, the fight scene was short...and the physics were completely wrong. Also,
1. Build robot arm and leg.
2. ???
I got to spend some time on the Internet (which explains the rushed post below this one) before we went for dinner at St. Tropez. We shared escargot; I had a nicely done steak for mains and a tart au citron for dessert - she had braised duck and creme brulée.

I wanted to meet up with Casey and Jesse on Thursday, but neither of them were in. Instead I spent half the day fixing the Internets for my dad, since he'd decided to ditch Woosh for ihug. I spent the rest of the day catching up with friends and lecturers at Uni, before going with the family to Mikano in Mechanics Bay for dinner. Tom wasn't working there that day. Whether this is fortunate or unfortunate is for you to decide. But the dinner was nice and dessert was superb - I had another steak and a nut trifle. Trifles for the win, seriously.

Friday graduation brought about some weather uncertainty. Andrew picked me up before picking Deanna up. We were a bit strapped for time, so he decided to drop me at Uni so I could rush in for the Maths breakfast. And what a delicious breakfast it was as well - there were fruit kebabs and toasted croissants and danish pastries and garghharg*drool*. There was also some champagne but I decided to take the sober route for the day.

I rushed to the CompSci breakfast two floors above and to my delight I managed to swipe the last custard tart as I entered. It was good seeing lots of people I knew and catching up with more of my lecturers - telling them I'd gotten my dream job, and thanks for putting me through all of that, and so on. Many thanks to Ann for including Python in the CS111 cirriculum, it has become quite useful at work :p

Rain threatened to cancel the procession at 9.30am but a window of opportunity arose and we quickly marched down to the Town Hall, a bit wet, but still jovial. Upon arrival, who should we find but HSIN-YAO?!, who had previously not existed for the past three years or so. We have pictures as proof, in case you don't believe us.

Trudging back up to Uni, I took some photos with some of my lecturers and old Clock Tower workmates, before heading to the Science brunch for some delicious chocolate cake, and finally to Albert Park for some more photos with the youth. It was all too short lived as we rushed down to the Town Hall again for the ceremony. Mad props to Andrew for high-fiving the chancellor!

Dinner was with my CompSci friends at Santa Lucia in Mission Bay. It was a really good atmosphere, with live music and dancing. I was in such a good mood that I asked Debs for a dance. Only to be refused. But apparently Amy was keen, so I tried to teach her some Ceroc moves without looking too uncoordinated, and it seemed quite good O_o So hooray for that. We migrated to Amy's house for 4 hours of mafia (again, I was promptly killed in the second game I played. I blame you, Casey!!).

I spent Saturday with Mat, Tom and Richard, playing Ticket to Ride in the afternoon, then heading for dinner with the CSC + Mat and Richard at Jimmy Wong's on Lorne Street in the city. It's some kind of fusion east-west place, and I had some wagyu beef which was really disappointing. My parents can cook better stir-fry than that. Unsatisfied, we went to the dessert place next to the Civic Centre for some ice cream and pearl milk tea (I had a double scoop of mango and cheesecake ice cream!).

Sunday was a chance to say goodbye to the youth group. It was a Mothers' Day service, then a quick lunch at New Lynn Shopping Mall, before spending some time with Debs and then my family. We rushed to the airport at 7pm, to find out my flight had been problems, or something. I was really lucky to get a flight at 9pm on Air New Zealand, for no extra cost. What's more, my luggage was overweight so I had to stuff some clothes into hand luggage. So while the flight was a bit chaotic to start with, I managed to get back to cold, cold Wellington without further troubles.

I wish I could relive this week again. :3

That's Hott ¦o

It's really hot today x_x We had Stanley's Roast for lunch, and then I went to Auntie Val's house to fix up her computer (Intarwebz troubles). Matt and Holly stayed in the car with the radio/fan on, so when I went to start the car...yup...flat battery. So I called Cinta and Brendon came over to jumpstart me and I was on my merry way home.

Anyway, Friday was Sonny's 21st party thing, so we went to Dolce Vita on High Street for dinner. And I was incredibly hungry so I ordered a steak with parmesan cheese on it. And after devouring it within a few minutes, I was still hungry, and Sonny couldn't finish his pizza, so I had some of that as well. The cake was good though :3 (The cake was not a lie). And after that, we went to play pool at the same place, where I proceeded to fail miserably and lost a 5 ball lead to Jess -.- But at least me and Jess beat Sonny and Steven, so all in all, it was a good night.

Dinner Party

I went over to Debs' place yesterday, where Alice, Jo and Cinta had crashed after New Year's. They wanted, with Reuben, to play some Risk. So we did. And some extreme hax by Alice saw her take the first two games with no real competition. Seriously, she had such easy missions like "Destroy 15 enemy units in one turn" or "Conquer one continent", and she had hax dice rolling skills too. Reuben won the last one..haha, and in that game, we conspired to eliminate Alice first.

Anyway, we had a really cool night, just hanging and chatting. For some reason beyond my comprehension, the subject of a dinner party was brought up, where the guys cooked for the girls. And the next thing I knew, Reuben and I had volunteered to do just that O_o So, today, we did. We cooked a three course meal for Alice, Jo and Cinta.

We started off with bread and dip for entrees, then proceeded with sirloin steak on salad and salmon, with roast potatoes. And to top it off, we had a strawberry and mango sorbet, thanks to Reuben's Magic Bullet.

It was a really nice dinner. I was quite impressed with how well it turned out, given the amount of planning we did. My only regret was the steak, which is overcooked and ruined :( But at least it was tasty, so that was some consolation. The sorbet was really nice and the bread was really nice, so all in all, it was a good night.

Of course, there was a catch, and the girls are cooking us dinner next week. Mwahahaha.